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The Feathers, Merstham

Discovering that The Railway does not currently have a kitchen, we decided against our better judgement to try The Feathers (previous visit see below). A bad move, kitchen staff trying to sort out the beer, queues at the bar, bored looking customers and the all pervading smell from the toilets. We made a rapid exit to find food and beer elsewhere.
If you thought this pub could not get any worse, think again.

16 Nov 2013 22:41

The Harwood Arms, Fulham

Pleasant enough 'pub' with friendly staff and a couple of ales in good order.
It is obviously now a restaurant in a former back street local. Managed to get a table which was not set up for dining, but were informed that we had to vacate this before 7 as it was booked for dinner.
Not much to chose from in the immediate area, so probably the best of reducing options.

15 Nov 2013 10:11

The Harp, Covent Garden

Dropped in for a quick pint yesterday, an all to brief stay. Wide range of beers on offer, I opted for an excellent pint of Dark Star APA. Get there early to get a seat, very busy popular pub.

21 Sep 2013 09:08

The Brown Dog, Barnes

The Hackney Brewery New Zealand Pale Ale currently on offer is excellent. Replacing the equally excellent Hackney Brewery Golden Ale. Really well kept cellar.

19 Sep 2013 08:56

The Crown, Mitcham

No ales. Inside over-powering 'aroma' of cooking. Outside foul mouthed badly dressed Chavs and their ugly kids.

3 Sep 2013 09:19

The Garland, Redhill

An excellent pint or three of Harvey's Best enjoyed last night. The quality of the beer was significantly better than the quality of the football on offer at the Redhill v Merstham football match.

Good pub friendly enough.

21 Aug 2013 08:45

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

Nice 'old fashioned' pub very quirky with a good atmosphere.
The Dark Star APA was in good order.

21 Aug 2013 08:39

The United Brethren, Chelmsford

What a great little boozer.
In Chelmsford for the cricket today, and spent both lunch and tea breaks in the United Brethren.
Excellent food and a very good couple of pints of Hophead.
Cricket was disappointing, the pub more than made up for the for the disappointment .

17 Jul 2013 21:41

The Scarsdale Tavern, Kensington

Interesting pub, sat outside for a couple of hours today. Really does not feel like a 'central' London pub.
Beer was OK, Butcombe and Italian Moritz enjoyed by me and my drinking partner.
I will return.

16 Jul 2013 19:27

The Evening Star, Brighton

American Pale Ale and Hophead both in very good order today. Love this pub, no pretensions. A honest pub with excellent bar staff.

23 Jun 2013 22:55

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

Brilliant pub, stunning beer quality and a very knowledgeable barmaid. Drank the Jahl, a hoppy session beer. I wish I lived locally.

23 Jun 2013 22:52

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Good to see The Dove has been turned around. Visited yesterday (Sunday), the new manager seems to be enthusiastic, as were the staff. Beer in good order.
Now upgraded my rating to reflect the changes.

10 Jun 2013 19:04

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

Really difficult not to give this excellent pub 10/10.

Visited today for lunch with a lady friend. As suggested by other contributors, a very comfortable pub in a great location (a pity the sun was not shining or we might have been tempted to sit outside on terrace).

Tried the Wolf Gold Jackal and the Hare and Hedgehog, both in good condition.

The food was of a very high quality, I had the Beef Stew, my partner the Salmon Fishcakes.

Beer and food served by two very attentive barmaids.

A near perfect afternoon was topped off with a couple of hands of crib with two regulars. I would probably still be there now if I didn't have a train to catch.

I will certainly return.

17 May 2013 20:41

The Swan, Hammersmith

Enjoyed NEARLY two pints of Windsor and Eton Knights of the Garter. What is it with short measures in this pub? Changed my rating purely based on this rip off.

25 Apr 2013 15:10

The Crown, Chelsea

I've walked passed several times, but today decided to drop in for a quick one.
Nice pub, limited choice of ales but above all an enthusiastic knowledgeable landlord.
I'll probably stay longer next time.

10 Apr 2013 15:59

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Enjoyed an excllent pint of Dark Star 6 Hop Ale (amongst others) yesterday, brilliant. Couldn't get through to many of those in a session.

I love the eclectic mix of customers, particularly the bemused tourists.

10 Apr 2013 09:54

The Brown Dog, Barnes

Enjoyed a couple of excellent pints of Dark Star Hophead on Sunday, surrounded by the boisterious supporters of the boat race teams, all good spirited.

