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The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

A really nice little pub, several different rooms with different drinking experiences, and the upstairs bay window is a great place to watch the world go by.

9 May 2008 18:18

BrewPub KÝbenhavn, Copenhagen

Wow, to find such an excellent real ale pub within 3 hours of arriving in Copenhagen was going something, convincing a group of continental Europeans that I had found something special was even more of an event! Street cred went up superbly.! I had an excellent couple of meals (and didn't have a problem getting table but it was September so outside main tourist period). We were outside at about 22.00 when it rained very heavily for a few minutes but no problems.

9 May 2008 17:58

The Ackhorne, York

All been said. Excellent real ale pub, nice and quiet off Yorks Micklegate meat market. Try the Roosters Yankee!

9 May 2008 17:53

The Stone Roses Bar, York

Interesting music venue. Piped music can be very loud (my twenty year old son and his mates have stopped going there because they cannot here themselves think). Me, I don't want to think or talk when listening to a band, and this can be very relaxing - nice mezzanine above the band area.

9 May 2008 17:42

Fibbers, York

Most of the comments are out of date. This in now part of the Barfly chain. It no longer operates as a pub as such- not open during the daytime and never food available. With little in the way of alternative pay on entry music venues in central York it continues to put on a wide range of music, although rather more of new indie bands than the it used to have - it has featured many main line acts from the 1960s and 70s when these were not the headlining acts some have now become! Us grey rockers spending more and more. Nostalgia is not what it was at Fibbers! I miss the most chilling Sunday lunchtimes, sizzling Fajitas and some superb bands, collecting some petrol money on their way through! But it still has atmosphere and is friendly. If you see a band listed that you would like to see, then go for it - believe me you will be suprised how many others will do the same!

9 May 2008 17:33

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