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The Crown Inn, Pulham Market

We visited this lovely old pub today when half-way round a walk. There's a sign at the door saying 'Muddy boots welcome' and the staff were also welcoming. The interior is charming with a gorgeous fireplace and roaring fire and we had a pint of Norfolk Brewery 'Grain' which was delightful. We didn't eat but looking at the menu and the large number of diners they must be doing a lot right!

15 Feb 2015 15:08

The Gamekeeper, Charminster

Called for a drink and meal yesterday, a gastro pub with a very clinical looking interior, not what could be called cozy. Food ok but expensive as is to be expected in a gastro. A soda and lime was £2.25, the other day in the Hare and Hounds at Sidbury it was 65p and in a Norfolk pub when on holiday it was £1.

9 Oct 2014 17:45

The Belgian Monk, Norwich

First visit today. Amazing selection of Belgian beers and I had a cherry fruit beer, 4.5%, served nice and cold - all beers are sold by the half pint at almost the cost of a pint in a regular pub. A huge menu choice with plenty of vegetarian options. Service good, portions ample and food nice.

26 Jul 2014 20:38

The White Horse, Brancaster Staithe

We visited for a refreshing pint whilst on the coastal walk and were not disappointed. We sat in the immaculate front bar and enjoyed some excellent Wherry bitter but as we were on a long walk we didn't stay to eat but plan to return for that in due course.

28 Jun 2014 18:53

The Bridge Inn, Acle

A nice riverside family pub/eatery with welcoming staff, we called in for a pint about half way round a 7 mile walk and excellent Wherry and Adnams beers were available which helped us on our way!

6 Apr 2014 20:39

The Globe, Shotesham

This is a really charming village pub with a friendly welcoming landlord which we regularly visit when walking in the area. Excellent Adnams and Greene King beers are available competitively priced, as well as others. The bar food is to my mind superb with generous portions very well presented at reasonable prices. There's also a small restaurant for dining. One of my favourite pubs.

4 Feb 2014 21:42

The New Inn, Beaminster

We called at this pub for lunch but discovered it is closed on Mondays! And in peak season in a popular tourist area! Duh!

13 Aug 2013 14:20

The Half Moon, Melplash

Called at this pub yesterday for lunch but it is closed on Mondays! And this is peak season in a very popular tourist area! Then people wonder why pubs close through lack of business!

13 Aug 2013 14:14

The Greyhound, Beaminster

Visited this pub yesterday after trying two others (both of which were closed on Mondays!) and was impressed. Excellent good value food and excellent Palmers beers.

13 Aug 2013 14:12

Kings Head Hotel, Hoveton

Called in today with a friend for a pint, and a couple of excellent real ales were on sale so opted for a pint of each totalling £6.35. The young barmaid needs to learn how to smile and the gents are long overdue for a lick of emulsion, apart from that everything was ok.

30 Dec 2012 16:00

Recruiting Sergeant, Horstead

Called in today for a pint of Adnams and a pint of Wherry which was served by pleasant young bar staff. We didn't eat there but had a look at the menu which was delicious - this is a gastro pub so don't expect a budget meal but a quality meal priced accordingly.

22 Sep 2012 17:01

The Drax Arms, Bere Regis

Visited at 1.15pm on a Thursday, the bar staff were pleasant and we ordered two glasses of wine and food. The food finally arrived 40 minutes later after two chase-ups - the young man on the bar apologised and offered us drinks on the house. He said the reason for the delay was that 'they all arrived at once just before you', the 'they' being 7 other diners. But once it came the food was superb and extremely good value, so based on our experience we can recommend this pub if you are not in a hurry!

30 Aug 2012 18:42

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

This pub is now called The Lime Tree and we called last week for lunch and it was superb. Very friendly and cheerful staff, very good value excellent quality food and a selection of real ales. We can thoroughly recommend this pub and will definitely be back.

25 Aug 2012 07:40

Tremenheere, Penzance

Excellent range of local beers at very competitive prices, pleasant atmosphere and good value snack food. Even the internal pub signs were in both English and Cornish!

30 May 2012 20:54

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

Popped in for a pint on a sweltering day - a nice old pub with a pleasant atmosphere, friendly bar staff and decent beers but pricey being in a tourist hot-spot - 6.80 for a pint of Sharps and a pint of bitter shandy.

25 May 2012 20:26

White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney

Visited this pub last week and had some excellent Palmers beer but at 6.70 for two pints it was the most expensive beer I've bought to date at a country pub anywhere. The food may seem a bit pricey but is on a par with top restaurant quality, however the pub interior is rather basic and couldn't be described as olde worlde.

23 May 2012 21:21

The Chequers Inn, Thompson

Visited this lovely thatched olde worlde pub today and received a very warm and polite welcome from the barman and an excellent Greene King beer followed by a superb bar meal - the home-made raspberry cheesecake was stunning. Mind your head on the low beams!

