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Comments by cokeinabottle

The Bell, Reigate

Really like it here and the new look hasn't spoilt it. A good genuine welcome at the bar and has an atmosphere for groups or for a quiet drink. A little bit manic at midweek lunchtimes so go in the evening.

28 Oct 2007 15:08

The Venture Inn, Reigate

We're lucky to have this place in Reigate. The range of drinks are all great brands- wine, real ale, lager and soft drinks. Not cheap but I did an 'ale sampling' crawl a while back and it was the best qaulity that day. Thai food doesn't disappoint, but only bowls you over on the heat of some of the sauces... One improvement? Doesn't feel like a friendly local. I'm a local and perhaps not friendly myself but it's up to the staff to say hello to me or the wife, (we can drink in silence at home).

7 Oct 2007 18:41

The Harrow Inn, Warlingham

have been to the harrow a number of times and what strikes me most is the inconsistency. First time was the wait at the bar, second the wait for food, third the teenage staff gossiping and not serving. Today was the worst. Truly tasteless food, I suggest you avoid the Sunday Roasts- but this totally out of character from previous visits and the standard menu. The staff and manager did all the right things to try to recover it and the menu choices and the quality of(soft) drinks were great... but never has the need for a consistent team performance been so clear. Come on Harrow, sort it out.

7 Oct 2007 18:30

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