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Comments by guinnesshead

The Three Wishes, Winchmore Hill

Popped in for a pint on Wednesday and had a lovely pint of black stuff whilst watching footie, nice warm and comfy.

6 Dec 2012 22:22

The Fox Public House, Palmers Green

Why do you bother going to pubs jimmyS you obviously don't like them, not one pub you've reviewed have anything nice to say! The fox is very clean, toilets included, and is a good all rounder. Great carvery.

6 Dec 2012 22:17

Whole Hog, Palmers Green


9 Jan 2009 11:01

The Dog and Duck, Winchmore Hill

Lovely little place, nice pint, friendly staff. Good starting pub for a fri or sat nite before go setting off for a more serious session. Been here during the week and enjoyed the place. Would def visit with in laws etc.

2 Dec 2008 11:39

The Salisbury Arms, Winchmore Hill

Like the kings Head but a lower class of coke head! nothing exciting.

2 Dec 2008 11:34

Whole Hog, Palmers Green

Empty. Not a sinner Fri night or Sat night.

2 Dec 2008 11:30

The Inn on the Green, Palmers Green

I like this place although there was a sense of something might kick off. Didn't stay for the band as wanted to see Bible code Sundays in the Fox so had a couple and left. Well run, Guinness ok/good.

2 Dec 2008 11:29

The Alfred Herring, Palmers Green

Been here before and it was crap. Still is. 15 yr olds who think they're gangstas. Walked in waited, waited etc then gave up and walked out. Never again.

2 Dec 2008 11:26

The Fox Public House, Palmers Green

I think strongers I must have been drinking behind you if your talking about Fri night. I too visited the same 3 pubs that night! For me The Fox won hands down. The Bible Code Sundays were playing on Fri night and were excellent (celtic rock pop with a twist to some of the latest songs around) not heard such a decent band in a long time. They are back there this Fri 5th and so will I. Asked about the real ale, manager said they are about to get the taps all redone so have taken them off recently ready for new ones. Good crowd, felt safe and doormen even found my lost jacket for me complete with phone and keys, called me a cab and let sit by the doors inside to wait although the bar was shut 45mins earlier. Dj before the band and after, I was dancing (well.....if you call it that)

2 Dec 2008 11:23

The Fox Public House, Palmers Green

mighty pub! continually good nights being had in there. still not sure what london28 is on about,do you think it was better when them two eegits had it or the present owner? have to say good, clean and well run.

21 Apr 2008 17:38

The Fox Public House, Palmers Green

Been away for a while so popped in on Fri night to great band playing (8 piece) not too loud. Nice soft lighting a great guinness and a good crowd. Well enjoyed. Good to see standards being kept, clean and rapid service.

28 Nov 2007 12:08

Keenan's, Muswell Hill

The last comment ~ What a load of tosh! I still drink in here once or twice a week, and always find it pleasurable. Yes it has got a little quieter but the other sunday they were queing at the door to get a seat. My guinness was lovely the place is always spotless and the woman doing the lovely carvery was a hoot. Still recommend it whole heartedly.

12 Apr 2007 14:27

The Wishing Well, Palmers Green

Good fun on a sun, very irish!!

3 Oct 2005 15:09

The Fox Public House, Palmers Green

Had a fantastic night in there on sat, good band served quickly and really friendly atmosphere. some cracking looking girls!

3 Oct 2005 15:07

The Inn on the Green, Palmers Green

i think huey is really a woman, nice decor though.

3 Oct 2005 15:05

Keenan's, Muswell Hill

Pub has had a refurb recently and looks lovely. still keeping a oldish feel though a little mod. still best pint around and best sunday lunch too.some great bands, a good all rounder. thumbs up mr murray!

28 Sep 2005 12:16

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