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The Bridge Inn, St Denys


18 Aug 2012 22:59

The Dove, Ipswich

After a 04:45 start in Southampton, this place was a welcome stay for the night, Matt, a work colleague and regular helped me down a few pints along with curry from along the way that we could eat in the pub with their blessing.

The place is very relaxing, clean and warm and with a spectacular range of beers ( my local in Southampton is the South Western Arms so that sets out my reference standards for the range of beers!).

The beers were well kept and service was quick efficient and friendly, noticeable groups of regulars which is always comforting in city centre pubs...

I'll be there again on Thursday weeks for another curry but maybe not as much beer as the early start today was a killer!!!!!

9 Feb 2010 20:55

O'Neills, Winchester

Went there on Friday night, the mixed grill burger I had was really great, hot and well prepared, a reasonable portion of chips, the presentation ( nice crockery etc etc) and quality of the food seems to improved quite a bit since my last visit six months ago... the food arrived before I thought "where is our food?" ... give it a try......

24 Jan 2010 12:27

William Walker, Winchester

Wicked Pizza, the BEST you will find around and about..... other dissimilar menu items may not be to the same very high standard but still prettty damn good ..... they need more bar staff at times so be prepared to wait a while for more beer .... nice to see a healthy stock of newspapers on a rack near the door.... NB: check out the Italian Newspaper and the chat among the kitchen staff for a clue as to why the pizza is so good ;) Bella!!!!!

20 Aug 2008 20:05

The Exchange, Winchester

We eat there most Fridays without problems BUT on monday this week 04 August 2008 myself and a colleague shared calamari with tartare sauce and both spent the last two days off work ( we both threw up on Tuesday AM at work) - there is NOTHING else we shared before that.. some problem with the things we ate existed, would suggest the dodgy looking tartare sauce - these things happen infrequently but if I'm off more that 48hrs my doctor will report it to public health..... I'll be there on Friday lunch again no doubt but all places preparing food should NEVER let their standards slacken..... :(

6 Aug 2008 20:13

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