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Comments by dwid

The Hat and Tun, Clerkenwell

This is a great pub. I'd avoid between 5-7pm when it's quite busy, but after that it's a really nice place to have a drink. Some of the best traditional British pub lunches in Clerkenwell too. Great for late lunch and drink.

15 Feb 2010 18:56

Hat and Feathers, Clerkenwell

I'm in agreement with most. Not a fan of this place at all... There are some really nice pubs in Clerkenwell, but for me, this ain't one of them! Expensive, bad service, no atmosphere..

15 Feb 2010 18:49

The Well, Clerkenwell

Really nice pub. For me it's definitely one of the best in Clerkenwell. Nice atmosphere and nice people. You can find places with more beers, but not a nicer atmosphere. Loads of tables outside too, which is great for peoplewatching when the weather's good.

15 Feb 2010 18:46

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