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Green Dragon, Beverley

A great spot in a nice town. Five or six ales on. Staff are knowlegabe and friendly..don’t pass it
Up if you’re in Bev.

30 Sep 2019 15:48

The Hercules Pillars, Holborn

Great place to meet up with brethen post lodge. Ales , Otter, Wandle and a couple of others currently £3/pint!! Get into them....!

4 Apr 2018 19:24

The Black Dog, Whitstable

A smashing micropub. Well served with good ales and a great lively bunch of locals.

24 Aug 2017 20:08

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

A gem of a boozer! Palmer's ales, Gold and Copper on tap, friendly locals and great bar staff. I

The food they offered looked good.

All in all, if you're in the area, you could do worse than stop off here for a scoop or two.

21 Jul 2017 22:22

Four Candles, Broadstairs

A great little microbrewery/pub. Ably run by Mike and his team...a great selection of ever

changing beers, most of which are brewed on the premises by Paul!

Well worth a visit and a chat with the very knowledgeable locals!

15 May 2017 15:24

Elephant and Castle, Ramsgate

This is an OK pub, good beers and good people...

27 Jul 2016 22:36

Yard of Ale, Broadstairs

Sadly, the Yard of ale didn't win the CAMRA pub of the year title. A worthy runner up though and well worth stopping off for a beer if you are in the area!

25 Feb 2016 11:58

Hodgsons, Beverley

Wow, what a weird place....some sort of 80's disco decent beers, so left!

9 Feb 2016 21:19

Red Lion, St Peters

Still a nice place, only not so anymore...fighting, glassings and general misbehaviour from a few customers whom the bar staff know but are willing to do nothing about..shan't be bringing wife in here until it's sorted!!

31 Jan 2016 16:41

The Three Magpies, Heathrow

Just left there after a bite to eat with 'er indoors and it was fine, a couple of Adnams ales on, including 'Ghost ship'. Food and service were good. All in all, an OK place.

21 Jan 2016 20:34

Yard of Ale, Broadstairs

Got to post again...the pub is shortlisted in the top 4 'best pubs in the land'....and well deserved too! Results are out in February so watch this space!

24 Nov 2015 12:58

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

My last entry about the price of Heineken was wrong...should've read £4.30!! Utterly outrageous.

13 Nov 2015 16:49

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

£ 3.90 for a pint of Heineken...outrageous!!!!

13 Nov 2015 16:22

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

Gotta agree with you Gann..pubs should not be places for children, beer gardens, certainly. There's enough spots that cater for kids to eat in. Personally, well behaved or not I do feel that boozers are not the place for them.

4 Nov 2015 19:10

Four Candles, Broadstairs

Wonderful! Own brewed beers, the Jester was spot on. Friendly and welcoming.

30 Oct 2015 17:48

The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse, Broadstairs

A great micropub in the centre of Broadstairs, good beers on and a tidy little barmaid also!

30 Oct 2015 17:43

Red Lion, St Peters

Excellent boozer, decent beers on, Gadds no.5, Sharp's Atlantic and Bombardier. Real friendly barstaff fronted by The lovely Mel.

24 Oct 2015 15:42

Yard of Ale, Broadstairs

All of whar Steamer said and more....a lovely little micropub ably run by Shaun, Ian and the rest of the team. A good selection of ever changing beers, no wifi, jukebox or tv.

24 Oct 2015 15:37

The Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

A good honest pub by the sea.... Well worth a drop in, if you're in Broadstairs!

24 Apr 2015 17:38

The Mug House, London Bridge

A nice boozer, currently in my top 5 favourites in London...good beers on offer and friendly staff as well...a great place to sit and relax away from the tourist masses!

20 Apr 2015 20:29

The Sandmartin, Chafford Hundred

"Not a family friendly pub "Smithy, really, shedloads of ankle biters running around inside and out....! Good beers on, TT Landlord, boltmakers and Abbott, so not so bad. The landlady seems clued up on the states of the beers as well. Food looks good too...if you want to visit a pub only for the entertainment it can offer your kids, then you're missing the point maybe!

