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Comments by dancegirly

Tiger Tiger, Manchester

this is a great place. we go on mondays, student night, and so the prices are fairly good. has good music and several bars with 3 or 4 floors but gets rather busy.

1 Mar 2005 22:36

Modo, Liverpool

my favourite bar in concert square. Bar gets very busy however at weekends so it can be difficult to get served (not helped by the fact that the bar opens outside as well as in. has lots of comfy booths upstairs and a good dancfloor downstairs with funky house.

1 Mar 2005 22:27

The Blue Bar and Grill, Liverpool

really nice bar at albert docks so not particularly cheap but worth it for quiet drinks. also has a great restaurant upstairs

1 Mar 2005 22:23

Baa Bar, Liverpool

right near concert square and does an amazing range of shots. you have to go there at least once

1 Mar 2005 22:20

Yates's, Liverpool

Only been once on a friday night before moving onto concert sq. had great drinks offers and really nice bar staff. i dont usually like yates but had a good time at this one

1 Mar 2005 22:16

Walkabout, Liverpool

we used to go to walkabout all the time until recently when more bars started opening in concert sq. Great friendly atmosphere in my opinion, and sometimes has good drinks offers

1 Mar 2005 22:15

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