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Comments by devilD

The Fox and Crown, Basford

very nice boozer good food good beer and lovely staff one of my fav in Notts

29 Mar 2006 20:15

Hall Park Tavern, Bulwell

been in a few times good food decent staff but no customers oh well never mind

29 Mar 2006 20:11

The Framesmiths Arms, Bulwell

best pub in bulwell...........not hard task

29 Mar 2006 20:06

The Half Moon, Hucknall

not a bad pub full of knob heads in pool side and bouncers seem to kiss there bottoms landlord is deffo on fem side but some stunning girls work there crap ale sticky carpet sort of plastic hole......however thursday night dj is top drawer

29 Mar 2006 20:04

The Plough and Harrow, Hucknall

scots was on the tele as a hard pub hahahahahaha would'nt compete with the plough past and present,,,some of hucknall finest men use this pub and the owner Paul "stutts" Buckland is one of them...his manager is a good bloke and the staff are all top drawer by far my favourite pub in hucknall...never will you find better company on a sat sun dinner oh Anne the landlady is a diamond too

29 Mar 2006 20:00

The Red Lion, Hucknall

well lets start with the staff very friendly staff and top landlord and landlady ,,,,landlady(chrissy i think her name is) always seems to be organising things to entertain the locals ..some are a wee bit smelly but lion lads n lasses on a whole are "proper hucknall folk" lots of dodgy ground workers go in there When do they work?
not been in in the day but nighttime is pretty good and beers pretty cheap too

29 Mar 2006 19:56

The Pilgrim Oak, Hucknall

ahhh the grim oak
not a bad boozer some dodgy folk knockin about in there but a pretty good value for money place, foods not bad and some really pretty bar staff(fem) boring place but well i like it

29 Mar 2006 19:45

The Portland Arms, Hucknall

This pub has was crap then 2 brothers took over and it became good then big Dale took over and it was good for a while but he didn't last very long..disco used to be banging think one of the said brothers stayed on and dj'd. him and Dale often spotted drinking together in hucknall..come on guys get back in the game....wierd looking couple took over for a while they didn't last long some wierd girl had it for a while (hit rock bottom) however the current landlord and landlady seem rather nice and looks to be picking up fair play to them as the portland is a good pub and it's had some cracking regulars over the years

29 Mar 2006 15:26

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