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Comments by gjc

Bar Lorca, Tufnell Park

Fairly informal Spanish-type bar, directly opposite Tufnell Park Tube. Never felt the need to try the food but the Spanish lagers are fine (1 tap, various small and large bottles), and lots of wine. Can be hit and miss sometimes, but is open late on weekends so good for a last beer before heading home, and is good for a quite drink during the week.

15 Nov 2006 14:08

Bar 38, Hammersmith

agree with previous comments - this is bland as can be, but I still have a soft spot for it, don't know why, maybe its the shared fountain-sink in the toilets!

7 Aug 2006 11:54

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Not a bad pub, good choice of drinks, friendly staff and clean - but agree with previous comment about half the pub being a resteraunt, so when its packed you have to squeeze up to the bar being pushed around by people going to and from the toilet, whilst the resteraunt is mostly empty tables and chairs.

11 Jul 2006 11:13

The Angelic, Islington

Used to love this place when it first opened - especially the toilets and the ever-so-slightly "odd" decoration (Roman busts, the fountain with coins in it) and any pub that plays BBC tape recordings of Blackadder in the bogs deserves some credit. But now its always packed and the staff seem less interested in your custom, maybe they don't have to try so hard anymore. And gradually the interior and the toilets lose novelty value after a while. Actually, its now a bit dull.

1 Aug 2005 16:34

The Island Queen, Islington

Agree with previous comments about the odd, lush but quite wonderful interior. Very laid-back, gentle pub thats not easy to find but well worth the effort.

1 Aug 2005 16:23

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

arrggggggghhhhhhhh this is a dingy, noisy, over-populated dive that draws hapless tourists and young lairy drunks into its depths like sh*t down a public toilet. Once inside, its dark and sweaty, where you swill down p*ss in a glass and get jostled and pushed about as the crowd swells and contracts. Nasty football-thugs from Holland and Sweeden block the stairs and get overly friendly in the dire toilets. Entering the place is like going through a hell-mouth in some horror-film. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

1 Aug 2005 15:05

Old Nick, Holborn

Really excellent pub - beautiful inside, great if you can find a seat and waste the evening. Polite, relaxed crowd, and lovely ales.

1 Aug 2005 13:52

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Very odd Belgium-orientated bar. Dark, snug room with posters of Tintin on the walls. Get here early if you want a seat. Love trying the different beers in lots of odd-shaped glasses but it can be a drain on the wallet. And yes, the staff can be a little - erm - unsmiling but me and my girlfriend found that more amusing than offensive.

1 Aug 2005 13:40

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Lovely almost genteel little pub in a quiet part of Farringdon - polite, friendly staff. A good place for a relaxed mid-week drink.

1 Aug 2005 13:32

The Study, Holloway

Changed names - its now The Study

1 Aug 2005 12:08

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Lovely-looking pub, both inside and out, but arrogant aloof staff and regulars who sit at the bar making it impossible for you to get served, and the staff don't help things by taking their bloody time.

1 Aug 2005 11:12

Tufnells, Tufnell Park

Silly come night-time. Don't know why, but there;s a air of undisturbed aggression in the place (too dark? too many pool-cues stacked about?) that always means yr on yr guard. Average bar-staff.

1 Aug 2005 11:05

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Not a bad pub at all - the garden's nice, chilled-out, and the food's can be good. Can be a bit hit and miss sometimes if its too busy or the staff are in a particualry lazy mood. Can't stay in here all night, but a few to begin with is fine.

1 Aug 2005 10:54

The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park

Fairly grotty late-night boozer. Strange mixture of old Irish drunks, students, blokes in baseball caps playing pool and people who just need a drink post-11.20pm. Relaxed atmosphere where your generally left alone.

1 Aug 2005 10:50

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