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The Hen and Chickens, Islington

Good for late night boozing. Good atmosphere. Friendly staff. Got to love it.

19 May 2009 16:29

The Marquess Tavern, Canonbury

Great pub. Really good food and a chilled out place to have a cheeky pint in the sun as we discovered the other day.

19 May 2009 16:27

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Great pub. I work around the corner and have been here a few times. Good food reasonably priced and great beer selection. Top dollar!

20 Feb 2009 16:33

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

Absolutely love this place. The service is still a little slow though the manager told me he's doing some reordering to speed things up soon. I've been going to this pub for a few years now and its come on leaps and bounds. The decor's improved, the beer selection has increased the food is actually pretty damn good. It also helps that the manager seems to have a penchant for hiring fit bar staff which is always a plus. 10 out of 10 for a classic, quirky north london boozer that seems to be going from strength to strength. Hoorah. Oh and thank God they've redone the bogs. They were seriously disgusting before.

20 Feb 2009 16:31

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