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Comments by greene_man

The Ship, Bedford

The oldest pub in town and perhaps the coolest. Clientele of all ages. Live acoustic music on Thursday night. Can get very full at the weekends.

13 Feb 2007 13:03

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

Cavernous, atmosphere-free pub. Prices extremely cheap, which may explain why it is always filled with terrifyingly drunk pensioners by 3pm every day. Horrible vibe, repulsive food, only benefit being it is not quite as bad as the Nag's Head next door.

13 Feb 2007 13:01

The Bear, Bedford

This pub has a lengthy history as a hang-out for Bedford's alternative types. In contrast to the Hobgoblin (which masquerades as something similar but has less character than a Yates' Wine Lodge) The Bear is a genuine alternative pub with a strong scene of regulars and unusual characters. The bar can seem dark and dingy but this is intentional and part of the ambience. They have recently opened a popular games room with a pool table and dartboard. Violence is practically unknown in this pub. It is a hidden oasis of peace and individuality in the hellish onslaught that is Bedford High Street on a Saturday night.

13 Feb 2007 12:52

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