22 Apr 2012 17:19

Bull Inn, Dorchester

Called at this pub for a pint and the person behind the bar looked at me as if I was a piece of dirt, no greeting, tossed her head into the air in a gesture which presumably meant what do you want. Three of the draught beers were unavailable but my pint of Ringwood Best Bitter was fine. Continuous booming music playing and the menu specialised in steaks, you could have a 36oz steak meal for 29.50, the mind boggles.

6 Apr 2012 19:20

The Hankridge Arms, Taunton

Good food but a bit pricey no doubt reflecting the expense account clientele from the nearby business park. Our waiter was extremely aggressive, when asked what the choice was on the two courses for 10 he boomed 'Nothing sir, its not available today!' So why was it on the menu? He later reached to clear a colleagues plate well before he had finished his meal as if to get us out. I later discovered he was the landlord! Plenty of other pubs around is all I can say!

12 Dec 2011 16:53

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

Visited today, the beer and food were fine and the staff polite and efficient, and a nice'olde worlde' decor. Not sure about dogs being allowed into what is in effect a restaurant, but they were well behaved until another dog came in and all hell broke loose and the 'new dog' was quickly taken out again by its owner. An ideal pub for those with dogs! My rating would have been higher were it not for the dogs.

18 Nov 2011 16:41

Robin Hood, Sheringham

Nice pub but when we visited on 18th September they had ran out of all the real ales! Only John Smiths bitter on sale - they need to get their ordering under control!

27 Sep 2011 19:16

The Knowle Hotel, Knowle

Called at this pub whilst in the area and it was really grim! The barman or landlord (couldn't say which) was most unwelcoming and and gave the clear impression that customers were an inconvenience, and how dare they interrupt him to order a drink whilst he is chatting to his mates! But pub was quite busy with locals - maybe after you've been a drinker there for about 10 years you might get a better welcome. The beer garden is weed-infested and surrounded by high walls giving the impression of a prison exercise yard!! Won't be going there again - ever!

22 Aug 2011 15:18

The Greyhound, Tibenham

Called in at the Greyhound following a walk and enjoyed a pint of Adnams bitter. The pub is very olde worlde with small bar areas and a limited menu but our meal was excellent and good value with spot-on service from cheery staff. We will visit again.

30 Jun 2011 16:19

Lugger Inn, Polruan

Old unspoilt pub with decent good value beer. Didn't eat there though, probably just as well after reading some of the comments!

10 Jun 2011 18:51

The Rashleigh Inn, Polkerris

Amazing location but also amazing beer prices, the most expensive beer I've ever encountered to date, including most London pubs! Didn't try the food so unable to comment.

10 Jun 2011 18:49

The Railway Hotel, Wymondham

Average pub with no character, average food, average staff but decent Adnams beer.

29 May 2011 16:47

The Worlds End, Bradford On Tone

I had lunch here yesterday and was impressed by the decor, the excellent pub food and polite efficient staff. The establishment was bought by brewers Hall and Woodhouse a few years ago and completely refurbished with a spacious pleasant interior. I'll definitely return!

12 May 2011 16:34

The Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewett

Called in for a pint of excellent Butcombe beer yesterday and was pleasantly surprised it was under 3 at 2.90. Unfortunately we didn't have time to eat there but will return as the menu looked very appetising and competitively priced.

4 May 2011 09:37

The George Inn, Portland

Visited this pub for lunch on Good Friday and had a warm welcome and an excellent value bar meal (main course 7). Our visit coincided with their Easter Beer Festival and there was a huge choice of real ales with everything at 2.50 a pint.

26 Apr 2011 16:29

The New Inn, Shipton Gorge

Visited this pub today for lunch and received a warm and cheerful welcome from the landlord who is everything a landlord should be. The food was excellent but pricey for a bar meal. For good value pub grub take a drive to Portland where prices are appreciably lower.

26 Apr 2011 16:20

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Visited on Sunday afternoon 13th Feb with a special friend and had a pint or three of Sunrise, a lovely light coloured beer with a nice tang. The pub had a nice atmosphere and the bar staff were friendly and polite but a far too loud television booming out commentary on a rugby match spoiled things - can't understand why any tv sound is necessary, most programmes have subtitles - that's one of the reasons Witherspoons are so popular. If we go there again I'll take some ear plugs!

16 Feb 2011 19:06

The Anchor, Seatown

A stunning location because of which the pub doesn't have to try very hard but excellent Palmers beers give it some redemption. Considering how profitable it must be a redecoration is long overdue!

12 Feb 2011 18:10

George Inn, Knowle

A good basic pub which caters for the local community. Last time I visited the bar service was very indifferent and definitely not welcoming. OK if you're desperate for a pint I suppose.

12 Feb 2011 18:02

The New Inn, Eype

A small group of us on a coastal walk visited the pub today hoping for lunch and refreshments but it was closed for a long weekend, including Valentine's Day! One of our group had checked the pub website previously but there was no mention of it being closed (nor any mention of opening hours for that matter). So can't comment on the pub as we couldn't get in!

