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The Black Duck, Warbleton

Visited the premises in its former guise as the Warble Inn Tun. Its a shame that closed but we all need to retire at some point and the landlord decicded to hang up his apron following his wife's death some time earlier. So, to this refurbished pub for a fresh look. I wasn't disappointed, It has been cleverly and skillfully given makeover but,for me, it still looks and feels like a proper pub. More emphasis on food than I remember but not a gastropub takeover. Great food, well cooked, well priced and all washe down with the local Harveys. I'm happy with the change.

13 Dec 2013 23:17

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

A proper pint
A proper pork pie
A proper pub.
Make your way there this instance.

13 Oct 2012 17:02

Ye Olde Greene Manne, Rickmansworth

Now refurbished re-opened as a Vintage Inn. Still a Mitchell and Butler outfit but this place is now very much food led.(There is an Ember Inn - The Gate - not far away.) However, although the previous team appear to have been booted, the new staff are friendly and welcoming. Went with some Aussie friends visiting who commented favourably on the style and decor - perhaphs a reflection of their home pub style. Food menu quite acceptable and the real ale afficionados are not dissapointed except maybe by limited choice. Dearer than before but not grossly excessive like some so called gastropubs. In the current economic climate I await the outcome of this brand change though this area is more well heeled that some town centre places.

19 Sep 2012 11:57

The Starling, Pinner

Now retitled 'SYNC' whatever that is meant to signify. Seems to have an indian type cuisine. Probably no decent beer. Didn't go in this time around because put off by the urchins hovering around outside. Agree, a complete waste of a prime site as it is well located and looks like it might have been a decent pub in its time.

19 Sep 2012 11:45

Gate, Northwood

OK it's a chain pub (Ember Inns) but OK for all that. Went recently with overseas relatives who saw it in passing and suggested we go in and found it to be acceptable in all respects. The earlier comments seem to have been reviewed by management and I found no evidence of slack service or poor food. Enjoyed some Adnams Southwold Bitter and would liked to have had more but was driving. Will definitely go again but check the car parking as once its full there is precious little parking nearby it being close to Mount Vernon Hospital

17 Aug 2012 14:27

The Hand and Flower, Kensington

Went to the GBBF @ Olympia to find I was too early! It being 'Trade Only' session. So took advice on a decent nearby boozer. Had 4 pints of Fullers 1845 and very good it was too. Pleasant setting - I can remember this pub from about 35 years ago when I was a telephone engineer in the area. Much improved! Ordered some food to complement the beer. The pate and melba toast was excellent. And I told the staff so on3 times that they checked! Actually, the staff were very good. A thought - why don't they also ask how the drinks are in the same fashion?

17 Aug 2012 14:20

The Grand Junction Arms, Bulbourne

Called in by chance as I had been visiting the nearby nature reserve. I had Timothy Tayors Landlord and was not disappointed. I liked the pub even though I had not a previous visit to make a comparison. I happen to like canalside pubs and this one, though clearly a gastropub style conversion from something else, did not disappoint. Only grouse was the flies that seemed to hover around. I'll be back to try the food soon.

29 Jul 2012 15:35

The Drummond Arms, Albury

The earlier comments about the cheese board appear to have been addressed. Had some today (as I always do when a pub has a cheese board!)
Had 4 different cheeses,quince jelly,biscuits and grapes. Excellent.

Staff very friendly and service acceptable.
Shere Drop Bitter right on form and the refurb done tastefully.

As I'm a Londoner with access to competitive pricing it did not seem to me to be excessive.

As said elswhere - great location - driving over the wooden bridge to the overflow car park scary in a longer vehicle!

3 Sep 2010 23:23

The War Bill-in-Tun Inn, Warbleton

I came across this pub while having a holiday at a local barn conversion. The barn owner uses this pub so I thought I would give it a go.

What's with the 'grey lunch brigade' remark?
Bit ageist considering everyone is entitled to enjoy a pint and a meal:(
Which I did last Saturday. 3 pints of Harveys Best as I had the benefit of a driver. Excellently kept. The beer that is. The driver was OK too!
All the meals were good and the atmosphere welcoming and friendly.
Staff were efficient and did a good job.

Worth the detour from our usual haunts and I will definitely go again.

14 Jul 2010 11:00

The Coach and Horses, Rickmansworth

I decided to give it a try as it was a pub I had driven past many times . A friend was visiting from overseas so on Spring Bank Holiday I stopped by.The tables were dirty, the bar unkempt and the beer just about acceptable. Staff seemed unaware of basic customer care niceties. Shame because it looked an inviting pub and the menu seemed well balanced and priced.

Will give it one more go and see if my first impressions were justified.or not.

1 Jun 2010 21:58

The Brandon Works, Motherwell

Went last Sunday after a funeral . Might as well have stayed at the cemetery. more fun there!

It was dirty. Sticky barcounter. Foam hanging outta the banquettes.
Broken glass on the floor. Dirty cloths on the counter.Food took ages to arrive and then was told 'no bacon' for the burger.

However, the staff were pleasant and doing their best in the circumstances.
Needs a good clean out and refurb.

Still good value though but Tim Martin needs to get personal with the area managers.

22 May 2010 22:08

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Just an afterthought - please don't leave manky J cloths lying around on the counter at lunch time - or ever really.

22 May 2010 09:32

The Haven Arms, Ealing

First went there in 1963 when I was 17. I remember but prefer to forget the Watneys Red Barrell. But there was a skittle alley out back then And a formidable landlady who took a shine to me but allowed me 'just the one pint mind as you're a bit young looking'

Never disappoints and though very much changed since the 1960s I always go back when in the area.

Pubspy'spub of the year is definitely worth a visit. And since Google Streetview now not so difficult to find. Get there folks ASAP

22 May 2010 09:21

Ye Olde Greene Manne, Rickmansworth

Living in Harrow where there is little decent in the pub line to comment upon I've kinda made this my local. Means only 2 pints a visit cos I drive there but Lisa and her people are worthy folk who do very well given the corporate cloak of Ember Inns. Genuine welcome smiles - not the creepy customer care stuff
Good ales always available - (though not enough mild for me) and the food is well priced and usually well cooked and served promptly.

The setting is good and when we have overseas visitors (often due to NZ connections) we like to take them thereas it impresses from the outside and does not disappoint once through the doors

22 May 2010 09:13

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Revisiting after some years absence. NOT IMPRESSED.
The beer - Fullers Honeydew - was excellent but at 3.30 per pint not the best value for money in the area!
Food not especially wonderful . The ploughmans was a poor effort (try the cheese platter instead) and the staff on duty on the day were just so bored by it all that they were a tad short of insolent. It was my' hard earned' guys. Get a grip. I'm not sure I'll give them another chance. Too many other places to try.

Which is a shame in a way as the setting is good and the garden great - if you can manage the climb!

22 May 2010 09:04

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