20 Feb 2015 16:31

Mermaid Inn, Rye

Stopped by on Christmas eve in the afternoon, had a very good pint of Tribute...busy bar but warm and welcoming!

26 Dec 2014 17:52

Mermaid Inn, Rye

Stopped by on Christmas eve in the afternoon, had a very good pint of Tribute...busy bar but warm and welcoming!

26 Dec 2014 17:52

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

Spitfire, Masterbrew and Bishop's finger on tap...several lagers also. Nice, comfortable and welcoming boozer in the old part of town.

26 Dec 2014 17:48

The Swan, Wittersham

What a great find! Stayed nearby over xmas and nipped in the Swan every day for a couple of scoops....Advent and Holly daze were the beers of choice and excellent they were too.
Friendl staff and regulars made us feel welcome....

26 Dec 2014 17:42

Euston Tap, Euston

A great little boozer near to Euston mainline..very hospitable and knowlegable couple of young lads running it on the afternoon that I rocked up...excellent beers, well worth nipping into if you're around the area!

21 Nov 2014 13:42

The City Royal Bar, Brechin

WTF was that diatribe ! Nothing to do with BITE, go and look for a proper forum ya eejit!!

11 Mar 2014 09:32

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

Stopped in 8.30 ish last night. great city pub indeed, busy but good craic...well worth stopping by if you're in the area.

31 Jan 2014 07:48

The Square Pig, Holborn

It was OK in here....stopped off for a pint of Trotter ale, which was pretty good. Also on were Adnams old and Twickenham winter cheer, the ubiquitous Heineken as well as at least another Lager (couldn't make out the name from where I was sat!!) Busy lunchtime serving food , but friendly and attentive staff.

18 Jan 2014 18:01

The Carpenters Arms, Polzeath

Ah right Eddie, I understand now....there are some real dogholes that need pulling down around here too.

29 Dec 2013 17:59

The Carpenters Arms, Polzeath

'Buildingsites in the evening?' get a grip.

29 Dec 2013 09:04

The Sandmartin, Chafford Hundred

This pub has really been turned around!
The food's not the usual pub grub, much nicer.
A couple of lagers, Aspalls cider and a bonzer 'Rockin' Rudolph on tap....all round, it's been turned into a good, honest boozer!

26 Dec 2013 17:30

The Tiger Inn, Beverley

In t'other day and they had Timoth Taylor ' Landlord' on.....well kept and a truly wonde rful drop!

13 Oct 2013 20:08

Green Dragon, Beverley

Green d is an iconic pub in Beverley, good range of beers and lagers with savvy staff to boot! Food, I haven't tried, but looks good...A lovely pint of Tetleys to be had! Tried a pint of some weird named Polish dark beer tonight, nearly blew my socks off, but tasty enough though!

29 Oct 2012 19:32

The Kings Head Hotel, Beverley

Friendly pub locally situated in the market square in Beverley.. Good range of beers, pedro, brakspear and hobgoblin...well kept and well priced. Full of loons on a Saturday and Sunday evenig, best avoided these evenings!

29 Oct 2012 19:27

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, Brighton

A point well made Alex..but what about the beer then?. After all it's "Beerintheevening" not , pissed off with the food in the evening!!! Get a bloody grip!

1 Jun 2012 15:58

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

This pub is, allegedly merits the the title of the WW1 song "It's a long way to Tipperary"..Bearing in mind the words, "farewell Leicester square" was a stopping off point for soldiers before taking the long train ride to France (or oblivion, pretty much the same deal!? I am ready to stand corrected....

1 Feb 2012 13:04

Tempest Arms, Elslack

A fair selection of beers, Elslack ales and Black sheep to name but two..and the Blacksheep I had was drinkable tho' nowt special. I think this place caters more for the Prawn sandwich and blue rinse brigade at lunchtimes rather than the drinker. The Barman(Landlord?) wasn't very knowledgeable or helpful when I asked what beer he'd recommend.Overall nothing out of the ordinary, there are boozers like this one everywhere.
Never mind eh?