12 Feb 2011 16:44

The Walpole Arms, Itteringham

This is a lovely old pub with a nice sitting-outside area. The bar-staff are pleasant and we enjoy the excellent Wherry bitter whenever we visit. We haven't eaten there but judging by its popularity the food must be good.

8 Feb 2011 16:06

The Buckinghamshire Arms, Blickling

We visited this lovely old pub in early January and had a pint or two which were nice but ridiculously expensive. After checking the menu we decided not to eat there and instead took our business to the Black Boys at Aylsham where we had an excellent meal for a reasonable price. But the young waitress staff at the Buckingham Arms were very attractive with tight short skirts and low-cut tops, so if that's your bag then do pay a visit.

18 Jan 2011 10:48

The Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing

We called in at lunchtime for a pint and a light snack - the pub was spotless with a nice olde worlde timber-framed decor. The barmaid was pleasant, the beer excellent but the food only so-so and a bit pricey. I think pubs must be more competitive in these recessionary times, no wonder so many have closed and are continuing to do so.

28 Sep 2010 17:30

Bell Hotel, Norwich

The Bell is long overdue for a redecoration, its quite scruffy now. It also seems to attract a fair number of what are best described as losers, not a very pleasant clientele. But if you want a swift reasonably priced pint of Ruddles then its ok, but nothing else. Last time we visited in September 2010 the service was dire.

25 Sep 2010 15:25

The Lodge, Salhouse

Very impressed with the warm welcome from the barmaid but our bar lunch was rather spoilt by them having run out of brown bread - so we had to eat tasteless white bread sandwiches! How can a pub run out of brown bread - don't they have a freezer? But the beer was good and also pleasant surroundings. The pub appears to be more of a music venue than an eaterie.

25 Sep 2010 15:11

The Chetnole Inn, Chetnole

We visited this pub for lunch and found it spotlessly clean, maybe a bit clinical, and thought it would benefit from some carpeting or drapes to make it more cosy and improve the acoustics. The staff were polite and friendly.
Our food was good but rather pricey for a rural Dorset pub - 6 for a dessert is too much. I doubt we will be returning as there are less expensive places to obtain a good meal, which is an important consideration in these recessionary times

5 Sep 2010 17:42

The Old Comical, Sandown

Today (23/6/10) I've just watched a repeat of the old 'Relocation Relocation' programme on More 4 featuring this pub, but I see from the current pub website that Dean Brand and family are no longer running it. Anyone know what happened - it all seemed to be going very well for them. Maybe they've moved on to something bigger and better.

23 Jun 2010 19:04

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

I visited this pub again on 16th may 2010 and the two old chaps behind the bar were a grumpy and miserable as ever! I'm sure Ken Dodd reeling off jokes in person in front of them would have no impact whatsoever!
BUT it is a lovely pub, spotlessly clean, great beer at competitive prices and very good food served by cheerful staff. What more could a pub-goer want?!

20 May 2010 19:43

Ilchester Arms, Abbotsbury

This is a very old building, quite dark inside, but with loads of character. Whenever I have visited for a pint I've found the choice of beers very disappointing. For example today only 2 beers were on offer apparently due to maintenance works being carried out. I haven't eaten there so cannot comment on the food. The pub is in a very high profile tourist area but doesn't seem to capitalise on this - I suppose the high numbers of tourists ensures a living for the landlord in any event, but it seems to me things could be vastly improved.

20 May 2010 19:35

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

We visited The Crown again for drinks and I must agree with other comments that the taller of the two old chaps behind the bar is very grumpy indeed! I did my best to make him smile but nothing! Maybe that's all part of the character of the pub! I have to wonder why people choose to work in a business such as running a pub when they have the personality of a wet dishcloth.
That said it is a lovely old pub with a roaring fire and very good food and beer and I would definitely recommend it - why not call and see if you can make the landlord smile!

13 Dec 2009 16:40

Spyway Inn, Bridport

The Spyway Inn at Askerswell is without doubt one of the best pubs in West Dorset. We attended on Friday December 11th for the Christmas lunch and received a very warm welcome from the proprietor and staff.
Our meal, with a choice of several options, was excellent, very good value at 14.99 a head, and could not be faulted. The pub has a lovely atmosphere and it is clear the proprietor works hard and goes out of his way to make a visit an enjoyable experience, something which other pubs in the area fall far short of.
It reminded us of the time some years ago when the pub was run by Mr Roderick who was renowned for his food and service. Sadly Mr Roderick is no longer around but I'm sure he's looking down very favourably on the pub as it is now being run!

12 Dec 2009 11:20

The Crown Inn, Puncknowle

A lovely country pub well worth finding - excellent welcome, decor and food with fair priced main courses, but the soup and sweet prices are excessive in these recessionary times.

9 Apr 2009 17:09

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