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Comments by chavsum

The Goldsmiths, Penge

Well said suppinguy.
The interior is from a 1973 argos catalog.
You need to get a mortgage application on the door so you can buy a drink.
They cannot be bothered to peel the chips so they leave the skin on which tastes crap.
The only good thing about this pub is you can get served, unlike spoons round the corner.

20 Feb 2017 20:48

The Bridge House Tavern, Penge

Went in 2 nights ago with my wife. 2 large white wines and half a lager and lime £17.50.
Go to Sainsburys and buy 3 bottles for the same price and go home and drink them.
Total crap!

21 Jul 2016 20:51

The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell

Went in today and order a Roast Beef Lunch. The beef was dry and stone cold and very chewy.
All of the food on the plate was cold apart from the roast potato's which were warm.
Watery, greasy cold gravy. The barman said "oh sorry about that" as he scraped the plates into the bin. Do not bother with this place.Totally dreadful and I will not go back.

6 Sep 2015 19:15

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Go There every Sunday for the music and Sunday Lunch.
Today 1 Hour 20 minutes wait for food. I realize sometimes there are problems in the kitchen.
The problem is they did not mention it when ordering.

14 Jun 2015 21:58

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Glenfarg, I am not saying I do not like pubs, but reporting shit service and poor beer and rip off prices.

22 Aug 2014 21:16

Golden Lion, Soho

Went in here on 2nd August at Lunchtime.
2 Pints of peroni was 11 quid!, I nearly fell over.
They want 14 quid for fish and chips!

So heres a plan. Walk straight past this pub and go to wetherspoons
around the corner if you dont want to take out a mortgage to get a pint.

3 Aug 2014 10:31

De Hems, Soho

Went in on Saturday 02/08/2014.
Bar was very busy and one person serving as usual.
After standing at the bar for 10 mins waving money I
ordered a Trappist only to be told it was not on, so I left.

So here is a plan, put a sign or a bag over pumps that are not working.
Get more than on bar staff on during busy holiday season in Central London!

3 Aug 2014 10:26

The Anerley Arms, Anerley

Sam Smiths = Shite

14 Jul 2014 21:30

The Goldsmiths, Penge

Closed 2 weeks ago for 6 weeks to become a "Gastro Pub"" no work been done yet. I think another block of flats is coming.

14 Jul 2014 21:28

The Mitre, Anerley

Faggot is obviously one

14 Jul 2014 21:23

Grace's, Penge

Open again and has been Toshed!
Expensive £3.70 for a pint of Fosters cat piss.
Looks poncy and over pretentious.

13 May 2014 21:44

The Sparrowhawk, Crystal Palace

Make sure you fill in the mortgage application form on the way in so you can get a drink!

10 Mar 2014 19:31

The Thicket Tavern, Anerley

I live here with Hotspurts mum!

10 Mar 2014 19:25

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Went in Friday and asked for lager and lime. "We have no lime cordial"
Went in today and asked for lager and lime."We have no lime cordial"
"When are you getting some?" "We dont know".

As this pub is next door to Sainsburys who sell Lime cordial for 65p how hard can it be to walk 20 feet and buy some?
Clearly, for wetherspoons this is a bit too hard to do.

10 Mar 2014 19:10

The Ship, South Norwood

Keeps being closed as it has no beer. Is it all over bar the shouting?

16 Jan 2014 21:51

The Mitre, Anerley

Hotspurt, is obviously brain dead.
Lee ran off with the takings. This pub is more expensive than to drink up the Palace.
Just look at the reviews and make your own mind up!

15 Jan 2014 22:52

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Overpriced, poor, crap. Small pub . very tourist. Dont bother!

3 Nov 2013 21:41

The Jolly Sailor, South Norwood

It was "The garotted lamb" in American werewolf

26 Oct 2013 22:17

The Mitre, Anerley

Dunno what the last reviewer Pineapple was on about but whatever country he is ranting on about he wants to piss off back to it.
The pub is too expensive. The landlord Lee talks bulshit about everything.
8 quid for 2 pints in Penge is a joke. The same two pints in spoons is 4.25.

I cannot see it lasting much longer.

26 Oct 2013 21:55

The Goldsmiths, Penge

This pub has the best sunday dinner i have ever tasted. The beef is fantastic. Go there just for this food. Spoons round the corner servers cold crap and once you have been in the Goldsmiths you will never eat in spoons agai.

