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The Dolphin, Hackney

If you live in these parts long enough you WILL end up in The Dolphin at 5am, drunk. It used to be on the cusp of being properly trendy with decent DJ's and wicker-thin fashion types, but somehow lost (or found?) its way, brought back the Karaoke and mild veil of threat. Staff never smile. However its one of the few places open late, everyone gets pissed and the mix of clientel is eclectic. The out door area is great in summer.

9 Jul 2010 18:30

The Cat and Mutton, Hackney

Took my dad here. He hated it. Years ago I lived off London fields, and this was a back street boozer with a funny little stage in the corner. Now its full of trendy young things drunkenly spilling out into the street shrieking and falling over. I guess that's progress.

9 Jul 2010 18:15

The Adam and Eve, Homerton

I have no idea why anyone would like this pub. I suppose because its in Homerton where the handfull of pubs are by and large fairly grotty. Its ok for watching football, guiness drinkers tell me it does a good pint and the threat of violence is only at def-con 2. Apart from that I wouldn't hurry there of an evening. Ambience is that of a wake for a small time gangster whenever I've been in there (about a dozen times somehow), and there's usually a gentleman of the street in the doorway.

9 Jul 2010 18:04

The Kenton Arms, Homerton

Our local. Nice pub, prices ok, staff very friendly (inc. owner form Norway), nicely bo-ho but not over done. Music on a weekend, quiz, movies etc but its not a 'party' pub. Out door area has been made bigger. Only trouble is the pub's quite small and it has some strange opening hours. Best pub in Homerton, which isn't that much of a boast. Not the cheapest but you can still get a pint for under 3.50.

9 Jul 2010 17:58

The Victoria Park, London

Its right on the park with a big garden. but hold your horses: it is very expensive. Went in with a mate, ordered a bottle of (Koppenburg? is that how you spell it?) cider and a pint of Star. I handed over a tenner and got 1.90 back. Barman should have had a mask and a pistol. After all, over 4 per drink is highway robbery, London prices or not. Nice pub, roomy inside, lots of bright young things having a good time, good location, but you need deep pockets.

9 Jul 2010 17:51

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