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The Albion, Ampthill

Another award for a great British pub with top landlord and staff and great quality beers cider and wines.

4 Jun 2013 17:37

Crown, Houghton Regis

Closed from 1/6/2013 was up for sale but no offers as its grade 2 listed building I doubt it will open for while.

4 Jun 2013 17:34

The Globe, Dunstable

Visted on Saturday lunch time friendly welcome from young barmaid nice warm log fire and great guest ales nice to see a good Diesel Stout in good form as for B&T beers they real fade in comparison to the 6 or so guest ales in flavour.
Well done Globe much improved even ceiling has been repaired just needs a good pub sign and maybe a cauldron to go with the witches broomstick to work her spells on skinflints at B&T brewery.

27 Jan 2013 13:33

The Globe, Dunstable

Love the New rustic ceiling look above the bar,paper peeling off in large patches the brewery should put there hands in there pocket and have it all removed and painted its only been a year and still no pub sign,makes me think that B&T are either creaming it or going bust.

23 Jul 2012 21:14

The Grove Lock, Grove

Ordered a 12oz steak it arrived 4oz light and over cooked small size portion told table staff and they told me steak was 12oz before being cooked amazing, staff and manerment must have gone to the Basil Fawlty training school,emailed Fullers no replay so I will avoid there pubs and take my customer elsewhere

23 Jul 2012 20:49

The Swan Hotel, Leighton Buzzard

Good range of beer and food service was good if you do have to wait I think its down to being cheap and popular with young family's and older generation you will not find your lager louts however they be up the road in lintern tree.

23 Jul 2012 20:39

The Globe Inn, Linslade

Greene king pub with no guest ales any more all there pump clips have other brewery names on them but Greene king bought them and now brew them in there own brewery.
Great location on canal food average, staff friendly.

23 Jul 2012 20:28

The Five Bells, Stanbridge

I did have a meal here a couple years ago and found food average but over priced went back today (23/7/2012)to see if food prices had changed,
First thing it's a Fullers of London owned pub so only there beers,I was amazed to charged �3:80 for a pint of 4:5 % beer other lower strength beers �3:65 so declined eating there.
Monday between 7pm- 10pm half price on food but you should book and confirm offer.
Building it self has lots of character and you pay a premium to eat and drink there.

23 Jul 2012 20:19

Red Lion, Marsworth

Nice looking pub inside and out beer quality was good with 4 different real ales to chioce from,the only downside was alastian dog that wonders around off the lead anoying me and my yorskshire terrier which was on the lead ,also got agressive when we left.

16 Apr 2012 20:39

The Red Lion, Bletchley

Canel side pub Nice friendly landlord / landlady good range of beers two real ales on rotation good for away supporters visiting MK Dons. Sky sports tv ,pool table and good outside covered area for summer use.

9 Apr 2012 13:10

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Now in final for national pub of year good luck

26 Nov 2011 12:32

The Albion, Ampthill

Saturday spent at globe last weekend 5 out 10 this weekend Banks and Taylor's Albion at ampthill 9 out 10 the difference bright and clean great range and quality beers friendly staff and a landlord that comes round and talks to his customers.
Well done all at the alblion you be getting my vote for pub of the year.

30 Oct 2011 18:09

The Globe, Dunstable

Saturday spent at globe last weekend 5 out 10 this weekend Banks and Taylor's Albion at ampthill 9 out 10 the difference bright and clean great range and quality beers friendly staff and a landlord that comes round and talks to his customers.

30 Oct 2011 17:55

The Gary Cooper, Dunstable

Cider festival on at moment beer good to good mix of people must be one off the best spoons county.

24 Jul 2011 20:20

The Globe, Dunstable

This is my last post on this subject,
BT have been sent emails by myself regarding beer quality and not about anything else but with no response what so ever.
And if wondering why am so passionate about beer its simple am a craft brewer and I like to think I no when a pint is warm,cloudy not full conditioned.
So myself and my wife have taken are customer 90% time to another pub which did not go unnoticed by Mo and in fairness to her she did ask me why, but sad to say I really did not want to get into debate all wanted was quiet drink with fiends.

10 Jul 2011 07:57

The Globe, Dunstable

ironside33 has been registered on this site since 7th July 2011.

