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The Pitcher and Piano, York

Love it. A bit pricey but that's expected with a chain really. Staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. And they remember you!!! Pleasant atmosphere generally and theres a good mix of people in there. All ages and types. Older couples, tourists, students, work buddies! They serve good food too. Wednesday night is good also with a keyboard player who is pretty damn good! See if you can guess what he's playing!!!!!!

12 Jul 2007 01:20

Certificate 18, York

Don't like. Some girls were staring a fight in the loos and a couple decided to dry hump in the bar area. Music is awful and its sweaty and sticky. One good thing is that if you go once and get asked for id they somehow remember you and dont ask again. and it doesn't take that long to get served!

12 Jul 2007 01:15

Keystones, York

I think on my last review of this I was being a bit too polite!
Truthfully I think the staff are rude as they go round serving their friends first.
Most of the staff are students themselves and that probably accounts for their arrogance and ignorance. One particular barmaid makes me bite my tongue very hard to stop me saying anything unpleasant (short girl with short dark hair). She never fails to give customers "dirty looks".
Pool is good though! and food is still great!

12 Jul 2007 01:09

Fibbers, York

I like this place. Though I suppose it's one of those places that needs to grow on you. It becomes better as you get to know people there. Food is nice and cheap in the day! Some of the bands leave a lot to be said as there is a lot of screamy stuff but some people like that I suppose! All in all it's pretty decent. Nowhere near as rough as Cert 18!

12 Jul 2007 01:02

The Reindeer Inn, York

pretty damn good!

12 Feb 2007 00:48

Nexus, York

I love nexus! I dont like going where all the other students go and I find nexus a mint place to go to. Saturdays are best because theres a nice array of people! Music is fabulous and as yet i have not as yet seen a fight in there, i shouldnt say that as i am tempting fate! actually i did see a girl start shouting at some random couple last weekend. In general I like it. deinks are pricey and they could offer a few more spirits but its pretty good i think!- - - just dont go to bpm across the road, always police and ambulances outside there!

12 Feb 2007 00:47

Reflex, York

revolving dance floor... good in theory, in practice not so great. Loads of dirty old fellas oggleing the young girlies. Sticky and ew! awful drinks! although if you are a student who doesnt like to go where all the other students then this is the place to go (or nexus - nexus is good though!)

12 Feb 2007 00:43

The Old White Swan, York

A really good friendly place. The food is great, staaff are nice and is has a top atmosphere. Live sport is on quite a lot and thats good too! The music quiz on wednesday night is really fun! 1st prize is all the money from the kitty (everyones 1 quiz entry)and 12 cans, 2nd prize 10 cans, 3rd prize 8 cans. ( i think ive got that right). the host is really entertaining, so witty!
Customers seem relaxed and happy and its just a great place!

12 Feb 2007 00:40

Keystones, York

Not impressed to be honest. I find the students that go in there to be quite arrogant and are mostly "the popular kids". The food is nice though and staff are pretty decent. Good music on jukebox. Non students that go in there are pleasant and thats a plus for it. Drinks arent amazing but they will do! (before you say i am being studentist or something... im a student)

12 Feb 2007 00:35

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Amazing food! Good quality drinks. Prices are reasonable! The food really is fantastic, had sea bass and i wasn't expecting anything special, but oh my days!!!!!!!! Had great white wine too but I cant remember for the life of me what it was!!!

12 Feb 2007 00:29

The Golden Fleece, York


12 Feb 2007 00:27

The Evil Eye Lounge, York

was cool the first time i went in. next few times not so good. the bar staff are waaaay too slow and like to serve their mates first. The staff have bad attitudes too, one swore at my friend because he couldnt hear what she ordered! And he asked me for i.d even though he just served some chick who looked like she was 12! when i did show him my id i expected to be served but he still served all his buddies before me! It's one of those place that you can tolerate once every 2 or 3 months! Serve fantastic drinks although theres that much you can barely see what they have so you just end up ordering your usual. overall, good drinks, bad staff, ok atmosphere!

12 Feb 2007 00:25

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