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The William IV, Elmers End

The pub is now called the ELm Tree.

13 Apr 2015 03:58

The Cricketers, Croydon

The pub is too expensive. The karaoke by Mandy is good (Danny Murphy no longer hosts here). The atmosphere is friendly.

13 Apr 2015 03:54

The Orchard, Croydon

I liked the feel of this pub, and the look of it. Must go back.

13 Apr 2015 03:49

The Tamworth Arms, Croydon

Fever karaoke will cease business at the end of this month according to their website. I don't know whether there will be another karaoke here, but the last time I went there were some idiots trying to join in with other peoples songs (grabbing the mic off them etc), so any future host will have to be firm with them. Other than that it seems an ok place.

13 Apr 2015 03:45

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Fever karaoke no longer here, and will cease business at the end of this month according to their website. I've not been to this pub to see if it has improved, as I only ever went for the karaoke

13 Apr 2015 03:42

Queens Head, Ramsgate

Was okay on the weekday afternoon that we went here. love the decor...

13 Apr 2015 03:39

Rose of England, Ramsgate

Had a very nice time with the friendly locals on my one visit here, during a day trip.

A very nice pub.

13 Apr 2015 03:35

The William IV, Elmers End

Dave Mooney had already moved on prior to the closure, he is now doing very well at the Grace's, an altogether nicer venue, where people acutally applaud the singers.

2 Feb 2015 00:17

Grace's, Penge

Dave Mooney's karaoke is great. Worth going to. Ignore the comment from "JohnProwse", who is mentally unstable by the sounds of it.

The Grace's is open. Beer In The Evening please amend.

2 Feb 2015 00:14

The Orchard, Shirley

Enjoyed a very nice karaoke evening here last Tuesday. Guinness was good too.

2 Feb 2015 00:11

The Rising Sun, Beckenham

Rumour has it the pub is re-opening after all.

30 Dec 2014 22:29

Grace's, Penge

I've had several good Sundays in this pub recently. Dave Mooney is a good karaoke host. I don't know why "Singerman" posted nasty comments about him. The bar staff are polite and friendly.

30 Dec 2014 22:27

The Tamworth Arms, Croydon

Bring back the Guinness!

18 Aug 2014 21:57

The Golden Lion, Croydon

Dave and Paula are brilliant! Wayne's karaoke on Sundays is top notch! I like this pub.

18 Aug 2014 21:56

The Earl of Eldon, South Croydon

The Golden Lion in Stanley Road is a "safe" pub.

18 Aug 2014 21:55

The Surprise, Croydon

I agree that the Guinness and the karaoke on Sundays are great. The toilets are so clean and art deco.

18 Aug 2014 21:53

The William IV, Elmers End

Though I'm not a fan of the William in general I have to say that Dave Mooney does a good karaoke. It is a pity the regulars largely ignore his efforts. I hope that he is rid of Dave Marks for good and all.

18 Aug 2014 21:51

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

The Pawleyne is a nice pub with wooden panelling, traditional carpeting, superb Guinness and great bar staff who know how to pull a pint. The internet jukebox is excellent and the landlord has ensured that it plays some great tunes from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s (no rap). The toilets have recently been refurbished as has the beer garden. The landlord also plans to get potted plants as well. There are some great characters in there (I may well be the "spiv" that Rob1951 has alluded to!). There's also regular karaoke and reggae nights provided by Les Debolla, who treats his singers with respect, regardless of of their capabilities. I have found my fellow drinkers there to be friendly and they do not pre-judge you. Newcomers are made to feel welcome. I am pleased that the Pawleyne is now my local.

10 Aug 2014 12:43

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

RobC1951 - if the clientele are wearing a suit you think they are a "spiv" and "think they are better than anyone else" but, you also describe others (presumably not besuited) as "brassy" and neanderthal". So basically if you are a regular of the Pawleyne you can't win.

7 Aug 2014 12:35

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Hi Chavsum. Can you recommend a pub that you like? I ask this because most of your reviews of pubs appear to be negative. The last time you liked a pub was the Maple Tree on 6th June 2012. That's 2 years of bad pub nights out, assuming you have been to some that you've not reviewed.

7 Aug 2014 07:50

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

It will be called the Chancery..

18 Jun 2014 13:28

The Cambridge, Norwood

Being repaired at the moment. Whether it will be a proper pub remains to be seen....

18 Jun 2014 13:25

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Dave + Paula gone - new manager is called Stuart (Stu).

18 Jun 2014 13:19

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

The owner of the Jolly Woodman in Chancery Lane, next to the Oakhill has bought the Oakhill. It is being refurbed, with a new name and should open sometime this year..

