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The Rose, London Bridge

There were some flys. They also refused to serve me a pint of lager. I don't drink but they said I was drunk

23 Jun 2017 14:18

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

The garden is nyce now they have done it. I'll go again and maybe eat food. My mate has a joke though "eating is cheeting". Feel free to use it folks

23 Jun 2017 14:13

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

I should add that this is now a non-smoking pub.

10 Jun 2016 13:41

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Non-smoking pub .. don't bother.

10 Jun 2016 13:39

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Went there a couple of years ago and spotted the lead singer of ABC in there (Martin Fry). Went there with my Nan about two weeks ago and spotted Craig David. How funny

10 Jun 2016 13:35

The Kings Head, Hursley

I go hear sometimes as it feels really old. the scotland land lady is a reel legend and can often be seen shouting things like "och i the noo" etc. It remains to be seen if this pub will ever last the forthcoming hay and beans festival but one can only hope

5 May 2016 15:52

The King and Keys, Fleet Street

I travelled all the way from Mexico to visit this pub only to discover its now a burrito joint. The irony would leave any man quite speechless

4 May 2016 14:47

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

i went into this pub 2 years ago only to be 'offered out' by ex-doctor who Peter Davidson. this is not the first doctor who to have antagonized me and i'm guessing he won't be the last. without giving away any spoilers ... in real life they don't regenerate but simply go to another pub

Ben Baptiste - DAC Beachcroft - Original

28 Apr 2016 16:25

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

I went here for lunch today. They do 50 chicken wings in one of two sauces. I regret to inform the readers of this site that neither is a tomato based sauce. It frustrate me as it's such a simple sauce to make. also, the pub i really busy. I once went in there at 13:00 to get a single beer (half) and was still waiting at 17:15. After finally getting served i spilt my beer over a your young who was doing a pole dance. after putting a pound in her glass she slapped me around the face and said that i was a "weasel". I'm not sure what a "weasel" is but i don't like to be compared to any cereal

Ben Baptiste - DAC Beachcroft - Original

28 Apr 2016 16:19

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

I went there lunchtime. They've narrowed the pub. It's now really thin and i'm fuming. The bar is very long (too far to walk it's length) and there are so many people in the way. I'm thinking of drinking elsewhere from now on. A bloke even asked me for money to get into the pub today ... he didn't work there but i felt too intimidated to say "no". This is just part of my life at the moment. People think i'm a pushover when i'm clearly not. I want to be that rainbow in someones life but end up being a down-pour. I'll revisit the Tip one more time just to see if they widen the pub again ... however, i suspect they won't due to building regulations.

Ben Baptiste - DAC Beachcroft - Original

28 Apr 2016 16:01

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

Going to the Vanbrugh tonight on my A-Z of pubs tour. Just W, X, Y and Z to go (and K as i couldn't think of any pubs beginning with K). Please feel free to join me. I will be wearing a blue t-shirt and white jeans. My trainers are from the Adidas brand

20 Apr 2016 10:52

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

I go here for beers and like it. There is always a good vibe and I once saw Craig David having a pineapple juice with ice. Going to go back again soon

24 Mar 2016 12:46

The Britannia, Monument

Done up pub. Looks great. However, you can now reserve a table which is just a joke. So I walk into a pub and see 6 free tables I want to sit with my mates but a notice says the table will be in use for an hour from 12:45. Jokes. They cater for food and not beer anymore which is a real shame. A soulless cavern of a pub that had jumped on a similar pub grub bandwagon

24 Mar 2016 12:42

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

i had a row with my gurlfrend so went heer for a beer. it is reely nice and they have lots of beers on the tap. after my beers i went home and my gurlfrend was still reely angry. we are now single but at leest i have discovured this grate pub

the pub at the other end of this rowd is not as grate. a man owtside spat of the payvment

26 Mar 2014 14:01

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

do not wurry. i have fownd it. the angry man is in there so i will not bee going in

20 Mar 2014 14:34

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

I caant find this pub now. i went ther a phew months ago but now it isent there. im reely conphused. i wanted to ask the blondy gurl out with the short blondy hare. not 2 soore whot to do now

20 Mar 2014 14:33

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

a gurl called shen works hear. she is reely nice and makes the pub grate. the food is cheep and when you have one of those food cards its well cheep. my chicken wings cost 1.95 which is cheeper than a burga from burga king. speek to shen as she is nice and cleens up the bar nice

10 Jan 2014 15:01

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

just walked fromm the cutti sark to the pub. it is quite empty at this time of day. i have just ordered a burga so will update this websight in a minnette to let you no wat it is lyke. the girl with blondey hare is not wurking

10 Jan 2014 14:56

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

This pub is not hear any more. it has gone. Trying to find out wear they moved it too.

10 Jan 2014 13:33

The Vanbrugh, Greenwich

Good pub. There's a blondey girl behind the bar (short hare). She is reely nice and sales grate food. I am going in their again for beer and food tonite. Is she is working i will ask her out for a diet

10 Jan 2014 13:31

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

I like the women in this pub. Some are nice and the ones that arnt are also nice. I will go again as i like it

27 Jan 2011 09:03

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

kareoke tonight. i will be singing heart of stone by bucks fizz. the land lady likes it when i sing acapella

29 Apr 2010 16:11

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

one of the worst pubs in london. the guy behind the bar was rude and asked us to keep our voices down even though we had spent over 150 in food. i would never go back in here again. the picture of him on this website shows him to be the misserable git he is. never again.

29 Apr 2010 16:09

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

i want there yesturday. good peeple and nice beer. the old barmade is bak which is cool as she is very nise. three cheers for the beers

29 Apr 2010 16:06

The Monksbrook, Chandlers Ford

Has anyone seen Claire Blades, Bonnie and marther? I miss then as they were one of the best things about this pub

3 Apr 2009 15:54

Hut, Chandlers Ford

They had no Beefeaters here. Very disappointed and will now have to travel to the Tower Of London

3 Apr 2009 15:53

Cleveland Bay, Chandlers Ford

I had a beer here last week and met a really nice girls. She was nice and gave me her number

3 Apr 2009 15:52

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

I went in hear last nite and it has bean done out. There is a reelly nice stone floor now and it looks reelly nice. I met my wife in hear about three yeers ago so it stil holds a fond place in my hart. Grate beer and all of the locals are reelly frendly. Going in hear for the football this weakend as thay still have the televitions. Best pub in Twickenham buy a long whey

3 Apr 2009 15:49

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

I met my girlfriend in this pub. It was a Thursday which is amazing as i usually goto other pubs on a Thursday. Met the new landlord today who seems like a really good guy. Will be going back again

3 Apr 2009 15:28

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

It's grate and their are plenty gest ales in their

5 Nov 2008 18:05

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

a gurl hoo looks lyke a horse once gave me a kis in the ali way rownd the corner. it was nise and we are now going two get marryed. this is al thancs to the couch and houses pub and the landlad robbie and his wife jacqui.

5 Nov 2008 17:58

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

bye the weigh their our lodes of bad pictores on the wall. their is even won of bob marli who i reeley lyke alot. i hope this pub stays open four yeers to com

5 Nov 2008 17:55

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

Grate pub. I hav bean going hear four neerly for years now. The bar starf our reeley reeley nise and thay do a sooperb pynt of larger.

Go on a saterday as well as it is open untill six oclok

5 Nov 2008 17:50

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