16 Mar 2008 09:08

The Foundry Arms, Sheffield

This is a nice pub!!!..Looks a little run down on the outside, but inside it's clean, airy and quite smart.
Friendly staff and customers.
No outstanding beers, run of the mill stuff but worth stopping in for one if you're in the area.

29 Sep 2007 08:35

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Devoid of any saving graces save one..the service was swift, however the Pride wasn't very good, the barmaid inept, the food was still part frozen when it was served and it was raining hard outside!!
Thats it really, a shame because the location holds so much promise...

11 Apr 2006 14:05

The Caledonian Bar, Invergordon

This bar is known locally as 'The animal house'..need I say more?

11 Mar 2006 09:27

The Sugar Reef, Ayamonte

Its a pleasant bar, overlooks a lagre marina, it's geared I suppose towards the tourist/visitor to the many apartments that surround it on three sides..there is local beer, Cruzcampo and imported, Heineken if I recall..Also I am sure that I have seen guinness in there too. The staff are friendly and informative and the food is good, with a good menu!!!
If you are over in Ayamonte , drop in for a look ..lots of expats as well as holidaymakers seem to congregate there.

21 Feb 2006 09:20

Sir Winston Churchill, Loughton

I visited this boozer last month as the relief Manager is a good friend of mine! The previous landlord had just done a runner with the xmas takings, Plasma TV's etc, and as a result a lot of work is being done by the incumbent to restore confidence in the place. Sure its a shithole but the hired hands seem good fun, the beer is cheap and the road out of Loughton isnt too far away. Give the place a try, if anywhere needs a drinkers support, it's this place!

29 Jan 2006 21:31

Red Lion, Gatwick Airport

Its just what you'd expect to find airside at an airport, full of transients in varying stages of sobriety waiting for their flights,the beer, well Guinness was spot on, the Lager was ok, 2.99/pint which I guess is about the norm for airport bars..Very very smokey though, 80% of the place was taken up by smokers and there seemed sadly to be no extractors on.. and the other 25%(!) non smoking was seperated from them by a rope barrier!!That'll work then.

30 Nov 2005 00:32

The Punchbowl, York

Hey DLT, Lighten up!! It's a Wetherspoons..what do you expect?
My plume and I stopped off for a beer one lunchtime, early and the place was pretty busy but the service was good, the staff were pleasant and the food looked ok for a boozer, there are much worse pubs in York than this one.

11 Nov 2005 03:52

The Black Bull, Stamford

Stopped in for a quick knife and fork mid afternoon, just caught the kitchens..the food was typically pub grub, nothing special anf the beers, Mansfield(?) wasn't that good either...big dog wandering around and a sprog or two also. The town worhties were out in force, good to see a man with 'the wobbly suit' on at that time of day...wished, but only briefly that it was me...
So, it was ok, but thats all it was.

3 Nov 2005 22:51

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Well beat me with a jambock..!!
Stopped in for a beer just before lunchtime, the downstairs bar was very quiet, Cricket on TV, some light music filling the room and the Saffa barman having the fundamentals of the 24 hour clock explained to him!It was Ok for a quick stop off I guess and I feel that I must have arrived too early as the place was unremarkable.....except for the fact that I paid THREE pounds of a pint of lager for the first (and hopefully the last)time in my life!

29 Oct 2005 22:28

The Metropolitan, Uxbridge

Excellent place, dropped in mid afternoon one sunny day and spent an hour or two in the company of some good people! The pub has been extensively refurbished and looks good! The young pretty barstaff are both friendly and knowledgable about both the boozer and the town. Food looked good as well.

29 Oct 2005 22:12

The Red Cow, West Drayton

Got to agree with Marty48, I stopped in for a beer and ended up leaving several hours later!!!Good service, good locals and great atmosphere. It used to have a fearful reputation (rightly deserved) but it seems ok now.
Found a wedge of cash on the floor and returned it to it's rightful owner who rewarded me with Stella..Mmmmm..The Laget that is, not the dress designer!!

