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The Swan, Ashford

Oh dear.... what a shame....

The management have clearly put a lot of time and money into this place. It's such a shame about the clientele.
If you want physical violence just because the little Englanders don't like you purely because they've never seen you before, this is the place to be.
Management - sort out your customers....

25 Oct 2011 07:11

The Woolpack Inn, Warehorne

Frankly dreadful pub offering overpriced haute-cuisine tat.

It might work in central London where pretentious idiots on expense accounts are trying to impress other pretentious idiots. But not in Kent. there are plenty of pubs within a five mile radius of the place that serve a decent meal.

19 Jun 2010 18:52

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

As Isabella says, "A great pub with an exciting range of ales". Well, let's qualify that:

"an exciting range of ales"? Yes.
"A great pub" - probably, once you've been welcomed into the clique.

The thing with a cliquey pub is that if you are part of the in-crowd, you don't realise how it appears to others. Wetherspoons is just down the road - they have a wider range of ales and are equally (i.e. not especially) welcoming.

22 Apr 2010 19:48

The Greyhound, Wadhurst

Well - I popped in for a quiet pint and really like the place. One pint cost me 3.10. (This is relevant...)

I had things to do, and came back with a mate a couple of hours later. A pint and a half of the same stuff was 6.20.
Now I have a degree in mathematics and so naively was expecting to pay 4.65. I was wrong....
Drink by the pint - not the half pint. They cost the same....

22 Apr 2010 19:40

The White Horse, Bilsington

As a pub it ain't bad. Beer & food good. And if you have one or two beers too many and prang your car when leaving the car park they will give you an alibi to say it wasn't you.
Which is really good. Unless it's your car that's getting pranged....

12 Apr 2010 18:30

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