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The Viper, Mill Green

Beer Festival starts this coming Friday - Hurrah!

27 Mar 2013 00:04

The Royal Oak, South Ockendon

Drove past today & it look as though it has re-opened.

26 Sep 2012 21:14

The Viper, Mill Green

Easter Beer Festival kicks off t omorrow!

5 Apr 2012 07:32

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Popped in here last night & can say with hand on heart, the ale here was shocking.

Tried three pints by Thwaites, St Austell & Timmy Taylor & all were poor, especially the Thwaites which was undrinkable. The quality of the beer overshadowed the short measures.

Fortunately, I had popped into the Old Fountain prior to the Pillars!

30 Mar 2012 21:05

The Viper, Mill Green

Thursday night - lovely pint of Crouch Vale 'Brewers Gold', followed by several pints of Nethergate 'Young Howler' which was a very good substitute for the Augustinian.

If you likek a good honest pub that serves a good honest pint, look no further.

10 Mar 2012 03:20

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

Dear oh dear - only one hand pump on last night Greene KIng 'London Glory'. Not a good pint at all - dull as ditch water.

20 Jan 2012 14:03

The Red Cow, Ilford

Have been told today that this pub is now closed & boarded up.

A real shame, as it was a quality pub, with a great landlord.

Does anyone have any idea as to what happened?

17 Dec 2011 19:58

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

Now under new ownership.

Popped in last night & was impressed with the new paintwork & general feel of the place.

Feel encouraged to start using this pub again on a more regular basis.

Good luck to the new owners.

1 Nov 2011 20:19

The Captain Cook, Barking

No longer exists - demolished.

30 Jul 2011 01:40

The Bull, Barking


30 Jul 2011 01:39

The Top Up Bar, Barking

Now called the Barking Arms.

30 Jul 2011 01:38

The Harrow, Barking


30 Jul 2011 01:37

The Viper, Mill Green

Don't forget the Easter Beer Festival: 22 - 25 April

15 Apr 2011 16:50

The Viper, Mill Green

Had several pints of Brentwood Brewing Company's Blind Date last night - very nice indeed.

11 Feb 2011 20:38

The Viper, Mill Green

Oakham Ales - J.H.B on last night & very nice it was too :-)

22 Jan 2011 07:07

The Chequers, Billericay

Theakstons 'Masham Ale' was a decent pint last night, and the Youngs was in tip top condition (as were the female santa claus & the red head behind the bar).

24 Dec 2010 07:49

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Popped in on Tuesday night on my way to the Scala. Saddened to see that the beer garden has now gone.

Times are a changing.

7 Oct 2010 05:40

Benson Blakes Bar and Grill, Bury St Edmunds

Did somebody mention burgers?

4 Oct 2010 07:46

The Compton Arms, Islington

Popped in here on Thursday night before going to the Garage, and the IPA & Bonkers Conkers were on good form. Nice friendly pub with a good mix of people. Gig finished early, so it seemed rude not to drop back into the Compton on the way home.

26 Sep 2010 00:03

The Viper, Mill Green

Popped in on Thursday night - Mighty Oak 'Captain Bob' was in tip top condition. Several pints later, and I was very contented.

Hope to catch the Beer Festival on Monday.

28 Aug 2010 06:00

The Viper, Mill Green

Beer Festival....Aug 27-30

6 Aug 2010 09:52

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Absolutely gutted that Paul has now left - he really did make a BIG change to this place. When I first started drinking in this pub back in '89, you had a choice of London Pride or London Pride. I really do hope that we do not go back to those days again.

Good luck to you Paul, and thanks.

26 Apr 2010 16:25

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Great night had in the Fountain last night. Tip top beer as usual.
Role on May!!

18 Mar 2010 19:42

The Viper, Mill Green

Happy New Year to all associated with The Viper. Hope to get a few more visits in during 2010.

Surely the best pub in Essex?

31 Dec 2009 05:18

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Happy New Year to everyone associated with the Old Fountain. See you in 2010.

31 Dec 2009 05:15

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Good beer as always on Monday evening. Credit due to Jim, Paul & David.

A tad concerned though about some of the CAMRA followers who attend this pub now. Please, just enjoy the quality ale on offer, in an unspoilt London pub & stop whinging.

20 years on & still enjoying the place.

16 Dec 2009 07:25

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Nice couple of pints last night - Darling Buds and Naked Ladies.
Always look forward to visiting the Fountain.

9 Oct 2009 19:36

The White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye

This is more of a 'foodies' pub, but none the less, it does have a good selection of real ales.

Have to agree with hogshead though - for a more traditional pub, the Viper would be my choice too.

24 Sep 2009 07:49

The Viper, Mill Green

VIPA was in tip top condition, as was the Tring Brewery 'Blonde' on Wednesday evening. Well kept beer, nice surroundings....bloody nice!

7 Aug 2009 10:33

The Old Fountain, Old Street

This is one of the best , if not the best pub that you will ever visit. Was a regular from '89-'97 and still pop in whenever I get the chance. Congratulations to Jim, Paul and all associated with making this place so very special.

28 May 2009 11:26

The Chequers, Billericay

Second visit to this pub on Sunday evening
Only three ales on: OP, Christmas Ale and Youngs. Opted for Youngs and it was in pretty good shape.

30 Dec 2008 10:28

The Old Fountain, Old Street

This place was transformed once Paul arrived. No disrespect intended Jim!
The quality of beer here is now fantastic and the variety excellent.
Always look forward to re-visiting this place.

2 Dec 2008 16:52

Queens Head, Coventry

Used to frequent this pub when I lived in the area (Pickford).
Always found it to be a really friendly place & the beer was always in top notch condition.
Being a Londoner, it was joy to find that pubs like this one still existed!

2 Dec 2008 16:48

O'Neills, Blackfriars

re-opened as The Albion

25 Nov 2008 17:50

The King and Keys, Fleet Street

now a mexican food outlet

25 Nov 2008 17:48

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