The beer is expensive, the pub is not all that, but, the food on a Sunday is worth eating!

26 Oct 2013 21:45

The Maple Tree, Penge

Ann going into hospital for 13 weeks from next Sunday. All old regulars get back till until the witch returns!

23 Oct 2013 23:05

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Nipped in tonight for a pint. stood waving a ten pound note. One poor girl running up and down the bar while the fat greek bloke stood chatting and did nothing as usual.

23 Oct 2013 22:57

The Mitre, Anerley

Now re-opened after a refit and looking very nice inside. Painted in the in vogue battleship grey and white, even the toilets have been sorted!
The problem is, it's now 4 quid a pint and 15 and a half for a bottle of wine.
Charging Crystal Palace price in Penge may not last.

13 Jun 2013 09:01

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Nipped in "The waiting room" tonight. Stood at the bar for 12 minutes waving a ten pound note surrounded by red faced thirsty punters while the four bar staff chatted with punters at the other end of the bar. Left.

30 Apr 2013 18:26

The Moon and Stars, Penge

2 fridges are still broken from November 2012

26 Mar 2013 19:38

The Moon and Stars, Penge

They have tonight a poster in the toilet stating "Guest Ales"
it lists "Strongbow", "Carlsberg" and "John Smiths"

Strongbow is cider so it cannot be an ale
Carlsberg is lager so it cannot be an ale
John smiths is keg bitter so it cannot be an ale.

I rest my case.

26 Mar 2013 19:37

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

No been taken over by Spud from "The Mitre" we wait with baited breath!

22 Jan 2013 14:27

The Mitre, Anerley

Its Over! closed from tonight. Spud has gone to the Kent House Tavern, Gawd help us!

21 Jan 2013 20:00

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Take out a second mortgage befor you get a pint

16 Jan 2013 21:06

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Fridge is still broken!

9 Jan 2013 22:20

The Ship, South Norwood

George the Greek has been booted out! About Time! Lets hope The Ship gets sorted!

9 Jan 2013 22:18

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

OH Dear!

8 Jan 2013 22:25

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Dont Bother! Dreadful

8 Jan 2013 22:22

The Ship, South Norwood

Its all over!!

6 Jan 2013 22:37

The Moon and Stars, Penge

I visited this pub and asked for a bottle of Koppenberg cider and was told they did not have any.
I asked for a bottle of Bulmers No 17. The bottle was take from a non working fridge and was given to me at at well beyond room temperature. I have been told by staff they are are waiting for a repair man for the fridge for the last 15 days.
I gave the bottle back and may as well have ordered a cup of tea as it would have been roughly the same temperature.

I cannot see the logic in putting bottles which should be served cold in a broken fridge so they are now hot.

19 Dec 2012 16:01

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

This is my favourite pub in London. Starting now to look a bit tacky with gaffer tape on the edges of the carpet and on other various bits.
My wife said the ladies had no locks on the doors and no Loo roll. At the prices they charge you think they could sort this out.

Food is very expensive for small portions. Go across the road and get a slice of Pizza.
This is still my favourite pub in London.

25 Nov 2012 23:12

William Stanley, South Norwood

I have been in quite a few spoons. This is the worst I have ever seen. Full of Piss heads and tramps, the service is poor and the food is dreadful.
This one is worse than the spoons at Crystal Palace or Penge.

25 Nov 2012 23:00

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Still got service problems, you can wait 10 minutes to be served. Food is poor. beer is cheap if you can get served!

23 Nov 2012 21:34

The Mitre, Anerley

Bring on the bombers!

21 Nov 2012 21:53

The Maple Tree, Penge

When Ann finally leaves, the Maple will have many more customers, who have left because of her ignorant attitude. The pub is a ghost town because of her.

21 Nov 2012 21:51

The Ship, South Norwood

Last Saturday George has a barbecue in the garden, in November? Due to the weather attendance was poor to say the least.
If it was free food it may have helped bolster the turnout..
George get a grip!

21 Nov 2012 21:43

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Nipped in for some food and a pint. Ordered the chicken and ham pie with mash and onion gravy.
A soup bowl arrived full of gravy with the mash in it, now turning to slush, on top was a small pie which was very mushy and not crisp pastry.

Not worth 8 quid! you could have bought a better pie and some potatoes in Sainsburys for a lot less.
Disappointing food and expensive beer, this is Crystal palace not Kensington!

