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Comments by deuchyboy

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

Really good old style pub. Décor & island bar Victorian. 5 real ales. Very friendly & service-oriented staff. Have eaten here too & food just fine. WiFi by O2, but free after a fussy registration. Nice atmosphere - we'll be back.

30 Jun 2013 19:42

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Ho hum. 4 good real ales, décor and island bar attractive. Prices touristy. Staff up themselves, and much more interested in important admin tasks and each other, than serving customers. Does no-one understand the importance of looking around you to see who's waiting? Not here anyway. Much better service in the Kenilworth, Ma Scott's & even the Café Royal these days. No WiFi.

30 Jun 2013 19:34

Thomson's, Edinburgh

This is one of the best bars you'll ever visit. The staff (some, mainly male) are able to Multi-task and deal with more than one customer at a time! They are knowledgeable, polite and above all totally focused on serving you, the customer. One room bar, pretty busy, lots of real ale choices. Just up the road from Chop Chop and other good eateries in Dalry Road. WiFi iffy, but what the hell? In my top 5 in Scotland.

30 Jun 2013 18:15

The Ferry Tap, South Queensferry

This is a class pub. Really good beer - always 5 hand pulls including Deuchars. Must be about 100 whiskies. Great staff, led by the lovely Linda. Food is amazingly good value & quality. Free WiFi. Locals friendly and location super. OK so sometimes it's a bit busy with touristy folk, but it's a small price to pay.

26 May 2013 23:00

The Feuars Arms, Kirkcaldy

This is a wonderfully preserved Victorian pub. So many features referred to by other reviewers. Unfortunately the real ale was off on our visit, nevertheless, the landlord was mightily welcoming, locals also. Really worth a visit - don't miss it!

16 Feb 2013 17:34

The Fountain Bar, Edinburgh

This is a really nice pub (gastropub?), with some good real ale choices, free wifi, and in an area of Edinburgh that's on the up. Decor a bit spare, lighting a bit low, clientele a bit yuppified, but all in all a definite yes for me.

25 Jan 2013 17:14

Commercial Inn, Dunfermline

class pub. always 6-8 real ales on the go. knowledgeable and fairly friendly staff. regular clientele. this is a proper pub. i go here often.

9 Jan 2013 17:47

The Barnsley Oak, South Elmsall

We were on our way North & staying at the Travelodge about 3 miles away on the A1. We decided to forgo the delights of the Little Chef & used this website to find somewhere decent & not too far away. The Barnsley Oak fitted the bill perfectly. It's a big pub on a junction, with 3 rooms. The staff were really friendly, the beer (Youngs) good, and the food outstanding value. Really recommend it if you're travelling or local!

3 Jan 2013 09:53

Windmill Inn, Weald

I was a regular in the Windmill from the mid eighties until 2012, and was a visitor before and after these times. While it was always the village pub, it suffered from its internal arrangement (long and thin L-shape), its decor, and from landlords/ladies whose skills varied from very good to dire, and from being tied, originally to Courage, and then to Greene King. This pub is now a free house, extremely well-run by its new owners, Matthew & Emma, offering no fewer than 6 hand-pulled beers (eg Larkins, Goachers) and although I did not eat here on this occasion, there were many happy diners, and our friends who live in Weald Village speak highly of it. The internal arrangements have been improved to the optimum for the awkward shape. The decor is way better than it has ever been, although it is rather 'knick-knack central'. The staff are attentive and helpful. Matthew was much in evidence and pleasingly unobtrusive, though observant. The pub has a good range of ciders, including Tim and Heidi Davies' excellent Chiddingstone Ciders. Worth making a detour off the A21 for the Windmill.

1 Jan 2013 15:07

The Duddingston Arms, Newton

Simply a great little pub. Friendly staff, always 3 hand-pulled beers. Good food and a nice beer garden too.

1 Oct 2012 10:14

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