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Lewes Arms, Lewes

but then again,
when the old crows weren't about, we gave it another chance and actually had a really nice time.
there was life around the 3 rooms, the fire was roaring and there was a really upbeat atmosphere.
okay, two pints for 6.60 isn't exactly the cheapest around the town, but going back on my last review, give this pub a chance, let it escape the bad name its been given.
a mile better than the commercialized elephant & castle down the road, but hey, theyre for completely different occassions i suppose.

6 Feb 2009 00:04

Lamb, Lewes

Having been there on a weekend myself fairly recently, i now expect nothing other than rude and intimidating chavs to be 'serving' behind the bar, although a swift turn around is needed desperately.
No rush though, I wont be returning, I went for a pint and left offended, skint and embarrassed. nothing beats a first great impression eh? I'll be sticking to the Lansdown & the Ele

31 Jan 2009 01:22

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Popped in the Lewes Arms and it seems even polite conversation is strictly frowned upon which being honest, I think that contradicts the whole purpose of a pub. I cant fault the landlord's manners and personality and hold the pubs aging locals responsible for Lewes Arms' downfall as they clearly oppose any movement into the 21st Century.

31 Jan 2009 00:36

Royal Oak, Lewes

i find the oak to be a pretty decent little pub, dont go there loads but always feel welcome in there which isnt a feeling you get to often in lewes pubs lately. it seems to be run by a top bloke with a sound bunch of locals. it wouldnt hurt them to put the heating on a bit though.

30 Jan 2009 01:22

The Rainbow, Lewes

if the staff here are solely being employed to try and intimidate their customers, then you can't really fault them.
all in all, i found the rainbow inn to be pretty lifeless and bland.
toilets possibly hadn't seen a mop for years and the music was enough to make you gag.
i will not be rushing back.

30 Jan 2009 01:11

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