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The Kenilworth Castle, Notting Hill

Can't believe this great pub is closing and becoming a supermarket.No more DJ Andy or Abba tribute band. This will be a great loss to the local working class and another nail in the coffin of another traditional boozer.

12 Sep 2014 18:43

The Kenilworth Castle, Notting Hill

Great friendly pub with beer at a good price.My advice is to pop in there on a Sunday afternoon and mix in with the old locals.its like going back in time 20-30 years ago. Great characters.very clean pub. Saturday nights are great with music or tribute bands playing

30 Apr 2014 17:38

The Academy, Holland Park

Can't believe this pub is still going.Walked past it enough times and hardly a soul to see. All the locals are drinking elsewhere due to the ridiculous price of there beverages.For a proper pub go up the road to the Stewart arms or if it's food you want at a very reasonable price pop into the pig and whistle.

30 Apr 2014 17:29

The Prince of Wales, Maida Hill

Update on the missus behalf, she poped in here on a saturday night and ordered a jack daniels and coke, was served a poor whiskey from a jack daneils bottle, when complained they offered a refill, selling fake jack daneils, need i say more, avoid this unpleasent pub, just around the corner you have angies, none of that malarkey in this fine establishment.

6 May 2012 19:35

Angies Freehouse II, Westbourne Park

Great pub, Dennis the guvnor makes sure the pub has no idiots or growlers about, great for sports with the screens and not forgetting a great pint at great prices, couldnt recommend this pub enough, top marks.

6 May 2012 19:28

Pig and Whistle, Ladbroke Grove

Stay clear of this pub, been in a few times and the fosters is getting worse and worse, typical old mans pub, gfo further down the road and have a piont in the kennilworth or better still the stewarts

17 Oct 2011 20:28

Stewart Arms, Shepherds Bush

Quite a good boozer for an estate pub, been done up a year or more ago, has all the sky sports. The only pi***** off bit is the irish sports which only one person or two at the most seem to watch, worth a visit

17 Oct 2011 20:24

The Favourite, North Kensington

Closed down at last, what a sh**hole, poor beer, place completely run down, werent to bad in the nineties but ran its course after 2003

17 Oct 2011 20:20

The Academy, Holland Park

Popped into this pub a few months back, ordered a pint of carling, 4, wont be coming here anymore

17 Oct 2011 20:17

The Prince of Wales, Maida Hill

Typical irish pub, full off greyhair and scalp!Not the sort of place to take your wife or a Glasgow Rangers supporter, Place full of Celtic memorabalia [ shame] On a Sunday night live toothless wonders singing, Need i say more!

28 May 2009 22:16

The Earl Percy, Ladbroke Grove

Use to drink here in the nineties , come up from fulham and meet a few local mates in here , Was a great place then , good banter, good pint, A real throw back of a pub, Now i been living up the road since 2002 and wouldnt set foot in the place since it turned into a poncified pub, What with the Arthur up goldborne road being turned into a restraunt not many places to drink around here,

28 May 2009 22:05

The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove

Use to love going to this pub 2-3 years ago, sadly everytime i pop in here the lagers rotten, the last time was 2 weeks ago and even the manager [baldy Mark with the paunch!] agreed the lager was crap, My advice is go across the road to the Kensington Park Hotel public house for a great pint . its a sham because they have all the sport on numerous screen ,

28 May 2009 21:41

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

went for a walk up the river on the way to dukes meadow paddeling pool with my daughter and partner, stoped of here for a drink on the way, found this pub very pleasent and the service good as well the lager, and very child friendly, will be coming back, As with most off these river pubs along hammersmith couldnt recommend them enough

28 May 2009 21:30

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Great pub, along with the service and lager

28 May 2009 21:22

The Old Fire Station, Hammersmith

Went to this place on sunday 24/5/09 ordered to pints of lager for me and a friend and would have to say the lager was rotten, My advice would be to go up the river or up the road to the Richmond public house for agood pint also not over priced, wouldnt set foot in here again!

28 May 2009 20:16

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