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Comments by dogbury

Caxton Arms, Ravensmere

An excellent pint of real ale but due to the extremely foul language of a couple of blokes at the bar we left quickly.

11 Oct 2015 19:47

The Coldham Hall Tavern, Surlingham

Called in today whilst completing the Wherrymans Walk and very friendly greeting made us feel welcome. The local Wolf Brewery's 3.7 lavender honey bitter was superb and helped us on our way!

4 Oct 2015 18:17

The Chequers Inn, Binham

Visited yesterday for the first time following a visit to Binham Priory. Excellent real ales including Panther, Adnams and Wherry but I objected to being addressed as 'squire' by the barman and told him so. Pub was packed, there was a 70th birthday party on. We ordered a bar snack at 2pm but was told it might be too late to order food but that as it was only a 'snack' they would do it, it arrived soon after and was quite good.

20 Oct 2014 21:53

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

Popped in for a pint of excellent Palmers Summer beer (3.7) today which was very enjoyable. But at £3.60 it was 15p dearer than in a pub in the next village so I knows where I'll go for my future pints!

31 Aug 2014 16:43

White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney

Visited this pub a few time recently and it has vastly improved under the new ownership. Excellent Palmers beers, I had a pint of Summer which was delightful (and 15p cheaper than the pub in the next village!!). Food very good too.

31 Aug 2014 16:39

The Banningham Crown, Banningham

Popped in for a pint and snack after a 6 mile walk. Immaculately maintained and spotless olde worlde village pub, bar staff reasonably welcoming and a good selection of beers eg Golden Hen, Wherry Bitter, Greene King. Excellent menu choice which some may consider expensive but this is more of a high class restaurant than a pub, overall very pleasant.

10 Aug 2014 12:39

The Kings Arms, Ludham

If you like a pub with a miserable barman, loud music played through tinny speakers, overpriced food (although we didn't try it, the music was too loud!), an outside sitting area next to the road and warm beer then this is the pub for you!

3 Aug 2014 18:00

Coopers Mill, Yeovil

This pub is now part of Greene King. We called today for lunch and were very impressed by the polite cheery and welcoming female bar staff. The food was well prepared, quick and very competitively priced, and washed down with a pint of excellent Ruddles beer. Highly recommended.

4 Mar 2014 18:25

The Hankridge Arms, Taunton

Called today with the aim of having lunch and wandered through to look at the restaurant seating when a waiter boomed out 'Can I help you sir?' I merely replied that I was looking at the seating to which he very aggressively stormed 'WE ALLOCATE THE SEATING IN HERE!!' Needless to say we walked out, never to return.

4 Mar 2014 18:18

The Walpole Arms, Itteringham

Popped in today (Sunday 29 Dec 13) for a pint when half-way round a walk. We felt a bit as if we were intruding as every table was immaculately laid for Sunday lunch but the friendly staff invited us to sit at a small unlaid table near the roaring woodburner. We enjoyed our excellent Wherry bitter in extreme comfort and were on our way just as the lunchtime throng arrived.

29 Dec 2013 15:33

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

Called in the other week for some refreshing Palmers 'Copper' which was excellent. But since my last visit there's been a change of landlord and a substantial hike in the food prices to restaurant levels. If this format is successful then good luck to them but I can no longer afford to eat there.

27 Jul 2013 16:59

The Otter Inn, Weston

Good food and good value with the 2 for 1 main meals deal. But a fish pie from the specials board was awful, mostly cheese and very little fish but on complaining the full cost was refunded. We will visit again but maybe avoid the specials board. Excellent Otter ales on sale which helped save the day!

10 Jul 2013 12:23

White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney

We visited for lunch the other Sunday but unfortunately it was not up to standard. We later learned that the landlady is leaving in September so maybe that is the reason.

10 Jul 2013 12:19

The Foundry Arms, Northrepps

We called in for a refreshing pint when on a walk and the Woodfordes Wherry bitter went down a treat. Pleasant landlord and friendly customers. The menu looked good and competitively priced but we didn't have time for a meal.

19 Jun 2013 21:09

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

We visited this pub last Sunday and had a superb meal which included fresh mackerel caught that day by the landlord. The local Palmers beer was very good and the service excellent. The pub is very old (sixteenth century) with a pleasant olde worlde atmosphere and immaculate decor, we will be back!

30 May 2012 21:01

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