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The Good Mixer, Camden

Since refurbishment it's become another middle class joint, zero fun, and no longer the kind of place where you can expect to strike up conversation with other punters. No longer a safe bet for a bit of a laugh on a night out.

8 Nov 2018 21:49

The Wheatsheaf, Stoke Newington

Been in there recently, definitely a few older Irish knockin about, a firmly working class pub with good service. Was quite busy, yet I was served easily each time. Cheap as chips (well under £4 a pint), and I get the feeling the regulars sitting up at the bar would warm to you after a visits. Definitely no looks over the shoulder or any of that.

Cherish these kind of places while they still exist.

8 Nov 2018 21:46

The Cock Tavern, Euston

Every comment remains valid as of 2018, especially regarding the type of drinkers in there. However - to my surprise - they've refurbished the bathrooms, new tiles, sinks etc, and so gladly no odours to report. They really could do with replacing the front signage as the plywood is rotting away, doing so would definitely entice more passers-by into the place.

£3.50 for a Guinness, which was quite a good pint.

8 Nov 2018 21:38

The Beaconsfield, Harringay

Judging on the most recent review below me, it hasn't changed in the slightest whatsoever since.

It could be a great pub

23 Apr 2018 22:15

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Uncertain.Trumpet's review is stellar, and apt as every five years on. I couldn't possibly describe it better, thought it is worth mentioning that the guinness is surprisingly £3.60. Don't be excited though, as the beers are up around the £5 mark.

9 Feb 2016 21:02

The Effra Hall Tavern, Brixton

The below poster is right about the brightness, but this is only in the lounge area and the back where the music is played. The front bar has quite a bit of character thankfully.

Only drink i had there was a bottle of Foreign Extra Guinness and came in at a welcome £2.90.

9 Feb 2016 20:58

The Shanakee, Ealing

Nice no-nonsense pub, though the music is pointlessly loud in the evenings, and the lines could do with a good clean.

Not many drinking the Guinness in there, which says a lot. Nonetheless a great location and a nice regular crowd in there.

9 Feb 2016 20:55

The Good Mixer, Camden

The poster below may be entitled to their view, but this pub is quickly becoming a remnant of yesteryear. It's a proper no-nonsense establishment that doesn't try too hard. It's bullshit free with decent staff behind the bar who can actually do their job. If you care to look around London you will see that pubs like this are becoming increasingly scares, or being turned into gastro pubs. I don't need to write this, but I just don't understand the below poster's point. They'll no doubt long for a pub like this in a decade, that's for sure.

It attracts all sorts, which is a testimony to the place. From young lads to pensioners, punks to krustys, it has a fantastic atmosphere. The pints aren't the greatest - they could do with cleaning their lines every now and then - but I'll settle for the atmosphere.

30 Mar 2015 13:23

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

Best bar staff in London by a long long way. How they manage to keep the bar going on busy match days is a spectacle in itself. Guinness is £3.80 which is a fair price in Islington, lagers £4 I think.

Given its brilliant location, I often head there for Arsenal matches, though it's a bit of a bollocks getting your pint in a plastic cup even if you're not going outside. Friendly crowd too, when you consider how busy the place is.

30 Mar 2015 13:19

The New Inn, Brentford

I've only been there on weekends to watch rugby or the GAA. One or two of my visits coincided with home football games, and you'd find that the place was busy before the match, together with the soccer on the TV, then the fans would depart leaving a mostly Irish crowd to watch the GAA. Loads of people tend to piss off the minute matches finish too, which doesn't do much for the overall atmosphere of the place - which is generally quite good.

The landlord does a great job in catering to both crowds - football / GAA - and there are enough screens for everyone. On days when Brentford aren't at home GAA does seem to take priority with the commentary turned up. A fantastic pint of Guinness for £3.50, easily the best I've had in London, and yes I'm aware that everyone makes that claim every now and again.

I haven't witnessed any kind of bother there, and on matchdays there are lads on the door (which is the norm). Yeah some of the clientele can seem chavvy but isn't that soccer for you.

30 Mar 2015 13:15

The Sheepwalk Tavern, Acton

The most Irish pub I've been in here in London. The clientele are a mixture of retired Irishmen who are very friendly, and younger men in workwear. I've been in there to watch the GAA and they have all the games on, as they have the Irish channels.

I see previous comments about rough clientele, but I didn't sense any unwelcoming vibes there at all. It's certainly a salt-of-the-earth joint, not an ideal place to bring the missus. The barman was all over the place to be honest, though he did his best.

Guinness was £3.20 but the pint wasn't great. The chalk on the wall outside tells me that all pints are £2.50 from Mon - Fri until 7pm, though who knows what it's like on weekdays.

30 Mar 2015 13:07

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

Classic pub. There's quite a lot of life at the main bar, with the regulars all occupying their stools, while to the right there's loads of seating.

Only downside is having to walk upstairs for the john, but it's not much of a drawback when you consider the price of drink there. Definitely a place to bring someone unfamiliar with London, and even nice for your partner. It's the kind of pub where anyone would like it.

30 Mar 2015 13:02

O'Riordans, Brentford

Good spot, decent pint of Guinness for only £3.50, and I imagine the lagers to be cheaper. No real ales on tap but the pub more than makes up for it with a lively crowd and a steady stream of regular faces in there, who keep it ticking over most nights of the week. They had guinness dublin porter on tap when I was there last month, which was a surprise as I haven't seen it tapped up elsewhere in London.

They tend to have the football on the TV in the front, while the GAA and rugby is shown down the back. It can get wedged when big rugby matches are on, but usually you'll get a stool for yourself.

As someone who appreciates no-nonsense bar menus, I can say that the stew is decent at £7 (only food I've had there). The roast on a Sunday looks fairly hearty, and sells well.

30 Mar 2015 12:59

The Hole In The Wall, Chiswick

The Hole in the Wall exists no longer. It's been in the process of being completely renovated (not that it needed anything as it was a very pleasing place as it was).
No guess what it's going to be, a gastro pub of the wankiest persuasion. Without wishing to enter into a rant, I can't imagine this new identity offering much to the social drinker.

As if Chiswick needed yet another one of those. With this and Pickwicks now gone, the only genuine pub left in the area is Connolly's.

30 Mar 2015 12:53

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