29 Oct 2005 22:05

St Marys Vaults, Stamford

A nice friendly pub! First time I'd been back in 33 years, it's changed, but not too much! the Sams Smiths was excellent and locals that were in there were friendly and helpful in filling in the missing pieces about the pub as it was back in 1972!!

29 Oct 2005 21:48

The Sandmartin, Chafford Hundred

The service in here was always a little 'iffy' at best, but a new and improved service has arrived in the shapely form of Jo! She's a first class 'barmaid', keeps an eye on whats going on, is always smiling and takes no crap from any of the punters...long may she stay in the Sandmartin.

25 Sep 2005 20:30

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

The 'er indoors and myself stopped off in the Prospect after she had dragged me around London all afternoon sightseeing etc...
What a nice place, friendly and attentive staff, good beers and an ambience that isn't found too often anymore in many boozers.
Sank a couple of beers and had some excellent food, the deep fried brie is just great!!
Not a tourist in sight by the way, just some regulars having a yarn over a load of beers by the sound of them! Give the place a try, you wont be disappointed.

24 Sep 2005 20:08

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

I've got to agree with PieFace, it's a pub well situated for the trains and as such isn't going to be one of the 'elite' drinking holes in the city..but the beers good, the barstaff friendly and the customers are an eclectic bunch.It's a good boozer for a few scoops before going home or wherever.

23 Sep 2005 02:28

The Firefly, Balham

My 'She who must etc..' was drinking there the other evening with a friend and reckons that it's a really 'cool' place..(Cool, ! I ask you...Thats young 'uns for you!)
A friendly atmosphere and good food.
I am penning this for here as she isn't too clever with a keyboard!..Blonde.

16 Aug 2005 07:16

Portal's Bar, Aberdeen

A good honest John Wayne type bar for drinkers and only drinkers..the place opens at 0700 and closes in the evening so it's a great place to start! Ray the Head barman' is a cracking guy, there are no exceptional beers to write about and the decor is tired but it's a friendly bar.

9 Aug 2005 14:08

The White Hart, Arundel

..Having departed from the Red Lion(see notes on that boozer)..We ended up in the White Hart. A great little pub, friendly, knowledgable staff who served all comers promptly and efficiently.Excellent range of beers, the best is very good indeed.
Television was on for the horse racing and with a betting shop across the road it made for a splendid afternoon. Well worth a visit if you are in Arundel.

9 Aug 2005 13:56

The Kings Arms, Caister on Sea

The refurb on the pub has started and the bar area has been completed, it looks very good is starting on the lounge and I would think that it will be completed soon.
So as a result, I withdraw unequivocably my previous diatribe against the KAPH....of course if things begin to dive again then....

25 Jun 2005 11:16

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Excellent place!!!
Good crowd of people ( of all persuasions), very friendly and coupled with good service and a really cosmopolitan atmosphere made it a great place to stop off for a scoop.

25 Jun 2005 11:11

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Very busy when I visited, served quickly though and managed to get somewhere to sit despite the table looking life a relief map of the Somme by the previous occupants who were obviously just learning how to use a knife and fork...either that or they were feeding each other by catapult!
It was ok for one beer I suppose. Wouldnt go out of my way to drink there.

25 Jun 2005 11:09

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Stopped off for a swift beer whilst doing the tourist bit. Bitburger lager and some German white beer also, John Smiths bitter if I remember rightly(?)
Armin was on the right side of the ramp and he along with his staff seemed to be quite friendy, I reckon that if I ever move to Whitstable then it would be my local...if you're passing then I'd reccommend that you give it a try.
Saw the jar with the Arse rippers in but it was too early in the day to try them!!!

25 Jun 2005 11:03

The Wharf, Grays

Nipped in for a scoop with 'er indoors..small lounge ,with the bar just next door.
Pleasant barman , only had a lager but it was looked very good and a lot of it!
Real potential during warm summers evenings as the Thames is just over the seawall.

