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Comments by clarabel

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

This is a bit of a hidden treasure and the beer garden is like a little magiacal well kept secret, and wonderful on a sunny afternoon as it is a proper sun trap but they DO have shade for those who need it. 5.60 for two smirnoff and coke? I WILL be here regularly this summer!

25 May 2008 21:37

The Orchard, Croydon

I ONLY come here if I am sh1tfaced and I am never let down by my expectations, divey and chavvy. and thank GOD I do not need to go on the pull. I know that the manager at the Glamorgan aims for the opposite type of clientele that is attracted over the road. The Karaoke is a jokey :) why spend money on a refit when it was still decorated as a chavvy pub - they ain't gonna bring money to the area, we need more SMART drinking places, decent drinks and menu and I would be willing to pay a bit more.

25 May 2008 21:36

The Builders Arms, Croydon

I was flabbergasted I have lived near this pub since 2001 and assumed it was a coughing old man's pub but I was persuaded to sit in the beer garden during our recent (brief) mini heatwave and I enjoyed the afternoon SO much!! I thought the inside bar smelt of wee a little bit but I will definitely be back to the beer garden in the better weather. The wine was not too shabby nor was it pricey, v.pleasant! We had just had lunch somewhere else but I perused their menu and WILL be tempted to go there for lunch this summer.

25 May 2008 21:32

All Bar One, Croydon

call me boring and middle aged (34) but I like the fact that they have an over 21s policy which saw a party with a buggy turned away last Saturday lunchtime. I would not go in a Wacky Warehouse so don't bring a buggy to a wine bar, I want to enjoy my lunch in a grown up environment! I am more a wine than a beer person and if I were into real ale I would probably drink somewhere else but it caters for what *I* enjoy, each to their own. Some of the staff do need a rocket up their ass but some of them are top notch, we usually get looked after by the same waitress every Saturday and she is always on the ball and it seems important to her that customers really enjoy their drinks and food. However I would not drink here on a Friday evening "early doors" as it does get crowded with office workers going for a sneaky one.

25 May 2008 21:27

The Glamorgan, Croydon

I regularly come here for lunch or for a bottle of wine in the evening but I personally avoid times when it's likely to be full of noisy office workers however it is great to see it busy because there aren't enough decent pubs in the area without going right into the centre. Great wine list and yes the menu is not extensive but better to have a smaller selection of things that are done really well. Home made burger and fat chips to die for. I am glad they don't show footy and that it pulls in a more discerning crowd who are happy to spend a bit more money to enjoy good food and wine in pleasant surroundings, thankfully it does not attract too many children as there's not kids menu or play area but I wish they would enforce a complete adults-only policy as there are enough other places to take kids leave somewhere sacred for thoes of us who don't want to hear a kid crying when we're spending a lot of money and want to enjoy lunch in peace. But the owners are very convivial and welcoming to all.

20 May 2008 12:57

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