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Martyr's Inn, Tolpuddle

It's startling, and not in a good way, to walk into what looks like a country pub and find that its innards have been scooped out to make way for the fittings from an Islington wine bar.

The beer (Badger) is the old fashioned southern sort, ie flat, warm, and malty. The atmosphere is sepulchral, the food execrable. The only redeming feature on our visit was the hauntingly beautiful waitress, looking rather out of place here.

5 Jun 2009 06:39

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

The best pub in Wareham probably, but not without its faults. The cramped L-shapes layout makes it easy for boring groups of darts players to dominate the place. Aside from darts night it's OK.
The food is OK by pub standards but that's not saying much.
The kitchen is behind the bar so food has to be ferried through the punters to the restaurant at the other end. This creates a revolting stench of over-used chip fat and cheap "sizzlers" when they're busy. Go when they're quiet and it's OK.
The beer is generally - though not always - well kept with a good turnover.

17 Apr 2009 17:43

Monsoon, Wareham

This place is down on your list twice, the Railway is the same place. And yes its an utter dump.

17 Apr 2009 17:38

The Railway Tavern, Wareham

This isn't really a pub, it's an Indian restaurant now, with a horrible dreary little bar attached. Definitely not recommended.

17 Apr 2009 17:36

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