Regarding the seating arrangements, while it is primarily a food pub I never have a problem getting a seat. Of course when the summer eventually arrives it is always a pleasure to sit outside.

4 Apr 2013 14:36

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Visited today. A fine selection of ales on offer, opted for the London Fields Hackney Hopster fantastic quality. Very enthusiastic bar maid made my all to brief visit enjoyable.

Lovely pub.

3 Apr 2013 20:03

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Not a bad pub. Attentive staff. Enjoyed a couple of pints of Portobello Gold. Food was fine.
Something of an oasis in a generally depressing 'pub' wasteland.

13 Feb 2013 08:52

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

Based on the prices in both The Crooked Billet and The Hand in Hand are Wells/Youngs trying to price customers out.

No longer worth the effort of visiting either pub. Nothing special and astronomical prices.


14 Jan 2013 12:34

The Adam and Eve, Norwich

Meeting in Norwich today only had time for one pint before catching the train, more's the pity.
Lovely little pub nice pint of Reedham. I shall return.

15 Nov 2012 21:41

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

Lovely proper boozer interesting collection of music memorabilia.
An ecletic group of customers which adds to the atmosphere.
Enjoyed a couple of very nice pints of Brodie's London Fields yesterday early evening.
In addition to a selection of Brodie's also offering Windsor and Eton Guardsman.

7 Nov 2012 08:35

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

The Jaipur was excellent today.
A friendly enough pub really busy at lunchtime today but the service was good.

19 Oct 2012 20:06

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Never visited in the evening but an ideal pub to sit in and do your paperwork in the afternoon.

Enjoyed a couple of pints excellent Dark Star American Pale Ale yesterday.

11 Oct 2012 15:41

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Voted Community Pub of the Year by Publican/Morning Advertiser.

30 Sep 2012 09:34

The White Swan, Twickenham

After escaping the Barmy Arms. Tried our luck in the White Swan. Fantastic location, eclectic mix of customers. Well kept beer, good service.

20 Aug 2012 08:41

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

What a waste of a great location. Poor quality beer. Did not eat but the food looked very average.
Outside area full of fat ugly mothers with their equally unattractive offspring and heavily tattooed other halves.
Experience spoilt an otherwise pleasant walk along the Thames.

20 Aug 2012 08:37

The Ship Inn, Broughty Ferry

Lunch there today. Excellent beer and a steak and ale pie to die for.
Oh, and a great view.
Highly recommended.

16 Aug 2012 23:57

The Evening Star, Brighton

Broke my duck and visited for the first time yesterday, it will not be my last.
Good old fashion boozer, no pretentions, great beer and plenty of characters.
The background music sounded as thought somebody had taped into my i-pod.
Love it.

2 Aug 2012 14:24

The White Swan, Richmond

Nice pub. Nice location. Beer OK.

15 Jul 2012 18:24

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Very average. Food looked good. The TT Landlord was very poor. Probably get away with it because of the location.

15 Jul 2012 18:22

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Pleasant enough pub. Beer in good order. Interesting decor. Efficient staff.
Not sure what it would be like on a typical London evening.

8 Jul 2012 08:42

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

I used to like this pub. Great decor, great location, etc. Unfortunately I get the impression the owners are now taking the pish. Today one member of staff serving, an inexperienced young girl who appeared to be incapable of pouring a pint. Staff seemed more interested in getting food to the customers. The beer was poor quality.

17 Jun 2012 18:55

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Now very much open. Enjoyed a pint of Hopping Hare in there yesteday.

16 Jun 2012 09:03

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

The Mad Goose Purity was something special today.

10 Jun 2012 17:23

The White Cross, Richmond

great location, good service and unbelievable prices. �9.20 for two beers.

10 Jun 2012 17:12

The Fisherman's Tavern, Broughty Ferry

Visited lunchtime on Thursday. A real gem offering an excellent selection real ale all kept in good order.

Food was good.

26 May 2012 11:05

The New Chandos, Colindale

Now closed and boarded up

8 Apr 2012 19:08

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

Enjoyed a couple of very pleasant pints on Friday lunchtime following a stroll through the suburbs of SW London. Sat outside watched the world go by.

The pub appeared clean and tidy. Prices not to bad considering the location.

The staff, although a little brash, were attentive.