18 Apr 2014 14:55

The Goldsmiths, Penge

~Rumour has it that the Goldsmiths is to become a bistro

19 Feb 2014 22:34

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Old couple gone. New couple in their 40s - Dave and Paula. They seem really good. They also run the Golden Lion in Croydon. Fever karaoke here this Saturday and every fortnightly Saturday thereafter.

19 Feb 2014 22:33

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Fever Karaoke still here and doing well.

19 Feb 2014 22:23

The Cricketers, Croydon

Is this Foxmulder the same person as the poster called Dave Marks? Looks like it judging by the comments. Personally speaking, I've been to Mandy B's karaoke and thought it was good. Will go again some time. I had been to Dave Mooney's karaoke at the William IV on a Sunday too, but was tempted away as the Cricketers had a nice friendly atmosphere, and better beer (though it is expensive).

19 Feb 2014 22:15

The William IV, Elmers End

I used to go to the karaoke, but the people in there are negative, depressing and uninterested in anything except the meat raffle. Even when the singers are good no one applauds. Typical of Beckenham - the most unfriendly pubs in the whole of London... that's why I go to Penge, where people actually get to know you and have a laugh. Beckenham has an air of despair around it. A town which is rapidly going down the toilet, even though the inflated house prices down't reflect this.

19 Feb 2014 22:08

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Just been past the pub and it is closed down. Had many memories there, mostly good, but sometimes bad. I had the pleasure of meeting "Japanese" Paul Vermes, "Yorkshire" John Rogers, Michael "the Cheese" Eilers and Peter "the cabbie" Bourne - all sadly departed to the beer garden in the sky. Also remember the Alex Banks rat pack nights which drew in good crowds and the brainy barman Richard from some years back. Once these old characters had left/died and a thuggish crowd took over the front bar I followed the lead of many others and drank elsewhere. Most of the old Oakhillians seem to be in the George or the Coach and Horses. R.I.P. the Oakhill.

19 Feb 2014 21:59

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Heard a rumour that it will be reopening shortly

30 Jan 2014 23:07

The Alexandra, Penge

I still miss it, despite becoming a regular at the Pawleyne, which I enjoy.

30 Jan 2014 23:04

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Now has new landlord and landlady, an English couple who are in their sixties. Karaoke this Sunday with Fever Karaoke (ex- of the Alexandra, up to the time Enterprise closed the pub.).

30 Jan 2014 23:03

Metropolis Karaoke & Music Bar, Bromley

Due to recent storm damage to the roof of our building and subsequent interior problems, Metropolis will be closed until further notice. While Metropolis is closed, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to refurbish the bar. The works will take a number of weeks to complete and we look forward to reopening later this year.We’ll contact you again with details of when Metropolis will be open for business and look forward to seeing you soon. I received from the Metropolis Bar today...

30 Jan 2014 23:01

The Mitre, Anerley

I hope to go here soon

23 Jun 2013 20:39

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Now that the Alex is closed I shall make this my local

23 Jun 2013 20:37

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Still closed.

23 Jun 2013 20:36

The Alexandra, Penge

The Alexandra closed down last night. I shall miss it.

23 Jun 2013 20:34

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

I popped in a few Thursdays ago after a few beers in the Alexandra and was pleasantly surprised to find Electric Experience playing there. Very nice.

28 Dec 2012 06:33

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Good news - Pawleyne has reopned. Must pop in soon. 'Tis hard to drag me away from the Alexandra tho'.....

22 Oct 2012 04:36

The Alexandra, Penge

This Wednesday sees the first of the Alexandra Pub's "Pointless" quizzes. Based upon the popular TV show it promises to be a great event!

The karaoke on the weekend nights goes from strength to strength and the pub's karaoke hosts are continually increasing their number of songs available to sing. Sunday karaoke gets very busy.

There's a new internet jukebox - it even has Welsh choir music available and stacks of popular music from 1940s to the present day (and a good Bill Haley selection - which suits me!).

22 Oct 2012 04:35

The George, Beckenham

The fruit flies are in the George because the Oakhill was too rough for them....

4 Sep 2012 21:07

The Colby Arms, Crystal Palace

Now has Karaoke on every other Thurday night. I hope to get there again soon..

4 Sep 2012 21:02

Windmill, Sydenham

It now has Fever karaoke on every other Friday. They are top notch, though I would not say the same about the pub.

4 Sep 2012 21:01

The Alexandra, Penge

The quiz night is due to take place on September 19th. Hosted by Andrew T, it is always a good night.

