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Comments by daveb62

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Went there for the first time and liked it though crowded on a Friday night.
Got served easily and staff were on the lookout for people waiting, so good.

Again as already said, the mens toilets are a disgrace, it reeks of urine and they look like they came out of the ark, also no signs telling the men or woman doors apart!!

Would go back because of the overall good atmosphere though load as packed..

8 Mar 2009 22:09

Slug and Lettuce, Canary Wharf

Went here last year and the bar staff are crap, do they teach them what service is|?

Heineken at 4.50 a pint, is just taking the pee...

I would not go here unless forced to and they were paying..

15 Aug 2008 00:32

The City Pride, Isle of Dogs

Been here a lot as it is local to work, after the Heron closed. Emma behind the bar is great, very friendly and works hard(no relation). The beer is ok, but mostly lagers, so only John Smiths or Guinness, but it will be gone next year as mentioned already.

15 Aug 2008 00:26

Jamie's, Canary Wharf

Went here last night for a leaving do, and like most pubs in the area they will reserve an area for your party.

I like it but last night the had no John Smiths and as that is the only bitter, I was stumpted as I don't really drink lager these days. So I had a pint of Guinness instead and it was good, 3.50 which is a lot cheaper than I was expecting.

I would recommend it, though it was full of suits and they get a bit rowdy later on.

Went to the toilet and saw that one urinal had a lump broken off at the front, never seen that before, so who knows what did that.

The view is great and relaxing so go there.

15 Aug 2008 00:20

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