31 Mar 2012 08:39

The Plough, East Sheen

Just spent a pleasant 4 hours enjoying some excellent ales, excellent company and very good service.

Only meant to stay for two but hey ho, the walk we can do anytime.

25 Mar 2012 19:24

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill


Went there today a few excellent ales available.

Only downside a group of school kids causing mayhem.

18 Mar 2012 18:01

Founders Arms, Bankside

Even more expensive than the ever increasingly expensive Wells/ Youngs rip off organisation.

Which well run organisation undertakes staff training during a busy lunchtime session. People waiting to be served while a manager shows a trainee how to put ice and a straw in a glass. You couldn't make it up.

I get the impression people only visit once and realise they have been stung. me included.

Never again.

8 Mar 2012 16:52

The Captain Cook, Putney

Now the Captain Cook. Apparently the new owner is a New Zealander.
I wish him luck, he is going to need it. The pub appears to have very customers.
Not helped by the fact that when I visited the off duty staff were lounging about on the sofa's with their feet up the walls. Not particularly inviting which is a shame as the re-fit must have cost a few quid.

5 Mar 2012 13:30

Shaws Booksellers, Blackfriars

Pleasant busy pub somewhat lacking in ale selection.

1 Mar 2012 20:39

The Rising Sun, Blackfriars

Miserable bar staff and foul mouthed customers. A somewhat bland interior.

Never again.

1 Mar 2012 20:36

The Hoop and Toy, South Kensington

You would have thought that with the potential to attract tourists visiting the museums that this pub would have made more of an effort.

Very dirty, untidy pub, the bogs are a disaster. Very limited selection of ales, mainly the usual suspects.

Suggest to the staff that 'background' music should be that,not designed to drowned out conversation.

28 Feb 2012 20:22

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

Had the good fortune to lunch in the Brewery Tap today. Excellent freshly cooked Thai food and perhaps more importantly fantastic well kept beer, enjoyed a couple of pints of JHB.

Friendly staff.

22 Feb 2012 18:33

The Swan, Hammersmith

Not a bad pub, excellent selection of ales, food was pretty good. Bar staff could be a bit more enthusiastic.

5 Feb 2012 12:02

Tiles Cafe Bar, Edinburgh

Enjoyed a couple of pleasant pints of Bitter and Twisted lunchtime today. A better selection of real ales since my last visit.

Staff very attentive. Food OK.

31 Jan 2012 17:40

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Dropped in at lunchtime today excellent ale, as usual.

There appears to be an exhibition in the pub of war comic art running at the moment in support of the Royal British Legion.

Something to view and read while you drink.

30 Jan 2012 14:38

The Atlas, West Brompton

A nice pub, good atmosphere, well kept beer.

Got busy as the exhibition at Olympia closed. Seemed a bit light on staff not helped while a bar maid took the best part of 10 minutes to prepare 2 'virgin Mary's'.

I shall return.

25 Jan 2012 08:31

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

A really busy eclectic pub, great atmosphere, good staff, good beer and wholly acceptable Thai food.
Well worth a visit.

19 Jan 2012 09:11

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Can't imagine there is a pub in London with a better view.

Just dropped in for a pint stayed for 4. The Redwood American IPA was stunning.

9 Oct 2011 16:52

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

A terrific pub with a fantastic selection of excellent quality ales. A great atmosphere and friendly bar staff.

Last visit only spoilt by some loud mouth poser who insisted on relating his somewhat boring love life to a disinterested lady friend. Fortunately he moved outside presumably to spread the word in Britton Street.

25 Sep 2011 10:23

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

Must compliment the enthusiasm of the young girls who staff this pub. A pity the Anglers does not take a page out of their book.

Popped in last evening following our stroll from Richmond to Kingston for a beer and a bite. Beer good, food good, staff excellent.

24 Sep 2011 09:23

The Anglers, Teddington

Great location, shame about the quality of the beer. Obviously in desperate need of a decent cellar man.

23 Sep 2011 21:02

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Friendly little pub.

Good beer good atmosphere.

13 Sep 2011 22:06

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Nice pub excellent well kept beer.

Unfortunately the over priced food prices let the pub down badly. �10 for a ploughmans lunch, �7 for a BTL with one rasher of bacon and a portion ( I use the term loosely) of 12 chips served in a half pint mug �3.

I for one will not be going back.

