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The Lord Nelson, Southwark

Yes.A quirky pub with a mainly,but not exclusively, young crowed.The clientelle is pretty intelligent,friendly and sophisticated.Good conversation is easy to find here.Good service from the long haired barman.Beer choice somewhat lacklustre with the usual boring lagers.A well kept guest ale and a real cider from London however when i was there made amends.Bottled beer choice is unimaginative when there are so many exciting bottled beers about,from all over the world.Heh,i'm picking faults with what is a great little pub.

27 May 2012 21:58

The King and Castle, Windsor

Very plush.Pretty friendly.Good beer and a great choice too.It's a 'spoons i know.Some are good and some not.this is good.

12 May 2012 14:41

The Huntercombe, Cippenham

This pub,which acquired a notoriety for attracting the trash from miles around,was reincarnated as a "sports bar" called Three Lions.Several widescreen TVs showed football to the moronic "lager" swilling riffraff who were the patrons of this sorry establishment.Nothing interesting to drink here,just the blandest generic corporate junk beer.Closed now, it will probably be levelled soon.

12 May 2012 14:37

The Queens, Dedworth

The owners are not people who appreciate quality beer.Greene King IPA and Old Speckled Hen are what's on offer.Pretty bland and uninspiring.As is the middle aged lager swilling clientelle. Basically a regulars' boozer.It's not a pub anyone would want to travel to.A few boozers have gone in the locale and maybe this one's days are numbered.Its demise will be no great loss.

12 May 2012 14:27

Black Horse, Windsor

Impeccably kept London Pride.Pretty much a regulars' pub.Not the most welcoming establishment.It is the best pub in the area.However,looking at the dire opposition,that's not much of an accolade.

12 May 2012 14:17

The Purley Tavern, Marsh Farm

A man was almost killed in this pub when he had a pool cue rammed into his eye.Nice pub not.Sooner demolished the better.Hopefully with most of its clientelle still inside.

13 Feb 2012 12:01

The Greyhound, Slough

This pub has real character.There is a landlord that's a real character.He has loads of studs in his tongue.He keeps one ale in impeccable condition.Doombar when i was last in the pub.An open fire,great jukebox and a load of Slough Irish.Not many women go to this pub.It's an old fashioned man's pub.

23 Jan 2012 20:02

The George, Slough

It's got a darts board.That,s all that can be said in favour of this dire apology of a pub.Atmosphere ranges from boorish to non existent.No decent beer in this pub.They used to have Greene King IPA but even that was too good for the lager swilling,tedious cretins that constitute this pub's clientelle.Sad thing is that once it was not a bad boozer until Greene King got their grubby corporate hands on it and moulded it into a pub geared toward the dross.

24 Nov 2011 08:39

Revolution, Milton Keynes

This establishment employed a doorman who was an abuser of crack cocaine and anabolic steroids and who subsequently went on to murder a young woman in a frenzied knife attack.This individual was supposedly responsible for the safety of the patrons of this place.It shows the quality of door staff hired and the absence of drug testing to determine whether the people employed on doors are trustworthy,mature calm individuals.

9 Oct 2011 16:10

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

Ok pub.Yes not as good as its Reading namesake,but still a good place.3 or 4 ales that are well kept.

5 Aug 2011 20:13

The Alpha Arms, Slough

Seems to be under new management and is not as good as it was.The beer is still good.At least one if not two proper beers are on tap.However the food is not as good as was the case.The pub also appears to be a refuge for dross no longer welcome in The Moon and Spoon.

23 Jul 2011 17:40

The Alehouse, Reading

Beer in this pub is of superlative quality.No mediocre beer and no mediocre people either.You can have a good chat with the patrons providing you're polite and not a bigot.You can have a quiet solitary drink if you so wish and there are little secluded places too.

5 Jun 2011 18:20

The Rising Sun, Slough

Under new owners.Definitely improved.There's always some decent beer on.Usually at least 2.Unfortunately the bands have not improved.They play the same old music.You never get any interesting or original bands.The pub seems to cater to a certain demographic-middle aged white men often with big bellies and dodgey mullets,if they have hair that is.Few women frequent this pub.But all in all it's ok and stays open late on Friday and Saturday.

