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Comments by damionmac

The Old Millstone, Macclesfield

Never been disapointed with this place. Great bunch of regulars in here...

5 Mar 2005 15:23

The White Lion, Macclesfield

Has the bar moved? It looks different.Or is it just that the big old till isnt there.I feel old! I remember when this was the place to go.Not anymore!!

5 Mar 2005 15:19

Kusch Bar, Macclesfield

Not bad....quite cool infact. Nice sofa!

5 Mar 2005 15:16

The Prince of Wales, Macclesfield

I couldnt find the jukebox, but to be honest my time and money would have been wasted. It was a joy to sit and enjoy the random delights that were playing.I never thought I would hear Bongwater, the theme from Rentaghost and a whole load of other songs I had forgotten about.
Music aside...I cant rave enough about this place.Staff,Beer,Fishtank in the gents....all fantastic.The most individual pub in Macclesfield. I left feeling inspired and full of hope. Macc isnt that bad at all!

5 Mar 2005 15:14

The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield

much better than before....this pub can never fail because you can see the train station from the window....hope springs eternal! There is a way out!

5 Mar 2005 15:00

The Lounge, Macclesfield

No two nights are the same client wise....well, they are but random cycles. One Saturday night the average age is about 15.....The next Saturday night its 35..... Good enough though. Just wish the music was in sync with the video screen. Highly annoying

5 Mar 2005 14:58

Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield

A good spot if you are out to pick up one of the towns many single teenage mothers! Nah, only kidding....I should be so lucky!! Only been three times, fights were going on on all 3 occasions so I just walk on past now.Im sure the prices kept going up as well....unless the staff are on the rob!!

5 Mar 2005 14:54

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