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Comments by chapmandu

The Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

Incredible selection of beer, no San Miguel though. Crap pool table too, but pubs like these seem to be a dying breed so should be visited regularly, like an aged granny, before they're gone.

14 Feb 2005 20:41

The Old Millstone, Macclesfield

Not a bad place to go prior to a night out in manchester, but there are better options. As mentioned below, needs modernising and a bit far away from where the action, what there is of it in macclesfield, is.

14 Feb 2005 20:39

Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield

It's kind of OK I guess, but only cos there aren't many optoins. Don't drink the draught beer, it gives you shocking guts, still to the bottles.

14 Feb 2005 20:37

The White Lion, Macclesfield

Top pub, cool landlady, bit bigger than POWs so can be a better option if you want to get a seat. Don't frequent as often as I should but well recommended.

14 Feb 2005 20:36

The Silkworm, Macclesfield

Don't think anyoone goes in here any more, always deserted. People only go in if they have been banned from everywhere else. Avoid like the plague.

14 Feb 2005 20:34

Kusch Too, Macclesfield

Dead relaxed and a nice selection of beer. Good place to start a night and meet up before hitting the beer seriously. Good in the summer as you can sit outside! Serves San Miguel.

14 Feb 2005 20:33

Kusch Bar, Macclesfield

Good place, great beer (stella, san miguel), nice food. Can get seriously packed though so best to go early or late.

14 Feb 2005 20:32

The Prince of Wales, Macclesfield

A fantastic, friendly pub with great bar staff and a good selection of beer for all tastes. Always lively and with an atmosphere at any time of the day. Also the best (only) pub for watching rugby in Macc, the world cup was indeed an awesome experience...

14 Feb 2005 20:27

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