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The Gullivers, Manchester

This place is one of a kind. Shame they're stopping Maladjusted but it's still a great venue, full of character, and loads of grungy Manc artwork to sink your teeth into. Seems most of our fav music venues are being closed/cancelled in town but it's been nice knowing you Gulli's.

8 May 2012 16:11

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Great little boozer. Went in one sunny afternoon on a stroll. Got a nice selection of Europe's finest on in there. Worth a pint, at least.

8 May 2012 16:09

The Worlds End, Camden

Ok so I'm a Northern Lad, and am preprogrammed to have a dislike for anything Southern, so me voting this pub a 9/10 is ridiculous but it really is that good.

It of course depends when you go in because the last few times I've been the staff where a little arsey; but on the first visit they were really friendly and fun. Had a top bit of banter once actually.

We first walked in on the corner, so thought ... wow what's all the hype about. My friend went to the toilet and returned saying "oh my god" ... I returned ... "what?" ... turns out, what we thought was a quaint little boozer is actually a colossal behemoth of a pub.

We walked through and went and sat in a raised up seating area above the bar; which if you ask me, is trusting folk a little.

Loads of crappy old furniture, fake shop fronts, beers galore, and shed loads of character - my kinda place. Not enough seating though, and the staff can be a little funny, but this place - building alone - gets a 9/10.

8 May 2012 16:02

Corbieres Wine Cavern, Manchester

Awesome pub.
You want character? You want Manchester? Then this is your place.
Great Jukebox, great atmosphere. Can't fault it.
I wish I lived in the center so I could frequent daily.

8 May 2012 15:55

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Fantastic pub.
Shockingly cheap and high quality beer.
Nice and cosy traditional inside, and huge outdoor area for hot sunny days in our City Center.
Right down the road from the Arndale, plenty to see and do nearby.
Awesome pub.

8 May 2012 15:54

The Avenue, Leigh

Not been in myself for ages, but I hear it's a really good pub.
Local boozer of a close friend, who says that Sunday Service (AKA Band Day) is a great afternoon/evening out.
Will be finding out myself very soon, I hope.

8 May 2012 15:52

The Rosehill Tavern, Westhoughton

I agree with "Saleblu" ... typical Joey's, can't complain, recently under new management with huge price drop. Not sure about the new events lineup as owners haven't been in too long.

Great experiences when I've been in pre-Manchester on the train, as the station is a spit away. Ideal for the unpunctual passengers amongst us ;)

8 May 2012 15:46

The Albion, Atherton

Gone - never got the chance to give it a whirl. Heard great things about it's past. It's a shame...

8 May 2012 15:44

The Lion Inn (Little Lion), Atherton

Not a bad little boozer. We only really go a few times a year when there's quite a few of us because it's right at the other side of town.

Usually a pleasant experience.

8 May 2012 15:43

Morgan's, Atherton

Closed, may never reopen, and probably for the best.

8 May 2012 15:41

Atherton Arms, Atherton

Joey Holt's pub so that means cheap cheap cheap! Nice pint too.
Great big rooms; huge pool/snooker room to back with Sky 3D, and big seating area in front with comfy booths and lots of nice wide open space.

Don't really frequent much but it's always been a pleasant experience. Even got a big function room in the back complete with stage and if I remember correctly; Air Conditioning.

Great pub. Great Prices. Can't Complain :)

8 May 2012 15:41

The Mountain Dew, Atherton

Good night on Jam night (Thursdays), but probably best off holding off for the Jolly Nailor's Jam night on Sundays. Me and my mate went in one tea time and it wasn't 5 mins before we had someone come over hassling us. I think that was a Tuesday.

Nicely redecorated but falling into disrepair, and not the friendliest of clientele.

8 May 2012 15:38

Punch Bowl, Atherton

Recently re-opened after it had been boarded up for a while. Maybe 6 months or so.

Brand new decor, great looking place, very well kept. Can't remember the real ale content of the place but it's got a decent space inside, I vaguely remember a bose sound system which is always a good move. Nice little cushty football room, with drinks offers and comfy seats. Darts and pool rooms both really well done.

All round great pub. Not been open too long so not got to know the owners, but from what I've seen of them they're really friendly.

Attracted a mixed crowd which makes for a brilliant atmosphere whatever your age. Events on weekly. Definitely worth a look in.

Not sure about the food supply, but there's always 'The Med' chippy a stones throw away if you're hungry.

8 May 2012 15:35

The Wheatsheaf, Atherton

No longer Wheatsheaf - see Old Isaacs, Atherton review.

8 May 2012 15:32

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Once a derelict wreck from a bit of bad townsmanship, now a thriving, bustling, busy pub in the heart of town. Prime spot, smack in the middle of Market Street. One of the best landladies in town.

Allgates beer by the dozen, well kept, and very friendly atmosphere.

Recently repaired and decorated. Live music every weekend, all weekend. Now owned by the landlady that made Old Isaacs what it was.

Not sure if they do food, but they have a kitchen so it's a likely possibility,

Definitely up there with The Pendle Witch for the best pubs in Athy, probably a dead heat for 1st place.

8 May 2012 15:31

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Excellent boozer.

Full of top class ales, always friendly atmosphere, and the landlady is really generous and welcoming; always bobbing round with free snacks and things, which makes newcomers feel really part of it. Backed by Moorhouses so it's obvious why it's packed with tip top ale.

A little hidden away from Atherton's main drag; tucked away in a neat little alleyway besides a takeaway (which is also handy), makes it a nice quaint little spot.

Brilliant place, really looks after it's ale too. Very well decorated, and kept in tip top condition. Also... not a bad jukebox.

Puts on events nearly every week (possibly every week I'm not 100%), great food, great offers. Probably one of the best in town.

8 May 2012 15:26

Old Isaacs, Atherton

Used to be a top class pub when Mary was behind the wheel.
Been in lately and the place seems to have attracted a rather different crowd from what was once there.
Seems a little in disrepair, and if you go in on a bad night, it's obvious why.
Shame for the old place.

8 May 2012 15:20

Letters Inn, Atherton

Not really been in much lately.
Was once a great boozer.
Probably feeling the squeeze from the Punch Bowl across the road.
However it did used to be a top spot boozer.

8 May 2012 15:18

The Royal Inn, Atherton

Top pub.
Beer isn't fantastic if you're not into bitter, but it's a great atmosphere on busy nights. Full of characters, and Karaoke every Friday and Sunday.
Landlady is class, proper old school, not bothered about staying open as late as her license permits, which is unheard of in the area.
Small beer garden on the front, and little smoking yard at the back.
Food's pretty good too.
An all round decent pub.

8 May 2012 15:16

The Talbot, Atherton

Nice Modern Pub, built on the edge of a new housing estate.
Not much time served character, and a little pricey (but in line with area), normally at least 2 cask ales on the pumps, and food's not bad.
Decent outdoor seating area and smoking area with great view over fields.
Top on a sunny afternoon because it's gets busy and it creates a great atmosphere.

8 May 2012 15:13

The Bull and Butcher, Westleigh

Great little pub, and very low priced as well.
Massive Beer Garden, with plenty seating, and half decent views, so it's great on a sunny day.
They welcome dogs also, so that's a bonus.
I've heard good things about the food, although have never eaten there myself.

8 May 2012 15:08

The Masons Arms, Atherton

My Local.

Full of characters, usually two guest cask ales on, and some bands every now and again.

Nice little pub.

8 May 2012 15:07

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