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O'Neill's, Cardiff

also, other members of my family have been having probs there with the staff about other things and would never go there again.

15 Jul 2006 20:20

O'Neill's, Cardiff

Ok, whatever. My day was ruined anyway

15 Jul 2006 20:18

O'Neill's, Cardiff

Completely useless and the staff were horrible and unfriendly.
The law states:
"At Age 14
You can enter a bar on your own, but you can only
buy soft drinks."

I am a 16 year old person and despite what the law states above, I was not allowed entry and was greeted by an offensive person who wouldnt be nice to any of us. He seemed more interested in keeping himself out of trouble and protecting his 'status in the pub.
Last christmas, my auntie took her 6 month old baby in there and was told to leave. She wasnt allowed to wait outside so everyone had to go and not stay there.
In my person opinion, I find O'Neils a completely useless, unfriendly and offinsive place and hires people with no respect of the law. Dont bother going there. You'll probably wont be allowed! I wouldnt even give them 0 as a rating. They are that useless.

13 Jul 2006 14:35

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