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Comments by fjw1972

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

Had the worst meal we'd had in Cheddar in the Gardeners Arms. The Riverside is usually busy, both for food and for drink. the Gardeners is dead as a dodo. Decide for yourself.
I've eaten in both and the riverside is good value pub grub.

30 Jul 2011 18:58

The Lade Inn, Kilmahog

Great place to stop and eat. food is proper pub grub but really well done. beers are also very good and the beer shop next door is well, worth a trip.

30 Jul 2011 18:54

The Tarka Inn, Heanton

Stopped off here because it looked good from the outside. That was about the best part of the experience. Ordered and waited for the food to arrive. Starter arrived after half hour, was ok but one of the ingredients was missing. Didn't seem worth mentioning. Waited for my 5 year old's meal to arrive....and waited...and waited...

Asked after and hour and 15 minutes where our meal was and they didn't have a clue. The kid's meal should have come out with the starter and my child was pretty hungry by then. We were then told that it was being plated up....10 minutes further on it finally arrived.
I ordered the chicken pie...chips were dry...peas had been in the microwave too long. My wife ordered a chicken dish at 10.95 and it was a disgrace. Dry...and limply pathetic, slumped on a dob of mash with sauce lobbed over it.

I'm pretty easy to please as far as pub grub is concerned, and the menu here looked good but it was a real mess of a meal. Unsurprising really given the state of the tables and the staff. Tables had quite obviously not been wiped down from the night before and some of the staff were dressed in un-ironed guy even treated us to a view of his fat behind as he couldn't be bothered to wear a belt. I have nothing good to say about the place. beer offer was totally uninspiring as well. Tribute and Doom Bar.........and nothing else.

30 Jul 2011 18:49

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