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Comments by cornish_alfredo

The Cross Keys, Chelsea

nice enough, if a little bland. genial irish barman and friendly enough place but the front room lacks a little character. the dining area to the rear has a fine retractable roof but the room itself rather resembles a superior staff canteen. usual selection of awful eurofizz on tap and only 2 bitters. ok but no better.

9 Sep 2011 09:38

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

visited last night. won't be going back again. was thinking of booking it for a celebration, glad we visited before doing so. bar is very nice though selection of beers is poor in the extreme - couple of token bitters and the usual rubbish lagers. the service was dreadful. the surly youth of a barman needed to learn some manners. the 2 people who showed us to own table to eat need to learn to a) make their customers feel welcome and b) learn not to throw the menus and wine list into their laps with a haughty air of indifference. we walked out without eating. in short, avoid if you like beer and old fashioned common courtesy.

9 Sep 2011 09:04

The Smoke Bar And Diner, Tooting

cool interior, nice bar. just wish they had more beers than the usual identical shitey lagers. not one bitter, ale, belgian or wheat beer. what's going on there? good screens for sports and nice cubby holes.

15 Jul 2010 16:51

The Antelope, Tooting

welcome addition to tooting. cavernous pub with a heartening selection of proper beers. fresh sausage rolls too! knowingly "cool" distressed interior but still looks and feels like a proper pub. bar small and understaffed so service can be slow. a few too many clapham escapees and nathan barleys for my taste but you can't have everything.

15 Jul 2010 16:47

Hideaway, South Wimbledon

a nice wee place serving a wide variety of belgian-style beers and new world ales all heartingly served in the correct glass! some of the regulars can be a bit odd and has the feel of a continental bar rather than a pub which might put off some. possibly a bit overpriced but all in all a nice place to retire after a bad day at the office.

15 Jul 2010 16:39

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

great beers, lovely staff, warm welcome. often pop along for the "old man" jazz on a sunday arvo. great place to stop off, read the papers and tuck into the wide variety of real ale. charming nelson-themed decor, looks like a pub should! only downer is that it's so small. brilliant place.

15 Jul 2010 16:30

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

a hidden gem serving god's own brew, summer lightning. the interior is seriously dated and the staff initially aren't the most welcoming but its charms grow on you. regulars are a friendly bunch though the pub dog is much missed. swing by here after jazz at the traf freehouse on a sunday arvo. best pub in wimbledon? possibly only the traf tops it.

15 Jul 2010 16:27

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

a great pub garden sadly let down by the pub itself. seriously tatty interior not helped by the miserable selection of beers. if you like 6 identical tasting eurofizz lagers then this is the place for you; if you have anything resembling a palate then avoid like the plague. overpriced and staff aren't much cop either. this place could clean up if someone actually gave a toss.

15 Jul 2010 16:22

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