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The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Finally visited this pub after intending to do so for years with it being the Krays and Jack the Rippers old hunting ground. Not much evidence of the past so not too touristy. The beer was OK, service was good and quick and I liked the beer garden out back. Decent pub to pop into if you are on your way to Upton Park for the footy (as I did) and nice enough for a few cold beers in the afternoon on a summers day...

14 Sep 2011 17:00

The Railway Tavern, Forest Gate

Popped in here for a pint after going to the football a few Saturdays back. Very run down but that did not bother me as it served its purpose. Not bad prices at �3 a beer (compared to what I pay down in South London) and the service was quick and efficent. They had a pool table out back and were showing live football which are always bit pluses. If I am in the area again I would have no problem popping in again for a pint.

14 Sep 2011 16:56

The Nightingale, Balham

Made my firts visit to The Nightingale last night and it lived up to everything that it claimed to be. A very nice pub, good old fashioned, typical English pub interior and a lovely beer garden at the back. Two excellent dart boards, one inside by the entrance and one out at the back. The bar staff were very friendly giving service with a smile (makes such a difference) whilst they had a good selection of beers and excellent brand of port scratchings. It is just a 7 minute walk to Clapham South tube. The pub has an average quiz machine and it did have an outside TV but was not turned on so I am sure if they show sports, however they were advertising the Rugby World Cup. I for one will definetely be going back and feel this is probably the best pub in Clapham South area....

14 Sep 2011 16:47

The Prince of Wales, Merton

This pub promises to be everything it claims to be. Plenty of parking space, dart board (shame its not attached to the wall though so it does rock around when hit - good selection of house darts though for a �5 deposit)), Sky TV and a good selection of beers.
The bar is near empty so its perfect for those that want a quiet pint or two whilst watching sport or playing darts, but not for those looking for a more action packed night. The barman was very helpful and was happy to assist with any need.
The toilets on the otherhand were a disgrace and resembled something out of those toilets in 'Trainspotting'.....The pub is just about within walking distance from South Wimbledon tube (around 15 mins).

1 Sep 2011 00:47

O'Neills, Clapham

This pub is everything you expect it to be...busy on weekends with lower class chavs, but entertaining to say the least if you love people watching as their evening develops. I often may pop in for one pint on my pub crawl around just to get some variation to my evening, listen to some loud average music and play their quiz machines (which are sometime frustratingly not always working). Not a place to stay for a long period or to take anyone you may want to impress but a useful varied pub to have around amongst all the bistros and posh bars in the area....

16 Aug 2011 14:02

The Belle Vue, Clapham

The Belle Vue is a nice, clean pub to go to if you are wanting to meet friends for a night out. The staff have always seemed to be friendly, has a good range of drinks and on one night when I went it had some live music entertainment which was good. I would put this pub down to being more in the category of taking a date to or meeting more mature friends rather than a crazy night out or wanting to watch any sport. The lack of outside space is a minus.

16 Aug 2011 13:57

The Falcon, Clapham North

This used to be the nearest pub to where I lived so I did frequent it on an adhoc basis. This pub has all the potential to be very good but is let down badly by one absolute key factor being the miserable and unfriendly staff and the ridiculous waiting times to be served. That being said if you go on a quiet afternoon or when its not so busy this pub is nice to sit out front or back and does have at times some very attractive cutomers which is always a plus.

16 Aug 2011 13:53

The Clarence, Balham

The recent refurbishment has made little to no difference to me except its a bit cleaner. I have not tried the new pizza oven option yet. I am still a fan of the Clarence due to its location to me and the beer garden outside as a smoker. The staff are always friendly and there is a good choice of beer on tap which makes this pub an ideal meeting place before perhaps moving onto livelier venues later on in the evening. A solid watering hole....

16 Aug 2011 13:47

The Riverside, Vauxhall

Nice pub with a lovely setting on the river, you can't go wrong here if you are wanting an outside warm summers evening drink. Ideally located not too far away from the Oval so its a good choice of pub if you want to try and avoid busy pubs after watching the cricket and don't mind walking for about 1o minutes. Good varied choice of drinks and clean facilities too....

16 Aug 2011 13:42

The Beehive, Vauxhall

The Beehive is an excellent choice of pub for anyone wanting a few drinks before and after going to the cricket at the nearby Oval. Despite always nearly being at full capacity on match days there is always enough room in the beer garden out back and the staff's service is very quick.

