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The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

I suppose, if you were unaware of this pub's previous, Dark Star, incarnation, you might turn up and think that this is a good, relaxed, welcoming pub with a fine selection of ales. To the rest of us, who knew and loved the 'old' Stand Up, what has happened here can only be described as tragic. It's very hard to explain what's lacking here but the renovation has completely expunged the spirit of the place. There is a dazzling array of pumps at the bar but the first one I chose was off (just happened at that moment apparently) and the second one tasted like it was going off. It cost 3.80 for a pint of ale which is basically theft. In a way, this place has turned into the antithesis of the Dark Star original - the way it looks is now more important than what it delivers. I won't be going back in a hurry.

31 Oct 2012 17:39

The Half Moon Inn, Plumpton

Excellent pub, this. Went a couple of weeks back for a birthday lunch with friends. Food was excellent (took a while to arrive but they were plainly busy and the quality was worth the wait). Good bustling atmosphere and well kept pint of Harveys. However, if you have something against children, then approach with caution, as this is a family friendly pub and there will be small human beings there.

31 Oct 2012 17:33

The Wheatsheaf, Cuckfield

Popped in for a quick pint with the wife on a saturday lunchtime. First time we had ever been to this pub. It was reasonably busy, there is a pleasant seating area outside and there was a good choice of ales (i went for the Banks' Sunbeam). I was reliably informed that the ladies toilets were impressively clean; the gents were average. Overall this is a straightforward pub with no false pretences, putting in a shift for the thirsty masses.

17 Sep 2012 13:21

The Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks

This is a ronseal pub - no nonsense and it doesn't try any harder than it needs to. Always seems to be fairly busy, could be because people fall in off the trains which stop next door. Large pub, a little bit tatty, and frequented by ordinary folk who will stare at you for reading a 'big' newspaper. Caters more for the simple-headed lager drinker but they do at least have Stowford Press.

30 Aug 2012 15:41

The Thatched Inn, Hassocks

The landlord and lady here are very friendly and work their backsides off to make this place a success; for that reason alone it is worth spending a bit of your money in here. The pub itself is large but probably a bit more focussed towards the eating public than the drinking; having said that they do make an effort to serve decent ale too. There's a garden, but it's not all that.

30 Aug 2012 15:38

The Coach and Horses, Danehill

A great little country pub; it might give over a bit more space to the diner than to the drinker, but it definitely does cater for both as there's always decent ale/cider to be found here. And for the record, the food is excellent. The car park's a bit small though, they should do something about that high kerb at the narrow entrance as my car's bumper is still complaining.

30 Aug 2012 13:45

The Crown, Horsted Keynes

This pub is great - the food is brilliant, it's spacious and attractive inside, the service is good, and the beer is as it should be. Ok, so it's a bit expensive to eat here, but you don't have to go every week! How this place gets a lower rating than the GK pub over the road is beyond me and I suspect is a sign that this website is prone to skulduggery.

30 Aug 2012 13:42

The Bent Arms, Lindfield

This pub is, quite frankly, odd. It's very dark and dingy and there's a metal pole in the middle of the bar area which appears to be supporting the ceiling. Beers are all Hall & Woodhouse type stuff so if you like that, then fine, but if you like nice beer, not so good. There are better pubs in this village.

30 Aug 2012 13:39

The Red Lion, Lindfield

This pub has a spectacular garden so it's great for a warm summer's day. In fact, the pub itself is rather large so there's plenty of room for everybody. It's in a good position on the high street and it's fairly bright and airy, but I've always found that the barstaff are pretty unfriendly. Sells a limited range of ales and in general tends to cater for the lower IQ beverage drinker.

30 Aug 2012 13:35

The Star, Haywards Heath

This is a Greene King pub, so don't expect a friendly welcome, or indeed any sign that the manager takes any pride in the pub. Since a makeover a couple of years ago the bar area does have a slightly more spacious feel, which is important as this pub was designed by an idiot. There's a lot to be said for the fact that this place is not any of the moronic bars further down the street; and there's no other decent pub in the town centre, so you're kind of stuck if you don't want to brush shoulders with a gel-encrusted ape.

30 Aug 2012 13:32

The Dolphin, Haywards Heath

This pub is almost a perfect definition of 'missed opportunity'. It's a fantastic and characterful old building, but as it belongs to the M&B chain it has that slightly vacant corporate feel pervading the atmosphere. They do generally have decent beers on sale here but they seem to religiously insist on understaffing the bar, so it can take ages to get served. The food is average and not as good as the pub thinks it is. The seating area outside has a splendid outlook onto a mini-roundabout.

30 Aug 2012 13:29

Orange Square, Haywards Heath

I'm not sure this establishment should be rated on this site, since it is not a pub at all. They don't sell any decent ale so you have to be happy with the usual bottled lager or the other draught fizzy liquid that I presume is fed directly from the gents, following some light carbonisation. The food is pretty nice, and the decor is pleasant, in an unambitious way. Best avoided on weekend evenings when the no-trainers brigade are out in force.

30 Aug 2012 13:26

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

How you rate this pub depends on what you're looking for. If you want to escape the usual posse of posers and self-regarding narcissists who populate the Broadway, then you could do worse than come here. It's unpretentious and sells ale, and since the refurb a couple of years ago, looks less shabby than it did. On the other hand, I wouldn't touch the food here with someone else's mouth, and you may find the regulars propping up the bar to be largely comatose or just plain deformed. If you just want a quick pint, and you're not overly sensitive and up your own backside, then it's fine.

30 Aug 2012 13:23

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