21 May 2005 13:58

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Stopped in after a mind numbing train journey from Manchester, decided immediately that lager would be the safest tasted soapy and the glass was manky...what a place though...the league of gentlemen has nothing on it, kids in pushchairs squawking, Chavs and Chavettes shouting to each other and generally acting like the social underclass that they represent.
Other than that, served by a pretty Senorita so it wasnt all bad...Only 99 % of it.

16 May 2005 10:00

The Punch Bowl, Mayfair

Smashing pub, great staff, very friendly, good 'Landlord', the place is pretty busy at lunchtimes serving excellent food, try the sausages!
A good selection of beers.
Had lunch in there with Paul Burrell recently(well, I had lunch in there and he was there..ok?!

21 Apr 2005 03:40

The Dukes Head, Gorleston

Small pub on the high street it may be but therein drink a great bunch of people, always good craic and although its a little scruffy the atomosphere is marvellous...look out for Biffo the welder, great guy!

21 Apr 2005 01:51

The St. John's Head, Great Yarmouth

This pub had the honour of being branded the cheapest pub in Britain by the Sun newspaper several years ago...its a good honest friendly pub in the traditional sense.

21 Apr 2005 01:47

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Its a big pub alongside the bus station on the edge of the toursit trap Regent road. Typically Wetherspoons, cheap beer and chain pub food. Get a window seat if you can and marvel at the way the local pikey drunks stagger around outside spitting and pissing against the wall only inches from you..its not too long ago that you would be rubbing shoulders with the losers in the pub, thankfully they were thrown out. Still it's free entertainment so enjoy!

21 Apr 2005 01:44

Ye Olde Bell Inn, Rye

Stopped in for a scoop last winter, comfortable old pub, well looked after beers and well looked after locals it seemed!
The bastaff were chatty and all in all a nice ambience to the place

19 Apr 2005 02:14

Essex Yeoman, Upminster

Run of the mill pub,pretty expensive and the beer isn't well kept..the barstaff seem friendly enough when you can get them away from the one armed bandit to serve you!
Toilets are pretty cruddy but other than that its ok.

19 Apr 2005 01:20

The Moon and Sixpence, Soho

Stopped off in here for a pint during a wander around Soho. Inexpensive beer, lacking atmosphere but then it was only 11.00 a.m., just finished my beer when a horde of tourists stampeded in brandishing cameras et al.....not a bad place if you want a quick beer I reckon, better places to drink near by.

18 Apr 2005 04:35

The Only Running Footman, Mayfair

A nice pub, small and very friendly..the food at lunchtime seems to be good as the place filled up swiftly with suits etc,Robbie the barman is am engaging bloke who knows a lot about the area and the tall 'Scandinavian(?)' girl that works behind the bar is a real honey!!!
Good beers and well priced for its location I thought.

15 Apr 2005 20:44

The Earl De Grey, Hull

Sadly this pub has closed down, in its heyday you could walk into any bar from adelaide to Zanzibar , mention the Port of Hull and someone would tell you that they had been in, or heard of the Earl de Gray!
Renowned for a couple of parakeets behind the bar that would swear in several languages, the demise of this city pub marked the end of the road for traditional pubs every where.

23 Mar 2005 06:15

The Treacle Mine, Grays

Its a big pub , as it seems like a lot are down here, and has a pretty good selection of beers and a couple of different lagers Food is available and is reasonably priced. There seems to be a good local clientele who appear to enjoy themselves(especially on a sunday lunchtime!)..Its lively and friendly and gets my vote!

23 Mar 2005 06:09

The Spiders Web, Dyce

Has been a favourite with oilfield hands for years and years, I reckon that during the boom in the late 80's the landlord must have made a many offshore workers still frequent the place and to hear them talk you would think that all drilling rigs were built in there!!
They do some decent beers and a mean toastie.