13 Sep 2011 21:57

The Fox, Putney

Visited a couple of times in the last few weeks. Mainly for the sport.
Not the greatest pub in Putney but acceptable. Nice and clean, an enthusiastic manager, plenty of satisfied customers.

21 Aug 2011 19:36

The Bricklayer's Arms, Marble Arch

Now re-opened December 2010 (?) and re-named the Grazing Goat. Very classy refit. Now more of a gastro pub. Only one ale, Deuchars, and a few ciders, mostly the usual lager suspects.

Situated in a nice quiet street away from the asylum that is Oxford Street if you find yourself caddying for the other half and need to chill.

30 Jul 2011 08:49

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

A strangly modern pub situated in probably the best kept village in Surrey.

Nothing special.

20 Jun 2011 08:12

The Good Intent, Puttenham

Dropped in yesterday for a couple of very nice, well kept pints of Otter.

Nice pub, good atmosphere, friendly staff. Although we didn't eat, the food looked very good.

Obviously a very popular pub as most of tables appeared to be pre-booked. Seemed popular with walkers, runners and cyclists in addition to the locals.

20 Jun 2011 08:10

The Market Porter, Borough

Great pub, good beer and a good atmosphere.

Just wish they could sort the bogs out.

5 May 2011 21:24

Kings Arms, Borough

What a dump.

How can they justify �3.70 for a pint of Harveys Sussex, which was v poor. When a pint of quality Sussex is only �3.25 in the Market Porter.

Never again.

26 Feb 2011 00:18

The Goat Tavern, Kensington

Not a bad little pub, the Pride was fine. The window seats offer a great view of the passing world.

The visit was made more interesting thanks to the actions of a strange woman who arrived, sat down and lit up a cigarette. Her reasoning seemed to suggest that 'because she lived in a big house she should be allowed to smoke in a pub'. The situation was well handled by the landlady, despite being questioned about her sexual orientation.

26 Jan 2011 09:03

The Rose of York, Richmond

A pleasant enough pub, very neat and tidy. Good service. Comfortable pub to visit after the walk in snowbound Richmond Park yesterday. The Sam Smiths was up to standard.

20 Dec 2010 10:25

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

Nice little pub tucked away near Richmond Park. A good atmosphere until a Diet Coke drinker insisted on putting the large screen television on to watch a pointless game of rugby.
Drank a couple of pints of Landlord, OK.
Probably will return.

20 Dec 2010 10:22

The George, Great Portland Street

A proper pub, improved by the presence of some very attractive students from the local design college.

The Royal London was an enjoyable pint.

I shall return.

24 Nov 2010 13:42

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Enjoyed a pint or three of Vixen yesterday. Excellent. A good range of ales on offer.

One critisism the all pervading smell from the loo's.

18 Nov 2010 10:41

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

A neat little pub, tucked away. A really nice couple of pints of Spitfire were enjoyed earlier this week. Visited mid afternoon so it was really quiet. I will no doubt return.

4 Nov 2010 18:16

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Love it.

Everything you could want from a pub. Great beer, good staff and an excellent manager.

7 Jul 2010 21:04

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

One to be avoided at all costs.

Terrible beer, short measures and even worse service.

Never again.

7 Jul 2010 21:02

The Idle Hour, Barnes

Dropped in for an early evening pint. Friendly barmaid. Limited selection of ales available, settled for the only option a pint of Adnams. Presumably the quality and selection improves at busier times.

27 Apr 2010 09:43

The Brown Dog, Barnes

I have been in couple of times during the day in the last few weeks. Pleasant pub, nicely tucked away, with friendly staff. Not a bad drop of Twickenham.

Not sure what it might be like at weekends and in the evenings. Obviously set up to meet the demands of eating, rather than drinking, clients.

27 Apr 2010 09:39

The Halfway House, Barnes

Good beer, good food and some strange customers.
Good to drink in a pub that is not covered with promotional posters for the latest alco pop or snack offer.
I like it.

20 Feb 2010 09:35

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Drank in there on Monday.

The Amarillo was perfect.

28 Jan 2010 09:53

Hardys Freehouse, Greenwich

Very friendly pub, attentive staff particularly the enthusiast Tom.

Visited yesterday again. Visit spoilt by one loud mouthed local 'character' who seemed to enjoy the sound of his own voice and regaled his group of 'friends' and eventually the entire pub with a constant stream of f's and c's.