4 Sep 2012 20:54

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

The Pawleyne Arms has closed. This is a terrible shame as I thought it was a good pub. apparently the lease ran out..

I hope someone else can make a go of it. We've already lost too many real pubs..

4 Sep 2012 20:53

The Windmill, Mitcham

I really liked it here on my one visit a few months ago. Looks like a 1960s pub with old boys drinking real ale. 8/10

6 Jun 2012 00:45

The Cricketers, Mitcham

It was full of unwelcoming wannabe gangsters who aspired to be Vinnie Jones...

6 Jun 2012 00:43

The Woodman, Carshalton

Rotten chavvy yobby place.

6 Jun 2012 00:39

The Harvest Home, Croydon

Not great.

6 Jun 2012 00:38

The Tea Clipper, Knightsbridge

Rude barman practically threw my drink at me. Guinness was foul. Never coming back here!!

6 Jun 2012 00:34

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Fever karaoke have started doing fortnightly karaoke here. Gets a lot of singers from other parts of London doing their bit. Worth coming down alternate Friday nights. Next one: this Friday June 8th.

6 Jun 2012 00:30

The Two Brewers, Croydon

Karaoke starts too late (9pm). Beer is okay. Landlord very good. Atmosphere good.

6 Jun 2012 00:14

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

I enjoyed my visit here. Good landlord and pool table.

6 Jun 2012 00:09

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Sad to say that the Oakhill goes from bad to worse. 3.80 for a Guinness! This is NOT the West End...
It is full of thugs, and the people I used to see of an afternoon have departed to either the Rascasse or the Coach and Horses. Now Yorkie John has passed away as well, so there's little point in my going there. Shame.

5 Jun 2012 23:59

The Place House Tavern, Catford

It never reopened - seems to be offices now...

16 Nov 2011 11:38

The Green Man, Catford

It has been closed for many years. Catford seems to have very few pubs. Other closures included the Prince Henry (a.k.a. Place House), Rising Sun, The George (demolished), the Plough and Harrow (now an afro-hairdresser) , the Rutland Arms and the Tiger's Head (also demolished).

16 Nov 2011 11:37

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Update - Jim, the previous landlord is set to return soon. Last night in the Oakhill there was a wake for a recently deceased regular, Peter Bourne.

16 Nov 2011 11:29

The Royal Tavern, Eltham

I sang here at the karaoke and was pleased by the appreciation shown by the locals.

11 Nov 2011 02:02

The Lord Raglan, Woolwich

Good pool table and bar staff.

11 Nov 2011 01:55

The Old Mill, Plumstead

The best pub in the area.

11 Nov 2011 01:53

Turnpike House, Tottenham

Had a good afternoon of Guinness and playing pool here this Summer. Relaxed atmosphere too...

11 Nov 2011 01:46

Seven Stars Inn, Robertsbridge

A bit modern when compared to the other pubs I visited in the village...
Younger clientele too.

11 Nov 2011 01:44

The George, Robertsbridge

Lovely decor, but I'd need to return later to fully appreciate the pub (we got there at midday).

11 Nov 2011 01:42

The Ostrich Hotel, Robertsbridge

I had a lousy cup of tea here. Should have had a Guinness, but I was being "good"! Pool room seems to double up as a library. Saw the local penioners knitting in the main bar, that was quaint. The pub dog gave me an evil eye. The Victorian nude pics in the toilet made me laugh! I'd return.

11 Nov 2011 01:40

The Colby Arms, Crystal Palace

I must give this pub another try.

11 Nov 2011 01:35

The Gipsy Hill Tavern, Upper Norwood

Spacious, though I prefer the Two Towers down the road.

11 Nov 2011 01:34

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

Pleasant enough pub.

11 Nov 2011 01:32

The Cambridge, Norwood

Full of hoodies and manky sofas.

11 Nov 2011 01:22

The Goldsmiths, Penge

It's okay, but the Pawleyne is better if you want a nicer Irish pub.

11 Nov 2011 01:19

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Why bother when you can go to the Pawleyne or the Alex down the road...

11 Nov 2011 01:16

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

I like this pub. The pool table costs just 60p a play and the Internet Jukebox is good value too.

11 Nov 2011 01:15

The Alexandra, Penge

Lee Rivers will be appearing in a tribute to Elvis Presley tonight at 8pm in the upstairs function room - entry 2. I saw him a few months ago and he was very entertaining.

Also Fever karaoke often now do Saturday nights, meaning that you can join in with their superior quality sound system and songbook 2 nights, rather than just on Sundays.

