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Comments by davidmurray

The Stanley Hotel, Burnley

Second review of the Stanley.

Effing Steve has been surpassed in the subtle arts of swearing by a certain Derek.

Card school now in full flow on Mondays,Fridays and Thursdays in the back room.

Moorhouse's Premier still on and still the best pint in the area.
Now has guest beer changing regularly, currently Theakston's black sheep, all beers reasonably priced.

13 Feb 2007 20:02

The Stanley Hotel, Burnley

A local boozer frequented by people who appreciate the finer art of swearing.
One night a certain gentleman called Steve swore for 93 seconds without repeating himself.
Really good cask beer (Moorhouse's brewed in Burnley and the cheapest pint in the pub and the best in the area)
Sky Sports in the back room, never crowded and always available.
Could do with a major redecoration and revamp, but why spoil it.

5 Oct 2005 21:52

The Woodman Inn, Burnley

Once a pub frequented by people of a certain age who liked good beer, good company and good conversation.
Now frequented by people with base ball caps and trackie bottoms, who only know adjectives beginning with F and ending with ing.
Sadly loud music dominates Thursday and Friday nights, with the last few hardy regulars cowering in the games room, trying to escape the decibels.
Food available during the day and very good by all accounts.
PS Turn the telly off in the main room when nobody is watching it and conversation is impossible, due to the volume.
Apart from the faint criticism above, a wonderful pub with great architectural merit.

5 Oct 2005 21:45

The Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree

Surprisingly good cask beer (Butcombe) for a southern pub.
Excellent restaurant not too expensive.
Does get some local loony type chavs as customers, but not too noisy.
Large gardens, pleasant in summer.
Music sometimes too loud.

5 Oct 2005 21:35

The Bridge Bier Huis, Burnley

The Bridge is one of two pubs in the centre of Burnley worth a visit.
Real ale always available, and varies week by week.
Continental draught lagers and a load of bottled lager and beers available.
Hydes Anvil seems to be regular.
Good lunch time food.
Occasional live music at weekends.

5 Oct 2005 21:24

The Ministry of Ale, Burnley

An oasis in Burnley's desert of rubbish pubs.
Real ale brewed on the premises.
At least three guest real ales available.
Monday nights all cask ale �1.25
One small television Sky Sports, no loud music.
Not much swearing (You could take your mother)
Occasional art displays and photographic exhibitions.
Dont tell anybody or it will be spoilt.

5 Oct 2005 21:18

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