21 Nov 2012 21:36

The Ship, South Norwood

George the Greek has now been fined �3000 for selling his own booze on the premises.
Is it not time he wad binned and we got a proper manager?

26 Aug 2012 23:16

The Ship, South Norwood

Totally Agree with hugorune. George The Greek could not run a bath. He keeps sacking staff then re-employing them. He has totally cocked up the best pub in South Norwood.
The sooner he leaves the better.

24 Jul 2012 20:27

The Ship, South Norwood

The Pub has been taken over by George the Greek who could not run a bath let alone a pub. The pub has gone right downhill with the regulars complaining.

6 Jun 2012 14:55

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Went for a quick drink with the wife. 1 Amstel, 1 Gin and Tonic �8.80!
This is Crystal Palace not chelsea!

6 Jun 2012 14:46

The Thicket Tavern, Anerley

This pub is now gone!

6 Jun 2012 14:37

The Maple Tree, Penge

The Maple Tree is a great pub, The problem is, with so many pubs closing in Penge the maple is getting full of dross, gobshites and ex Mitre drug dealers.

This is spoiling the pub. It is not a boring pub. The beer is much better than the Golden Lion across the road.

16 Mar 2011 21:21

The Mitre, Anerley

open again but how long for this time

16 Mar 2011 21:09

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Now Shut. Kaput. Is no more

16 Mar 2011 21:01

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Know to locals as "The waiting Room" as it takes sooooooooo long to get served. Order a burger and chips and you wont get a spud's worth, I counted 6 chips!

8 Mar 2011 22:12

The Mitre, Anerley

Closed for paying the brewery. Kaput

8 Mar 2011 22:05

The Royal Oak, Penge

Sold a couple of weeks ago. Now shut for good.

8 Mar 2011 22:02

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

Obviously, �Pinballwizard� is someone with lots of money and �arty�
If you think these prices are ok the obviously you drink in Kensington.

16 Jan 2007 22:31

The Goldsmiths, Penge

In response to 'Irishdrinker' I drank in this pub for 12 years.
It was not Irish but British. It was an old fashoned Penge pub. It was a great pub. Now it is totally crap.

It is a Faux Irish pub ( Consult the dictionary if you dont know what it means).
It is crap!

16 Jan 2007 22:19

The Maple Tree, Penge

The best Value and quality food in any Pub in Penge.

23 Nov 2006 21:48

The Goldsmiths, Penge

This pub is about as Irish as a south London Dog Turd.
It was always a South London Pub since 1868 (I have the map)
Now it has been converted a Faux Plastic Irish Pub it is totally Crap.
Knock it down and make flats

23 Nov 2006 21:39

The Goldsmiths, Penge

This used to be a great pub years ago. Then they knocked it all about and cocked it up. Its now a Plastic irish pub and is a s*ithole.

Do not bother.

2 Oct 2006 18:52

The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

Went in for a pint one afternoon with my mate, never got served as the barwoman was too busy chatting on her mobile and waved us away.

Dont bother.

2 Oct 2006 18:45

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

Dreadful. 7 quid for a sandwich? yeah right. Went in there with my wife and she could not believe the prices!
Big range of beers which is ok if you apply for a second mortgage on the way in.

2 Oct 2006 18:35

William Stanley, South Norwood

This Spoons is second only to the one in Penge. A S*ithole. Full of pissheads, dirty and stinks. Cold food.

2 Oct 2006 18:30

The Ship, South Norwood

The Best Pub in South Norwood.

2 Oct 2006 18:28

William Stanley, South Norwood

Total Rubbish crap hole. Full of drunks, no atmosphere. Food dredfull. Avoid at all costs!

2 Aug 2006 14:30

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Charlton Barry is correct on his comments.
I made mistakes on my last comments.
Why do they not have one dedicated till at the end of the bar for food only.
The rest could be used for drink orders.
The Polish girls have made it better, but it is still hard to get served.

29 Jul 2006 23:34

The Moon and Stars, Penge

You can enter The Moon and Stars and stand at the bar waving a �20 note for 15 minutes and not get served. Then someone will walk in and get served straight away.

Why do they just have one till for food only? is that too complicated?
One of the reasons the service is poor is because spoons pay �5 an hour. Would you work hard for that?

28 Jul 2006 17:31

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