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Comments by colmc

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Yes this is a good pub. but not the best in Surrey as its not in Surrey but Greater London.

2 Mar 2018 12:35

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Strange, no reviews for over a year then 2 glowing reviews in as many days.

3 Feb 2017 13:46

The Six Bells, Brentford

Perhaps specialimport is the new management.

30 Oct 2016 20:10

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

We have been drinking in The Sultan since it opened as a Hopback pub. On Saturday we made one of our regular but infrequent visits ( 1 1/2hr journey ). In the left hand bar, which has always been the quiet bar, canned music was playing. On asking at the bar if could be turned off, to facilitate conversation, the new manager told us that it had been decided to play music in both bars on Fridays & Saturdays after consulting regulars. However for most of our visit we were the only customers in that bar and very few in the other bar. Where were the regulars who wanted the music.
For our first round we were served pints of cloudy end of barrel GFB. This was changed at our request , without fuss, but should have been noticed by the bar man. The beer quality was not as good as previous managers. We left early to go elsewhere and will not be returning for any more visits

9 Dec 2015 12:28

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

I can only agree with Mark888 why waste your thirst drinking the sweet bland Doombar when there are so many fantastic small brewers beers available.
Sparton seems to think that he is the only one entitled to an opinion which in my book makes him the bigot and of his 4 previous comments 3 are negative, very sad man indeed.

18 Jun 2015 18:24

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

dont take any notice of bees4evva reports as he has posted similar reviews on many pubs locally.
the Brewery Tap is a fine traditioal pub serving well kept ales.
music on most nights, the free jazz on tues & thurs is very good.

22 May 2013 13:01

Trevor Arms, Glynde

The sale to the licensees of the Snowdrop fell through after a survey showed remedial work costing 250K was needed. Did Harvey's not know this when offering the pub?. Shame as the Snowdrop people offer excellent real ales and food.

7 Mar 2011 10:16

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