Fever host Andrew T (Feverman) also does a monthly quiz night here which I enjoy. The next one is on Wednesday November 23rd. 1 entry (max 4 quizzers in a team) and the winning team gets the money in the pot! Great night out!

11 Nov 2011 01:14

The Alexandra, Penge

Youngian - try the Guinness. It's generally good.

11 Nov 2011 01:04

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

The Oakhill seems to go through managers like a dose of salts. The recent manageress, Sue, barely lasted a few months. Now they have a relief manager who clearly does not want to be there.

At least some of the old regulars like Japanese Paul and Yorkie still go, though I've seen a drop off in attendance from the cabbies who used to frequent the pub. The price of a Guinness (though good quality) is 3.80 and extortionate. They have had Alex Banks singing there again recently, but the Jam Nights and the Tuesday Quiz have fallen by the wayside. Unsure if they still do the poker nights. There's an air of dismay here...

11 Nov 2011 01:02

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

I wasn't impressed by the karaoke last month. Kept breaking down and the sound quality was rubbish. They don't seem to have any live acts advertised at the moment either.

3 Jun 2007 11:22

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Last Thursday's live acts were superb.

3 Jun 2007 10:57

The Goldsmiths, Penge

"Faux Irish"??? Hardly. I was the only Englishman in there when I visted recently. Everyone else was Irish...

3 Jun 2007 10:48

The Place House Tavern, Catford

I hope that it opens soon.

25 Apr 2007 03:19

The Royal Oak, Penge

Good old fashioned pub - Phil and Kath are great landlords - great atmosphere.

25 Apr 2007 03:08

O'Neill's, Beckenham

The Karaoke on Thursday is good, but I'd avoid O'Neill's on Friday and Saturday as it gets full up with yobs. Don't know about Mondays-Wednesdays as I would normally visit the Oakhill instead....

25 Apr 2007 02:55

The Princess Louise, Holborn

The most beautiful pub I've visited - and the stout is good (and cheap).

25 Apr 2007 02:47

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

This is a marvellous pub - if only I'd known about it when I worked in Edgware Rd area. I like the fact that there's no TV.

25 Apr 2007 02:30

The Shakespeare, Victoria

No atmosphere, plays awful chart music, and is full of lost tourists, posers and bored commuters.

15 Nov 2006 19:26

The Duke of Edinburgh, Lee

This is a cozy and attractive pub. Worth a visit.

15 Nov 2006 19:08

The Pickhurst Tavern, West Wickham

The carvery does serve mostly pensioners (including my parents). I went there with them for both of their birthday's this year and found the food very enjoyable. The pub has a friendly atmosphere and older people are made welcome (unlike many pubs). Well done!

15 Nov 2006 19:01

The Hogshead, Beckenham

It's the sort of place where you get ID'd for being TOO OLD!! A teenyboppers' heaven.

15 Nov 2006 18:54

The Rising Sun, Catford

Is still closed...

15 Nov 2006 18:47

The Royal Oak, Penge

The Royal Oak sells Double Diamond!

15 Nov 2006 18:38

The Alexandra, Penge

Come and see the "Stars In Their Eyes" karaoke competition on Saturday 11th November at the "Alex". Starts 8pm.

24 Oct 2006 20:10

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Dorota and Chris (new proprietors) now serve Polish food on occasions. Could become a magnet for Bromley's Polish community?

24 Oct 2006 20:01

The Royal Oak, Penge

Karaoke here is really taking off. Fever karaoke are becoming a regular fixture...

24 Oct 2006 19:56

The Old Star, Westminster

One of my favourite London pubs. The "crypt" areas have real atmosphere.

1 Nov 2005 16:31

The Alexandra, Penge

Karaoke every Friday and Saturday night with host Kevin (Castle Karaoke) whose large songlist and camp comedy guarantee a laugh. Karaoke every Sunday night with Liz and Andrew (Fever Karaoke), who have the second largest songbook in the country with some 18,000 tracks and a superb sound system. Sunday gets very packed and its not unusual to have over 20 different singers (many of them high quality) taking part during the evening. A fantastic way to spend the weekend.

1 Nov 2005 16:19

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

I visited this pub for a Karaoke yesterday. The door staff outnumbered the customers at one point! The bar staff cannot speak English, the Karaoke sound quality (Kevin) was poor (unlike the previous week, when it was hosted by "Fever", who were excellent), and the toilets absolutely disgusting. And it rained as i left the pub (but i can't blame the landlord for that, I suppose!).

