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Place, Broomhill

Popped in wednesday afternoon and the cricket and horse racing was on. Cask ale untested but there was a bunch of cans and bottles in the fridge that were fine so took a brewdog dead pony club. Not cheap but happy to sip it watching the test. Easy to be snobby about a place called 'The Place' but this place is giving it a go.

3 Aug 2016 16:55

The Fox and Duck, Broomhill

Things have changed a little here. The cask ales have been taken over by Little Critters brewery - all six of them. This is a brave move and I hope it works out as it means there is a range of styles rather than just a bunch of pale ales from various breweries that you often see these days. Was puzzled the cricket wasn't on - perhaps it was lunch or there was no interest from the punters. It is just ok, though. Not sure how I would make it great, mind

3 Aug 2016 16:50

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

Great ale pub. The craft kegs were a bit underwhelming - apart from a Bristol Beer Factory, but they might just be responding to the demand of their regular custom. If it ain't broke, no need to get Kernel etc in to fix it- you can always go to wild beer if you want that sort of thing. Food is decent quality pub grub at very keen prices and staff are excellent. My daughter's steak was five minutes late and they gave her a pudding for free. Cask ales are exemplary as you would expect - a mixture of strengths and styles. And if the kegs don't quite deliver, there is a staggering range of bottles. Bar billiards as well. Has to be a ten.

3 Jul 2016 21:28

Ye Olde Rock Inn, Upper Hulme

Unpretentious country pub with some lovely views. Less famous than the much heralded Winking Man but a better pub I think partly because they allow dogs in the tap room but also because I think the beer is better. Staff very friendly and helpful and nice little touches like an after eight with your tea/coffee, a choice of cup or mug, a 50 p pool table, all add up to a pleasant experience. A happy place.

3 Jul 2016 21:21

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

This place has upped its game. Solicitous but not overbearing staff - mainly an army of attractive young types but all of them constantly looking for work. You don't get that everywhere. Beer range is not amazing but it's better than it was and the food looked good. For a train station not bad at all

22 Jun 2016 15:18

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

This pub goes from strength to strength. Devastated to miss the Basqueland tap takeover tonight, but enjoyed my local Hammerton anyway before my train. With the King Charles and the Queen's Head Kings Cross is becoming a destination pub area.

22 Jun 2016 15:13

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Great pub a short walk from the main drag. Got that magic quality that is difficult to create but you know it when you feel it. Decent beer - usually a couple of locals on. If you like pubs you'll like this one.

22 Jun 2016 12:36

The Queens Arms, Taddington

Good unrefurbished pub. Unpretentious, friendly - staff and locals. Not cheap but where is round these parts. Very dog friendly, the house dogs are a lot of fun and will keep your dog loving child happy for ages. If you don't like dogs then it might not be the place for you. Decent beer, a solid 7/10.

1 Jun 2016 13:50

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

Posh 'cool' pub where you can take the missus or your boss. Beer range ever improving and food is good - dinners or snacks. All comes at a price mind, but you never have a bad time in here

21 Apr 2016 19:09

The Broad Chare, Newcastle

Good bar if a little bit 'posh' ! 'Smart' even. Mind you, once you get settled in a corner and start working your way through the beers it all comes together. Service very nice - it's just not very pubby. Food looks interesting but have not tried it. Everyone was better dressed than me. A nice part of a pub crawl.

21 Apr 2016 18:59

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Top ten pub in the world, let alone England or Newcastle. Great cask ale but has also kept pace with the kegs that we have now. Friendly punters (shoppers/boozers/tourists/locals) and staff (said me and my mate were entertaining! in a good way I think) a great place to while away an afternoon. 10/10.

21 Apr 2016 18:55

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