19 Mar 2005 14:49

The Grill, Aberdeen

This is a no nonsense drinkers bar, in the old style of things, no windows even though it fronts onto union street...until very recently no womens toilets , in fact the only women allowed worked behind the bar. A good selection of malts , with the usual Tennents lager and other jock beers!

19 Mar 2005 14:40

The Criterion Bar, Aberdeen

What a great place for a couple of scoops before catching the train south! Every time I pass thru Aberdeen I stop off in there, usually its open at 0700 ish so its ideal for a livener before the long haul southwards..been going in there irregularly since '73, great bunch of locals,and passers thru also...friendly staff....

19 Mar 2005 14:38

Aitchie's Ale House, Aberdeen

A friendly bar, a stones throw from the railway station, good selection of beers as I recall....a lot of oilmen still frequent the place which gives it a lot of character(!)..

19 Mar 2005 14:34

White Hart, Hopton on Sea

Used to be my local, quite a busy regulars boozer, but also popular with holdaymakers as well, seating outside, nice place in the summer to sit and watch the sun disappear

9 Mar 2005 03:30

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Had a couple of beers one afternoon, was ok ish as well, big room upstairs, too much like a working mens club, cheap seats and cheap was OK tho'...and met a great bird in there as well!

9 Mar 2005 03:25

The Old Hall, Caister on Sea

A large airy pub/hotel with a fitness centre attached. Its a comfortable bar, good beer, good food and some nice people as regulars, well worth a visit if you are passing thru Caister

8 Mar 2005 00:42

The Kings Arms, Caister on Sea

The potential for greatness that this pub has if only for its location is massive.Sadly the landlady and previously the landlord have let the place go to pot. The exterior is grubby and worn but sadly the interior is even worse, peeling wallpaper, broken toilets and sticky unwashed carpeting...its a shame as the regulars , a good bunch ,have to put up with it all. I believe that its going to be refurbished soon, well they said that last year so watch this space!

8 Mar 2005 00:38

The Vine, Norwich

A great little boozer, met a couple of great guys in there, look out for them..The blade(!) and Gary..both mad!!
Was made to feel welcome immediately by the staff and regulars. Wouldnt hesitate to go back there!

7 Mar 2005 04:34

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Visited the place late on a Saturday afternoon for a beer or two, to get out of the biting cold wind.
Friendly staff, good selection of beers if pricey.

7 Mar 2005 02:10

The Old Shant, Grays

A scruffy looking pub but due to its proximity to the main road I'm not surprised.
Inside the decor is a little 'tired' and worn but other than that its ok...not a place to go for an evening out I would say but on the whole friendly enough.

5 Mar 2005 03:56

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

A great selection of beers, Deuchars 80/- and Wolf rider to name just two.
Freindly landlady(?)from Catalunya, a nice quiet boozer.

5 Mar 2005 03:47

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court

A great bar, great staff, great beer,great watching the aussies get stuffed at rugby one ale filled afternoon...great!!

7 Feb 2005 12:18

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

I was told, years ago that this is the boozer that Paul McCartney met Linda...any truth in this?.

7 Feb 2005 12:11

Two Necked Swan, Great Yarmouth

Now run by a band of Portuguese people, very friendly, beer is cheap which explains why some of the locals spend all afternoon in there on dole days, not a pub to sit with your family sadly, but ok if you are just stopping for one, or two, ...or three!

7 Feb 2005 11:44

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Nice pub..excellent pint of Pedigee.

7 Feb 2005 11:34

Pitcher and Piano, Tower Hill

This bar is a great place to do a spot of people watching...being from oop North I found it a little expensive but I was drinking the lager that evening whilst waiting for a friend to turn up. Friendly barstaff and good food judging by the stuff that was being taken past me to the tables.!

31 Jan 2005 06:43

The Sandmartin, Chafford Hundred

Recently refurbed, a good eclectic mix of people, bulders, businessmen and a group of office girls when I was in the afternoon.
A variety of beers and lagers on offer, reasonably priced for this area I guess...on the whole , an OK place.

31 Jan 2005 06:38

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