16 Aug 2011 13:38

B@1, Clapham

Good for a quick stop over drink or shot but it is very 'narrow' and crammed inside.

15 Aug 2011 16:31

The Dolphin, Wallingford

This pub failed to live up to my expectations with strange locals and hostile and unaccomodating bar staff. They advertise and show the football but were unwilling to have the cricket on, even without sound prior to the football being shown, instead having the televisions turned off. This despite us deciding to have lunch and afternoon drinks in their pub. The food was ok, me having the smokey burger, but the service was slow. Fairly centrally located.

15 Aug 2011 14:21

George Hotel, Pangbourne

This pub is convenient if you are parked up on a boat/barge on the river as it is just a 5 minute walk away. It does however not show any live sport, instead showing over and over again a news channel. It seems to have been recently decorated inside with a few trendy pictures and a strange carpet floor that appears to be wooden by the eye. My friends ate at this pub and seemed content with what they were given. The front outside area is ok and there is a good chinese restaurant across the road called the Peking Garden which I would recommend.

15 Aug 2011 14:18

The Swan, Pangbourne

Did not actually stay for a drink at this pub that has a high recommendation from websites, forums and locals, however I did pop in to ask if they could show the cricket in the late afternoon. They were unable to due to having no sky tv. The outside beer garden over looking the river seemed nice and I over heard the manager Mel telling another customer that is there is soon going to be a refurbishment of the pub. Don't ask the eastern European barman for directions as hard as tried to be helpful his English and local knowledge was not up to scratch....There was a quiz machine present in this pub.

15 Aug 2011 14:14

The Cross Keys, Pangbourne

The Cross Keys best features are that it is the only pub in the area with a late license until 2am, has a pretty beer garden and the drinks are very reasonably priced. However the staff are a lot less to be desired with a very gormless barman whose lights are on but nobody is at home, and a lary and quite rude eastern European lady. Their smoking policy of no one allowed outside after 11pm beacuse the local residents complain about the noise (well don't live next door to a pub then) is very frustrating, particuarly on a warm summers evening as inside is very hot. This pub also does not show afternoon or evening live sport.

15 Aug 2011 14:09

The Star Inn, Pangbourne

One of the better pubs in the Pangbourne area the Star boasts a good darts board (reasonable house darts) with plenty of playing space, a tidy beer garden, quiz machine and pool table. Drinks are well priced and served by a friendly bar lady. Don't bother to ask then to show the football as they seem to only show horse & dog racing all the time being next door to the the local Ladbrokes bookies but there is a good curry house across the road that has a 'mystery' menu. This is a real 'locals' pub including workers from Royal Mail. The only real annoyance of this place was the persistently played loud old 90's dance music. All in all a good pub if you are wanting a cheaper night out with pub games.

15 Aug 2011 13:57

O'Neills, Clapham

Good pub quiz machine but the custom base are quite 'pikey'.

18 Jan 2009 22:48

Cafe Sol Dos, Clapham

Used to be a bar that I went to often due to its late opening hours and ease of getting in. However over the past year I have not bee there much until recently when a friend who visits about once or twice a year came to stay and who often enjoys a good finish to our night in Sols. However this was to be spoiled by a rude South African bouncer who said 'no just lads groups (there were 4 of us) and that the bar was too full' A ssomeone who goes to this place reguarly I could see it was only half full. On asking him again to enter, he was rude so we just walked off, found an almost identical bar nearby and had a good night. Clearly Sols won't be needing my custom in the future despite the pending recession and I can certainly say they will not be getting it either along with my three friends.

18 Jan 2009 22:40

The Alexandra, Clapham

By far the best drinking establishment in Clapham being the only proper pub. Good atosphere, good for sport and a good selection of old school bar snacks. The bar staff are fairly attractive to, which makes it a winner all round.

12 Dec 2007 13:41

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Lots of open space with just one bar equally rubbish and slow service. Bar lady had no idea about sport or what game to put on and informed us that the decision is made ' by whichever is requested more'. I guess a raise of hands for which game you want.
No sound for the football either (apparnatly sound is only on for Champions League finals)while there was zero atmosphere.
Food was poor but dirt cheap. My burger had the onion scraps off a bread board with no moisture at all. Basically a frizzled up lump of meat. Chips were ok though.
I would only recommend this pub to someone who needed the toilet.

12 Dec 2007 13:29

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