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Comments by chrissyboy

The Bridge House, Belfast

went in for breakfast as wetherspoons usually quick service with decent value bit of grub . but waited 40 mins and left half as did many people around me ,didnt seem to matter who ordered at what time they were just giving food to people before the people who ordered earlier. cant see me ever having food in there again!!

6 Oct 2008 12:58

The George, Fulham

yeah chrisbass ya have a point , i been coming in the george matchdays a bit more regular ,and probably alot more now they ruined the malsters, just wonder how long before they make the george into poncey 'upmarket' pub like the cock and white hart etc

18 Jul 2007 18:01

The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

so it sounds like another pub in fulham bites the dust and this one must have made the old bill happy. ill take a look next season but cant see any more days at the footy in there, only a couple more proper pubs for them to ruin now :(

18 Jul 2007 17:59

District, Glasgow

as a chelsea fan who travels to ibrox on the odd occasion i love this pub before and after games . and will no doubt venture in before the friendly 28th friendly gers v chelsea . run proper no hanging round waiting for service.

15 Jul 2007 15:46

The Cock Tavern, Smithfields

been in few times for rangers days and partys etc great little boozer. proper hidden gem . still gotta go midweek 4 fry up tho heard great stories

16 Jun 2007 16:17

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

came in with few lads after orangeman parade was good quick service considering quite busy and loadsa singing etc . well worth a pint if get off train at charing cross

16 Jun 2007 15:51

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

had a pint in here as 1 off them bars you have to visit if possible, cant see what fascination is average bar average beer and average bar staff so pretty much average

6 Mar 2007 17:53

Robinsons, Belfast

was heading in here after few beers in beaten docket but ignorant bouncers changed that plan and after that wouldnt step foot in there

6 Mar 2007 17:52

Morrisons Lounge Bar, Belfast

popped in here for quick pint before heading back to airport seemed nice place with friendly staff so would be tempted to go in and try the grub if i ever go back to belfast

6 Mar 2007 17:50

The Beaten Docket, Belfast

just been on 1st visit too belfast and due 2 bad weather spent alot off time in here as opposite hotel and was decent pub 2 watch footy and service was quick which is also a good sign

6 Mar 2007 17:48

The Dukes Head, Putney

great boozer for us chelsea fans in town ,bit overpriced mind but when in class area like this you accept it.... when is it re-opening after refurb ???

20 Sep 2006 19:21

The Seven Stars, West Kensington

look ya dont like pubs like this sod off the overpriced poncey bars .. im not a local but always had ok experiances in here when about

7 Sep 2006 19:35

The Seven Stars, West Kensington

cant believe ammount of snobs slating boozers like this, staff seem fine to me good larf when dj on , and still got original locals rather than some of the jumped up new age bars down road

20 May 2006 13:56

The Three Blackbirds, Boxmoor

not a bad little pub this,good priced beer ,pool table etc garden so perfect 4 summertime

14 May 2006 15:02

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead

good pub for daytime session with bit of cheapo wetherspoon grub to soak up all the cheap drinks, urgently needs music to stop the many conversations bein heard which can be bloody annoying

14 May 2006 15:00

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

great boozer this ,cheap grub cheap beer, quiz machine all the footy what else could ya want whenever in area pop in for few beers and lunch

14 May 2006 14:57

Goose, Fulham

cheap food cheap booze so cant be bad, its full of locals but that aint always bad thing ,rather than than the yuppified clientel in other bars in area, staff bit dim but cant have everything ay!!!!

18 Apr 2006 19:17

Fiesta Havana, Fulham

nice bar , bit steep prices for pint but hey this is london, staff fast and pleasant good designed place that makes bit of change to my usuals in area

18 Apr 2006 19:14

The Walkabout, Watford

great boozer for sunday afternoon to watch the footy on any of the many screens!! few beers lovely food with generous portions and decent priced beer!!! staff always try hard to get every1 served fast in !!

14 Apr 2006 19:39

The Half Moon, Putney

good for night out with bit of fun music, tribute bands always top a good time, prices no dearer than other boozers in area which was pleasent surprise

7 Apr 2006 19:19

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

popped in when visiting family, blimey what a strange place, but will use again as friendly ,not sort of place used to drinking in and takes bit of getting used too!!!ideally situated

26 Mar 2006 17:04

The Antigallican, Charlton

always my choice for pre match pint when chelsea in town, good service and not bad pint, bit tatty but considering footy pub for away fans no point being too poncey, ideal for station,and will be back next season

26 Mar 2006 16:57

The Louden Tavern, Glasgow

usually go in district when come up to see our blues brothers gers but decided to pop in too see the famous pub, not made to feel ideally welcome but 1 of best football fans pubs ive seen, would not hesitate to go in again and give 2nd chance,and free scotch pie was perfect with pint

26 Mar 2006 16:53

The Griffin Bar, Glasgow

bit strange pub but near my usual hotel so pop in for pint or two as starting point!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:50

Firewater, Glasgow

not my normally sort of crowd but great place, pool tables good value,friendly and right near my usual hotel of choice!!!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:49

The Dukes Head, Putney

come in here whenever chelsea play at cottage, good service but overpriced, but could imagine being great in summertime by river

26 Mar 2006 16:41

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

used to be good little pub for after work on friday but now decided to ban workclothes so every1 has taken service elsewhere, unless change the rule it will go downhill fast,especially as summer coming and we used to fill the garden!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:40

The Litten Tree, Hemel Hempstead

not bad but could be a whole lot better if more effort added, good atmosphere when live bands on !! ok for quick pint or two after work

26 Mar 2006 16:37

Fishery Inn, Boxmoor

great pub for summertime, sitting out by canal, food good atmosphere good and gets lots of lovely ladies in there in summer, rest of year bit pointless unless want pint before or after going to hemel train station

26 Mar 2006 16:35

The Old Bell, Hemel Hempstead

decent pub although space by bar is limited and hard to get beer in quick time when busy!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:33

Jumpin' Jaks, Hemel Hempstead

its good pub for teenagers who love alco pop but cannot handle their drink and think they can fight. prices are shocking,staff useless and bouncers arrogant!!would rather poke my eyes with sharp stick than enter rhis dump again!!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:30

The Spotted Bull, Hemel Hempstead

what a waste of a pottentially good pub, loads of pool tables, big bar,jukebox, but nobody interested as no atmosphere and right dump, please somebody sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:28

The Prince of Wales, West Brompton

handy on chelsea home games as get of train over road,but too many kids running about , beer decent staff friendly but definatly more of summertime boozer as good garde out front and back, food overpriced for what you get!!

26 Mar 2006 16:23

The George, Fulham

good old fashioned boozer ,although bit of an old mans pub.could do with bit of refurbishment

26 Mar 2006 16:21

The Cock, Fulham

occasionaly pop in on chelsea matchdays , quick service and very good atmosphere, nice little beer garden out back, non match days is good for quick cheap bite to eat, good jukbox aswell

26 Mar 2006 16:20

The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

been coming here before and after chelsea games for years, very unfair reputation, cheap beer, sound staff members, and unless your stuck-up,great boozer, and at least it aint turned into poncey bar like all other boozers round area!!!

26 Mar 2006 16:18

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