16 Sep 2005 12:03

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

The Oakhill is still a nice pub before 7pm. The back bar is ideal for a pint or two after work, with some great characters

16 Sep 2005 11:53

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

The pub has recently been refurbished and has a new manager who has re-introduced the Karaoke (see previous post) and plans to extend the live music beyond the usual Friday night, as well as bringing in Quiz nights and other attractions.

16 Sep 2005 11:50

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

I've just heard that the Jolly Woodman is due to become a NON-SMOKING pub from Monday July 11th.

1 Jul 2005 14:08

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

The Bricklayers Arms no longer has Karaoke. "Fever Karaoke" can be found at the Alexandra in Penge and the Wandle Arms in Croydon.

10 Jun 2005 23:38

La Rascasse, Beckenham

I've been here twice recently. Possibly one of the best places for singles looking to meet someone of the opposite sex in Beckenham. Unobstusive background music, apart from when they play sub-Jean Michel Jarre laced with "dolphin noises". It was very quiet on the two evenings I visited (Thurs and Sun). Unusually the majority of people in the pub seemed to be female and over 40. I saw a Frank Butcher style man aged about 55, but he ordered a cab for Park Langley, not Catford! The bar staff were mainly university students.

25 May 2005 11:20

The Royal Oak, Penge

New Event at the Royal Oak


(Nearest Station Anerley 3 mins walk, or 312, 358, 157, 249, 432 Bus Routes)




With over 16,000 tracks we cover everything from A1 to ZZ Top,

from Frank Sinatra to S Club 7, Al Jolson to Eminem

Modern or Old, Contemporary or Classic theres something for everyones taste.

22 May 2005 15:38

The Clockhouse, Beckenham

I went past this pub the other day and it was boarded up. I don't know if will re-open...

27 Mar 2005 03:12

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

The Bricklayer's Arms now has Karaoke on Friday nights. However, the barmaid could not tell me how often, so it is a case of either ringing beforehand, or turning up on the off chance if you want to sing and hoping they will be there. I managed to get three songs in last week, and the Karaoke system sounded quite authentic (i.e. the backing track actually sounded like the songs people try to sing), unlike the poor sap who runs the Karaoke in the Litten Tree, Victoria, which was the worst I have ever taken part in!!!

If you enjoy doing Karaoke, I would try this pub on a Friday night.

15 Mar 2005 00:21

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

More good news about this pub - Alex Banks, the crooner, who I mentioned on 30th December, has agreed to perform every 4th Saturday in the month (but check first to confirm). His next performance will be on Saturday 26th March 2005. It is always an entertaining performance and the pub will be packed. It is the place to be this Easter.

15 Mar 2005 00:14

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

Traditional pub, not part of a chain.

8 Feb 2005 20:25

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

I've heard during the past week that the pub is now under new management, so perhaps it will undergo a facelift, hopefully without losing its existing character.

8 Feb 2005 20:20

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

This pub is in dire need of renovation - as long as the character of the establishment is not lost in the process. It is a small pub situated just a few yards from the Oakhill Tavern. Many of the regulars alternate between both pubs.

20 Jan 2005 10:53

Patrick's, Beckenham

An authentic Irish pub, not part of a chain. Sells excellent Guinness, and at a reasonable price (for Beckenham).

20 Jan 2005 10:49

The London and Rye, Catford

I agree that the tables are often dirty. The main problem with this pub is the lack of bar stools, meaning that you HAVE to sit at a table. However, a pint of Guinness was just 1.59 when I visited in November '04...which is not to be sniffed at.

30 Dec 2004 13:55

The Place House Tavern, Catford

This pub used to be called the "Prince Henry" about ten years ago, and was my favourite pub in Catford with great bar staff, good Karaoke and loads of banter and characters. I went here with a couple of mates a few weeks ago and it has hardly changed! The pool table was in the same place, the decor was the same - in fact the pub was in a 1970s time warp. A cheery West Indian barman in his late 50s took his time and poured one of the best pints of Guinness I've had. A must if you are visiting Catford for a pub crawl.

30 Dec 2004 13:27

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Until recently this was an uninviting run-down local, with two bars - the cosy saloon bar and the public bar, which was filled with pool tables and thugs. Now this Stella Artois pub has undergone a complete revamp, the pool tables (and thugs) have gone from the public bar, and a Jazz Duo and Sinatra-style crooner have appeared here in the last 2 months. The bar staff currently include Russian, Indonesian and Polish and the landlord and his wife are friendly and keep out trouble. It is full of characters, such as "Japanese" Paul, who has many stories to tell about his time in Japan, and Alex who performs the Sinatra songs, and claims to have done the voice-over for a recent Guinness commercial. The best pub in Beckenham - even better than the George!

30 Dec 2004 12:55

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