Have you got any issues with what I have posted feel free to approach me in pub for adult discussion.
I was told today 2ND bar staff member has resigned due to problems with Maureen perhaps you could tell me is it true and why two in so many weeks has resigned.

davidregis has been registered on this site since 28th December 2007

9 Jul 2011 19:05

The Globe, Dunstable

mark56 You might like drinking warm beer I dont BT tried to fix the cooling unit but still in warm weather poor results,And from what I have been told BT have stepped in before in regards the running of the pub.There is no boycott stop being over dramatic just a couple ex-regulars and a few unhappy regulars for one reason or another.
Its very clear your a friend off Mo and are defending her that's fine, but dont criticise others for having a opinion who is being childish.
It was always going to hard act to follow after Mel and BT maybe could have done a better job helping Mo.
Am not interested about internal politics just good friendly pub with quality beer but I hear so much negative comments about both issues its hard to ignore.

7 Jul 2011 19:02

The Globe, Dunstable

What has happened to the beer quality warm at times and when we get hot weather undrinkable and prices are expensive for a back street pub .
Last beer festival was a waste of time I tried one beer out of fifty to find it lukewarm so I went for beers at the bar which little cooler.
Manageress and bar staff are friendly and getting served not a problem but from looking at amount customer's I would say there losing them.
The novelty factor of having so many hand pumps has worn off quality and reasonable prices might make me go back.
Sad to see Mels(ex manger deceased) hard work building CAMRA listed local pub of the year going down the pan.
The owners should look at there ampthill pub to see how it could be.

31 May 2011 18:46

The Gary Cooper, Dunstable

the best spoons I have used breakfast are good real ale festivals are excellent now they got the temperature right was little over chilled , only problem is getting served when busy but then your paying �2.25 for pint its worth the wait.
Christmas time Real ale quality can go due to how busy they get.

31 May 2011 18:26

Chequers, Houghton Regis

All real ale hand pumps are off only guinness, lagers and odd bottle speckled hen available still food was quick and value for money.

31 May 2011 18:19

Clovelly Bay Inn, Plymouth

Parking can be hard to find I would recommend parking at the top of the hill only short 2 minute walk down to pub were you cannot miss the bright yellow paint work outside the pub on first corner at the bottom of the hill.
On entering you find a warm welcome and four real ale hand pumps also Skinners larger, becks etc.Beer quality was excellent and easy to see why its local CAMRA pub of the year which it took from THE BORINGDON ARMS only 100 yards away.
Local reared and grown food was excellent and I would recommend booking for weekends we tried Sunday night with no tables free we went back on bank holiday Monday,the sirloin steak was one best I have had for along time and worth �16 the only criticism was at �5.95 desert was little over priced and small portion.
Over all I we were happy and will be going back to both pubs.

31 May 2011 18:14

Crown, Houghton Regis

no real ales food was bad staff where rude locals look for fight was why would anyone go there is beyond me use to be great pub until the new owners went for a younger crowd.

28 Dec 2007 18:47

Chequers, Houghton Regis

now a hungry horse food cheap and I found ok.on my third visit beer was cloudy changed for another ale to find that cloudy to spoke to manager given another ale which yes was cloudy! and had yeast floating around.went for a Guinness and charged the extra for it what a cheek! spent more time at the bar than eating there food.service was good thanks there young staff hope they can keep them.
over all no happy will not be going back to green king owned pub more like a fast-food place that sells beer.

28 Dec 2007 18:38

The Victoria, Dunstable

The Victoria is a small one bar pub, just off the town centre. There is a atmosphere,Heavily into traditional pub games and sports.can get very busy due to great prices just over local prices has local compertion from globe when comes to beer globe wins for me.
has beer festivals dont like waiting at the bar to buy a ticket then going outside and queing for a pint in all weathers then trying to find your company again in the main bar.

28 Dec 2007 18:21

The Globe, Dunstable

A great British pub great beer choice friendly landlord and music no food thank goodness just a great mix of people which makes a change. if you want food try some forty different restaurants/takeaways within walking distance from globe
Real Ale with 12 ales being available at all times as well as our wide range of Belgian and European beers such as Leffe and Hoegardden. You will also find a wide choice of Spirits, Single Malt Whiskey and wine.
well done banks and taylor.

28 Dec 2007 18:02

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