15 May 2011 01:59

The Rose and Crown, High Wycombe

This is a good pub.3 ales when i last went there.Really well kept.A darts board.Sandwiches made to order.They're really cheap and taste good.Friendly staff and customers.A genuine bona fide pub to be treasured and recommended without reservation.

13 May 2011 02:52

Lloyds No 1, Slough

The pits.Bad even by Slough standards.

13 May 2011 02:44

The Flint Cottage, High Wycombe

This is a pretty damn good pub.All ages.People here are pleasant and sophisticated.The ales are good and loads of exotic bottled beers.It is expensive if one wishes to indulge.But there are beers available here that are hard to come by anywhere else.Good place to take a date and shows Wycombe has some cool people in it to provide custom for the pub.Sorry to knock Slough,but a pub such as this couldn't survive in Slough simply because there just ain't the customer base to make it viable.

13 May 2011 02:41

The Red Cow, Slough

Beers ok,Darts,Pool.It's ok.It's a Slough pub so don't expect too much.

13 May 2011 02:29

The Wheatsheaf, Slough

Somewhat ambivalent here.The ales are impeccable.The majority of the customers are incapable of appreciating a good beer and prefer the blandest lagers however.You do get some moronic long standing regulars in this pub whose presence would not be tolerated in other establishments.The legacy of blatant drug taking in this pub in the past.Most of the morons are gone but a few remain.They're pretty harmless.This pub's main drawback is that it is in Slough.

13 May 2011 02:25

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

Heh look this is Slough.Nowadays noone travels to Slough for a night out.But if you are unfortunate to find yourself in Slough for a night out,then this pub is about as good as it gets.Beer is cheap and generally ok.It never gets packed as it once did.It's ok though, but not a pub about which you'd rave.

13 May 2011 02:13

The Antelope, High Wycombe

Yeah not as good as it was about 5/6 years back.Then it was a good boozer with a young bohemian atmosphere and some great beer(Rebellion?).Now no ales.Pretty drab and boring and not worth visiting.It needs a change of management to compete with Wycombe's best.

13 May 2011 02:04

The Antelope, High Wycombe

Yeah not as good as it was about 5/6 years back.Then it was a good boozer with a young bohemian atmosphere and some great beer(Rebellion?).Now no ales.Pretty drab and boring and not worth visiting.It needs a change of management to compete with Wycombe's best.

13 May 2011 02:04

The Masters, High Wycombe

absolute utter shithole infested by the dregs of Downley.Full of druggies,criminals and losers.Finding someone with whom one can have an even half decent conversation is about as easy as getting a bacon sandwich in a synagogue.And as one would expect the beer is trash.No real ale in this pub.The clientelle is quite simply not of the calibre that can appreciate a good beer or anything good for that matter.

13 May 2011 01:46

Lloyds No 1, Slough

full of the type of people who have little interest in anything aside from football and who are semi literate if not functionally illiterate;hence "cliantel" in the previous comment.

17 May 2007 20:52

The Green Man, Bracknell

heh!when is fosters good? Evidently a beer connoisseur.No dismal pub full of dismal Fosters lager drinkers.

17 May 2007 20:40

Lloyds No 1, Slough

appalling dump.full of people who consider[if they have the mental capacity enabling such a thought process]that bringing children into a pub with drunk foul mouthed "adults"is ok.this pub is frequented by some of the scummiest people in slough.generally the ale is not on and if it is is of pretty poor quality.

7 May 2007 21:36

The Huntercombe, Cippenham

pikey infested decent beer.

7 May 2007 21:26

The Rose and Crown, Slough

proper old boozer with fine selection of changing ales.unfortunately no food but certainly by slough standards an acceptable standard of clientelle.

7 May 2007 21:12

Coachmakers Arms, Slough

appalling pub full of slough decent beer.depressing dump.

25 Apr 2007 16:12

The Greyhound, Slough

no decent beer and the pub is dominated by televisions.awful.

25 Apr 2007 16:09

The Alpha Arms, Slough

unfriendly no decent beer

25 Apr 2007 16:03

The Wheatsheaf, Slough


22 Apr 2007 14:50

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