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Comments by crunchiespint

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

How a pub should be with the added bonus of great Thai food.

6 Jan 2013 23:05

Prince of Wales, Hampton Court

Nice pub Good Beer & Food.

6 Jan 2013 23:00

The Windmill, Hampton

Pitstop pub great for a swift DustBuster or two on the way home .

6 Jan 2013 22:57

The Court Jester, Hampton

Great for a quaffing a swift pint while supposedly shopping new door !

6 Jan 2013 22:53

The Red Lion, Teddington

Great Beer , Great Food especially the Roast & great service.

6 Jan 2013 22:36

The Red Lion, Teddington

great family pub one to visit this summer, friendly staff & good beer.

1 Mar 2008 15:56

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