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Comments by ghi

The Woolpack, Norwich

Cheap and cheerful atmosphere despite the landlord being the glummest man ever, happy hours every day and bargin food on Wednesday nights

21 Aug 2005 12:49

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Can't fault it, more beer than you can point a stick at, excellent ham or cheese rolls or pork pies for lunch, top marks

21 Aug 2005 12:46

The York Tavern, Norwich

A slightly odd pub, tries to be a proper corner local but doesn't quite feel right. Can't say I care for what the new owners have done with the menu either.

21 Aug 2005 12:43

Eaton Cottage, Norwich

Really friendly local, reasonably priced and often with good live music

21 Aug 2005 12:41

Mad Moose, Norwich

The most pretentious pub in Norwich, had lunch in there one Sunday, it felt like I was on the set of a Wella advert.

21 Aug 2005 12:39

The Rose Tavern, Norwich

Quite pricey but by far the best place in the area for a lazy sunday afternoon of drinking and eating. Wouldn't bother with during the week.

21 Aug 2005 12:36

Rose Valley Tavern, Norwich

Overpriced badly kept beer, wierd decour, unfriendly locals, the food isn't too bad

21 Aug 2005 12:33

The Garden House, Norwich

Great atmosphere, great food and the best pub garden ever, very expensive though.

21 Aug 2005 12:30

The Mitre, Norwich

The worst pub in the golden triangle, its only saving grace is that it's quite cheap for the area

21 Aug 2005 12:27

Belle Vue, Norwich

Generally overrated, dingy atmosphere, ok beer, rubbish food and overpriced. Go to the Alexandra Tavern 30 seconds walk away

21 Aug 2005 12:23

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