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The Jolly Farmer, Blacknest

This pub is now fantastic. The garden is great and the play area very,very good. We shared fish and chips ( fish was cooked extremely well), the 5 cheese board-4/5 different types of cheese with biscuits and grapes and apple, lovely fresh home made onion rings and a small salad. Really enjoyed it and was very happy as it all came in at slightly over 20! And we were stuffed.
Got to say the have really brought this place up to a very good level and is now probably our favourite local pub by quite a way.

1 Sep 2011 21:59

The Royal Anchor, Liphook


Went last Saturday for a family meal out. Only had about 25 quid in my pocket so we thought we should go somewhere cheap and local..

To be honest i like the staff and it was busy and noisey and had a good family type atmosphere but...well the food is cheap but it is also awful. My wife is sensitive to bad/old oil nad she had a sleepless night due to the oil used.
Even my little daughter couldn't face the chips....for me i was alright but the meat in my burger was dreadful quality and way,way overcooked.
I did have to smile when one of the staff came over to ask if everything was okay and i said," yeah fine" and she replied with a look of relief," oh good!"

Don't know what to say as i do like the staff and it is a fun and cheap family place to go to but the food is dreadful....

28 Sep 2009 11:01

The Spotted Cow, Lower Bourne

Used the "Eat Out at a Gastro Pub" voucher to get 2for1 on a main meal here.
Nice atmosphere and decoy etc plus i lived in South Farnham grwoing up so we used to come here all the time way back then so i have some good memories here.
Unfortunately though the food wasn't up to much. The scallops were undercooked (almost translucent) and came with very small salad with some bacon bits slopped on top. My veggies were just barely cooked -and i do like cruchy veg but not almost raw.And the bread and butter pud was way too sweet with -in my honest opinion- tinned custard. Nice memories though as when i was a kid custard always had a skin on it and so did this one!

Shame as i would have liked it to be top dog.
PS i heard they had a new chef but a)was it his/her day off? b) are they still looking for a replacement or are they happy with this one ?

3 Nov 2008 15:47

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