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The Hermits Cave, Camberwell

Relatively small, but perfectly formed. Lovely staff, nice beers, good place to watch the game.
Everyone should go here, because if it ever closes then you'd feel guilty.
How a pub should be - though they do need ashtrays on the wall outside.

8 Apr 2008 18:00


Friendlest pub in SE London by a mile. Lovely staff & regulars. Quizzes are a good laugh. Food can be anything from average to awesome - seems to vary quite a bit. I always look forward to popping down for a pint and having an outside area for BBQ's is a real bonus. Go on Neil!

8 Apr 2008 17:56

The Grove, Camberwell Grove

When this was the BRB you'd get a nice mix of people in here and I was a regular. Now it is soul-less, but even worse it has become a city pub in Camberwell.
A pint of Kroney is over 3.50 and the food is (g)astronomically expensive - I'd personally recommend the Black Horse round the corner or the Canning up the road. Both are similar prices, possibly less, and actually have some soul to them.
I'm sure I saw that this pub had a my opinion tailored for the more mature residents of Cam Grove. A shame - I'll pay top dollar for top beer, but this ain't it.

8 Apr 2008 17:52

The Arrow, Arnold

This used to be my local before it got pulled down. Don't get me wrong, it was full of scallies before but at least everyone was friendly.
The new landlady is OK, but I'm not sure how a No Hoodies after 8pm policy is productive - especially when the pig van rolls up at 10am to break up the fighting anyway.
Perhaps they should focus on improving the gents toilets - they're constantly flooded and there's no walls to the gents cubicle.....perhaps that's an attempt to get people to speak to each other, but in a pub with a large turnover it's a disgrace they haven't been fixed.
On the plus side, it's got a good atmosphere for football, the staff are always great and I'll be in there on Friday - so it can't be all bad.
Fix the gents, stop the trouble and it'll be a half decent boozer - albeit a chain pub.

8 Apr 2008 17:45

The Cube, Camberwell

By the looks of it, they're doing it up.
By this I mean they have painted the outside and you can now see in from the street.
Has anyone been in? If not, then I'll have to round up a gang to the Missing Persons Bureau or Interpol if I don't post another message in a month.

19 Apr 2007 18:21

The Castle, Camberwell

Great local sad if it ever disappeared.
Only one real issue - a terrible place to watch sport on the big screen.
They seem to get either the sound or lighting (no blinds!) wrong everytime - shame, as they could clean up as the Hermits is small and The Grove is too pretentious by half.
Glad to see the 'give you your change on a silver tray' routine had disappeared last time I went in.

18 Apr 2007 17:44

The Tiger, Denmark Hill

Brilliant pub......any pub that makes me laugh is worth at least one beer in. Last time I went in my mate got a white wine and soda - lovingly served in a pint glass. That randomness should be applauded in this crazy PC world.
Eaststreetclown got it spot on - everyone should visit this place once in a lifetime.

18 Apr 2007 17:39

The Grove, Camberwell Grove

OK, but overpriced - 3.40 a Kronenburg & good but pricey food ....obviously aiming for the wealthier section of Camberwell.
If you're a couple, over 40 or like muzak (elevator music) you'll love it.....generally non-descript.
Much better pubs in Camberwell.

18 Apr 2007 17:33

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