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The Ship, Rotherhithe

Went there for the first time after popping over to the Mayflower where it was so full of gangs of men and everyone standing up and no seating. Now, the Ship is so much better:-

1) Cosy
2) Warm
3) Spacious
4) Nice atmosphere
5) Friendly staff
6) Nice historic pictures
7) Relaxing music
8) Quiet, but not dead. It has the feel of a country pub., where you can listen to friends and do your own thing, like read a book, play a game or just chat. Other pubs are so noisy, you can hardly hear your friends think. The music isn't so loud to be a nuisance
9)They promote new soft drinks like hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream, which is really nice for the winter and they serve mulled wine. Clientele tend to be women and couples and mature friends. They don't take credit card, but that is fine, it stops load of yobs coming to the pub and getting smashed. It has a nice civilised atmosphere. It is worth paying a little more to 'get rid of the overdrinking dross!

18 Jan 2013 23:17

The Queen Victoria, Bermondsey

Was new to the pub and one of the customers was extremely rude to me and the bar manager didn't kick him out.. I wouldn't go back.My friend was also disgusted.

24 Jun 2012 22:23

The Cricketers, Canterbury

Didn't want to go in there at first as the colour of the pub looked naff (who on earth chose mustard?). Bright white would be a lot fresher.

Anyway we went in because it looked more like a traditional pub as opposed to a naff themed one and were pleasantly surprised. It was nice and dark and cosy.

There was a bookshelf (proceeds would go towards Demelza House, which was nice and ethical). I always like pubs that have books in, and you can take them out, not just there for show. I noticed the games in the window which encouraged me to go into the pub. It also has old fashioned traditional games like shove ha'penny. I was looking for a pub that is fun in a traditional way and community focused. We had a nice cider. I think reviewers who go round bitching behind staff's backs are cowards. They were absolutely fine. I went out with a student from the University and trust me, not all students want to vomit and trash the place!

I'd definitely go back again 'as a regular', and hope to play some board games there (and chess), at least it keeps my middleaged student friend out of trouble!

13 Sep 2011 14:53

The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury

I was attracted to the architecture of the building, it is very attractive. I was pleased that traditional local cider Old Rosie was available, something I never heard of. I would like to go back to try some other traditional drinks. I would like it if more pubs sold soft drinks like teas and coffees, and am not sure they do that here. I wasn't aware of any local bar snacks, other than the mainstream crisps. I didn't see the pub stock any local crisps such as Kent Crisps. It was quite old and dark which was quite cosy. It would be nice to have a wall with some books to have a look at or some newspapers. Maybe there were some but I couldn't remember seeing any. It had a very masculine feel, which was slightly uncomfortable. It is not the sort of place a woman would want to go on her own. I would definitely go back to try out more local ciders.

13 Sep 2011 11:58

The White Rock, Underriver

Overpriced: 8.95 for a small salad and dish of macaroni cheese. Returned the meal back. I just couldn't believe they charged that much. Chips and veg weren't included. It was like a child's meal. I am just not one of these people who eat and put up with it. I would rather not have anything. They only offered 1 refund. Eventually, I got a full refund. I wonder if I am the only customer who ever had! The manager said that he has had no complaints about the prices before.

Another person wanted a refund there too.

Some people were happy but then they have had had more on their plate.

There were no cycle racks. I felt immediately unwelcome.

Nice location but it has so much potential. I think it should be more friendly. One nice barman though.

11 Jul 2010 15:58

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