Why are idiots like this allowed to spoil it for everybody else?

28 Jan 2010 09:51

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

The pub has been selected for the prequel of the 'Only Fools and Horses' due to be broadcast over Christmas. Telling the story of Del Boy and Rodney's early years. Pelton Arms becomes The Nags Head.

25 Sep 2009 09:32

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Fantastic couple of pints of Amarillo plus a salt beef sandwich big enough to feed a small army.

A proper boozer with the usual eccentric customers.

21 Aug 2009 19:22

The Bear, Oxford

Popped in for a quick pint at lunchtime, I liked it, interesting historic pub selling a good choice of ales.Good service friendly staff.

Not particularly busy.

20 Aug 2009 22:22

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

A very nice interesting pub. A good choice of ales. Good friendly service.

Impressed my Chilean lady friend who loved the idea of drinking in the same bar as Morse.

20 Aug 2009 22:17

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Probably 20 years since I last visited. Popped in today, very nice pint of Badger. Friendly staff nice atmosphere, I will return

10 Aug 2009 21:43

The Trades House Bar, Dundee

I cannot understand why The Pheonix on Nethergate is not listed. Great atmosphere, quality beers and efficient bar staff.

4 Jul 2009 08:49

The Trades House Bar, Dundee

If you like fizzy lager this is the pub for you.

Nice decor though

4 Jul 2009 08:42

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

Went there lunchtime today. Impressive selection of ales.
I enjoyed a couple of pleasant pints of Bombardier, not as good as the Pelton Arms, but you can't have everything.

Good menu all freshly cooked.

Eclectic mix of customers, friendly staff.

9 Jun 2009 17:41

The Old Fountain, Old Street

First visit in several years. I was not dissappointed. Quality beers and good honest food.

It is a pity the bar staff don't smile more.

9 Jun 2009 08:28

The Crooked Surgeon, Leicester Square

Terrible pub all round. Characterless, overpriced and very poor service from staff who were more interested in the their private lifes than serving the very few customers who had ventured in.

25 May 2009 22:09

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Pub now awarded the Cask Marque

16 May 2009 19:07

The Yacht, Greenwich

Went to The Yacht for lunch today, a bad idea all round. Pub full, one young girl trying to run the pub single handed. Waited five minutes and walked out.

Never again.

8 Apr 2009 22:15

The Railway, Merstham

Following the shabby service received in The Feathers, we crossed the road and visited the Railway.

From the outside we were not expecting much.

Inside a proper pub, friendly landlord, reasonable good value menu, substantial potions (to much in fact). Good pint of GK IPA.

Judging by the number of customers obviously benefiting from the terrible service in the Feathers. A few people like us had voted with their feet it would appear.

Only one downside was the presence of a foul mouthed (local) sitting at the bar who seemed incapable of stringing a sentence together without the use of the F word, a bit worrying he seemed to be there with his very young son.

29 Mar 2009 09:49

The Feathers, Merstham

Visited this pub yesterday planning to have a few beers and lunch. We walked out. Although I felt sorry for the young, very inexperienced, girl, who was left alone to handle the needs of a reasonable Saturday lunchtime trade. I have no sympathy for the management, are they trying to run the pub into the ground?

Management like this do not deserve to survive in the current economic climate.

29 Mar 2009 09:40

The New Chandos, Colindale

Visited this pub whilst using the British Library at Colindale. It is OK, the occasional foul mouthed local does little for the atmosphere.

Nothing special on the beer front.

13 Mar 2009 22:05

De Hems, Soho

Probably my favourite Central London pub. Normally quiet at lunchtimes.

Great selection of continental beers. Knowledgeable bar staff.

13 Mar 2009 21:58

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

My local again. After several years I have returned to the Swan. I like the new management and the enthusiastic staff. Probably now one of the better pubs in Wimbledon, most which appear to cater for groups of 'incomers' and price their beer and food accordingly.

For those interested in food the menu is now more inventive, and reasonably price.

A couple of minor complaints the music is to loud, and there is a tendency to play the television at excessively high volume when the sport is on.

Other than that still worth a visit.

13 Mar 2009 21:53

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Obviously improvements under the new management, better beer, better food and a better atmosphere. Good to hear of the intentions to introduce more guest beers. Still take a lot to move me off of the Bombardier, a great pint. Infinitely better than the over rated over priced utty Sark.

13 Mar 2009 21:42

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