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The White Hart, Charter Alley

What a difference a few years can make :-(

If you like cliquey groups who actively distrust and make 'drop ins' feel uncomfortably unwelcome then this place is for you.

Food (If you can get it as per previous posts) is NOT vegetarian friendly and seems to contain a lot of "local" i.e. from the woods produce.

Beer choice uninspiring.

24 Mar 2014 17:38

The Savile Arms, Eakring

Popped in for a swift one, ended up having two and at those prices - 1.44 a pint for Sam Smiths OBB who wouldn't! It's keg but was in excellent nick, at a perfect temperature.

Bar staff friendly and welcoming to me, a stranger, as were the small group of locals in the small bar. A few rooms of differing sizes, including a dining area and one with a pool table.

Use these pubs while they're still around, and this one is a treasure!

18 Feb 2010 21:22

The Severn Arms, Penybont

Visited The Severn Arms when the England v Wales 6 Nations match was in full swing. The larger bar was *packed* with supporters of both teams, goodwill evident and much drinking being done in front of an impressively large screen at the far end of the bar.

The 4 staff were very busy but getting everyone served in turn (!) - the smaller bar to the left was empty so we decided to go in there. 4 real ales and usual fizz, tried the Golden Valley Real Ale which was in excellent condition, served well and fairly promptly given the circumstances.

Result for us was 4 excelent pints, better than Wales who lost 30-17 (only just then ;-.> ).

18 Feb 2010 21:18

The White Hart, Charter Alley

Dropped in here recently one Sunday afternoon as we were in the area.

This is one of those pubs where conversation never stops and everyone looks round and welcomes the strangers walking in, including the barman, who made us feel very welcome.

The 4 real ales were in superb condition and realistically priced. We had a superb afternoon, made friends and will certainly be paying many more visits.

1 Feb 2010 20:14

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

Popped in for an early evening drink. 4% real ale at 3.17/pint :-(

All radiators off and rather chilly, although an oil heater in the corridor to the loo made that a more welcoming place that the cold bars and staff.

Warmest thing in the place was the beer.

1 Feb 2010 19:50

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