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Comments by foofoobooboo

The Tollgate, Romford

Probably the worst pub in the world.
I say 'probably'...I'm just in a nice's a total sh*t-pit in-fact.
MRB are a pretty vile company, and it seems their worst of the worst has been moulded into...The Tollgate Tavern!
The landlady, is a moody, hard-faced b*tch, with a boozer's nose. She can never be bothered to actually do something like... WORK though, dear God no! She prefers to roll out the assistant manager and throw her workload onto her and the other staff.
The pub is dirty, disgusting, the food is vile!!! and I'd rather drink dishwater than the beer in there.

27 Apr 2012 03:50

The Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

If William Hill had odds on the 'pub most likely to have actual crackheads/glue sniffers in it', then I would re-mortgage my house, sell all my worldly possesions, and stake the whole pile of cash all on The Eva.

A seriously odd mixture of creatures; old alcoholics, sweaty-faced chavs in Diadora tracksuits, suited and booted city folk on their way home from work, and of course, your classic crackheads.

Every time I've been into this place, I've witnessed a fight of some kind. The most memorable last weekend was a group of coked-up young males, (all side partings and fake Ralph Lauren) who after a verbal spitting match, proceeded to punch the walls closest to them, repeatedly, in order to shake of that cokey damn testosterone. This, hilariously, ended in both of them bonding over collective broken fingers.

The house beer and wine are cheap enough, and the pub is nice and big, with active barstaff, so you'll never be squashed into sardine-like proportions, thankfully.

However, don't forget your 'GEEZA' coat when you leave for a night out here please.

27 Apr 2012 03:40

The Goose, Romford

I've been a regular at this pub for about 8 years now, and the huge, rude bouncer on the door still doesn't acknowledge me when I say hello.
As for the actual pub's alright. That's all you can say really.
The barstaff seem to be handpicked from the prefects at Confusion school (about ten of them over the years have had to ask me what Brandy is), however they do work their hinies off on a Friday/Saturday night.
It's always a bit grubby in here, (don't even think of leaning on the bar), and seems to have lost a bit of it's charm with the re-vamp. Food is also pretty terrible, mixed-up orders are a common occurance, but hey-ho, it's better than the filth chip shop next door.
All in all, don't expect much more than a cheap pint, dirty elbows and some bloke called Dave pinching your arse.

27 Apr 2012 03:28

Brannigans, Romford

If you're looking for chlamydia, look no further! Perhaps it's a nasty, crusty coldsore you're after?!


I'm going to give this a very low rating, as this place is a total s**t-pit, but I do have to be fair. If you're bored or sad on a Friday/Saturday night, and happen to be walking past this venue, please stop for a few minutes, people-watch, and it will make your day. Highly flammable clothing materials, (not seen since 1982), scuffed PVC boots straining over corned beef thighs, and more sovereign rings than you can shake a cherry VK at...ahhh it's wonderful. If you're lucky, you might even spot a 'YOU FACCCKINNN' TOLKIN TA ME?!?!' style brawl in the cattle (smoking) area.
If you are drunk enough to enter this place (which means you'd probably need your stomach pumped ASAP) then you can only hope that the smell of vomit knocks you off of your gluey stuck-to-the-smelly-floor feet. God speed.

27 Apr 2012 03:19

The Bitter End, Romford

I can remember drinking pints of snakebite in here, underage, and thinking it was possibly the coolest pub ever. Oh how times have changed!
The only 'alternative' pub in Romford a few years back made it a popular haunt for those on their way to Edge/Opium. You couldn't move in there for indie, gothic and punk kids. However, rude security, rude barstaff and overpriced drinks (the wine tastes like dust) brought this pub down as quickly as it went up.
Walked past it the other night, was there was one old man nursing a pint. On a SATURDAY.

27 Apr 2012 03:08

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